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Since there are so many Shout Outs throughout the series, they will be listed by episode. Many of the references are also repeated in later episodes.

Episode 1

  • One of the models of anime girls on the shelf in the opening scenes is clearly based on Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • One of the girls on what appears to be pillowcases is Takamachi Nanoha.
  • Shin'ichi's first response to waking up in a strange bed in the Eldant Empire is to quote Re:Zero's Subaru Natsuki, stating, "I don't know this ceiling."
  • Shin'ichi asking if he became a mutant with superpowers is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference, complete with the "NEET" logo being in a similar style as the "TMNT" one for the 2007 film.
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  • After looking at the city of Marinos for the first time, he says it looks like San d'Oria from Vana, a reference to the same named city in the world of Vanadiel in Final Fantasy XI.
  • The carriage appears to be pulled by a Chocobo.

Episode 2

  • Shinichi's room consists of posters, figurines, cut outs and other memorabilia of different anime (with different hair color and clothes). Such as Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!, The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Strike Witches, Touhou Project, and much much more.
  • The first manga Miusel reads is "Nan-chiya", which is sort of an alternate reading of Minami-ke. It is in fact Minami-ke volume 3, except with an Expy of Kana instead of Haruka striking the pose on the front cover.
  • Sakaki's other works also make prominent appearances, such as Scrapped Princess and Strait Jacket.
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  • Elbia's favourite anime and character is a shout-out to Listen to me, girls. I am your father! and Sora Takanashi. They are both done by the same studio.
  • In the eyecatch, Minori's favorite anime is "Inamazu Twelve" and her favorite character is "airplane", likely a reference to the Level-5 character popularity poll. Pranksters from 2ch (the Japanese equivalent of 4chan) stuffed the ballot box with votes for the airplane from Aero Porter (and to a lesser extent the porter from Aero Porter and minor characters from Inazuma Eleven GO), ultimately handing the victory to the airplane.
  • The manga Shin'ichi reads to Petrarca and Miusel is titled "Gaishi". note  He's reading them the famous "NO COUNT" scene.
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  • Later, when Shinichi reads to Petrarca alone, he's reading what is an expy of Attack on Titan, specifically the scene where Eren's mom is eaten.
  • Near the end, Shinichi finds Miusel in the kitchen at night, crying, she is reading the version of that world of Bastard!, the scene where Dark Schneider meets Arshes Nei, still a kid at that time.

Episode 3

  • Shinichi is once again reading the Attack on Titan expy as part of his way of teaching noble children. The part he reads from is the section where Eren (or the expy of him) declares that he's going to kill all the Titans.
  • Shinichi tells an invader that his magic power level is 530,000.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Obviously, this episode's packed chock full of references to sports anime and manga.
  • "The series that was popular outside of its child demographic" is Inazuma Eleven, which was originally aimed at the Shōnen Demographic but gained so many older fujoshi fans that it went viral online, and the creators noticed and adjusted the series to appeal to a broader audience. Minori is presumably one of the aforementioned fujoshi.
    • The uniforms resemble the Raimon uniforms from Inazuma Eleven, and the two rightmost characters in the picture are clearly Captain Ersatz versions of Kabeyama and Kidou.
  • The manga the students read appears to be Captain Tsubasa, art style and all. The player's uniform says "Kitakatsu", a reference to Tsubasa's Nankatsu. (Nan = South; Kita = North.)
  • Wyvern Tornado is another Inazuma Eleven nod, a mash-up of Wyvern Crash and Fire Tornado.
  • Techniques getting on-screen logos of their names in Inazuma Eleven style.
  • The start of the soccer match is also one to Shaolin Soccer, where Romilda shoots 2 shots from the midfield straight into the goal.
  • When the ball is passed to Bele, Shinichi notes that he is not even paying attention to it. Bele is able to pass the ball without the elves he is guarding even noticing he had it. Shinichi shouting Misdirection?! shows clearly where he learned this play style from.
  • The first half of the soccer match is reminiscent of the first Teikoku vs. Raimon match in Inazuma Eleven:
    • Friendly match that's anything but friendly? Check.
    • One team completely dominating the other until they're barely able to stand? Check.
    • A score of double-digits to zip at halftime? Check.
    • The game starts to turn around in the second half, when the losing team's goalkeeper summons a gigantic golden hand to catch the ball for him, then passes to a teammate who scores their first goal? Check, check, and check.
It diverges and the match quickly goes completely Off the Rails after that, though.
  • At 18:28 the group of red giants with growing lances, a beam of light flashing across the screen followed by a expanding explosion. That's a direct reference to the intro to Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Episode 7

  • Shinichi pointing out Matoba's mistakes at the start of the episode include:
    • A R-18 rip off version of Rental Madoka instead of the original one.
    • A Freedom Gungal model instead of a Mobile Angel Bandam model.
    • Manami-ke Okaeri instead of the original first season of it, which Shinichi says is inferior because of the director. Okaeri was done by the same director as Outbreak Company, and is widely accepted and better received for returning to the first season's roots, making this a case of Self-Deprecation.
  • Miusel's outfit when she disguised herself to Akihabara includes a pink beanie cap and pink ermine cape. The fact that the episode has quite a lot of scene focusing her with Sherlock is an actor allusion as both Miusel and Sherlock shared the same voice actor, Suzuko Mimori.
  • The trains are run by "UR", a Bland-Name Product version of JR. The logo is the JR logo with the left side of the J extended upwards to create a U. Even the ticket machines, train designs, station signs, and the train's route are accurate to those of JR East Chuo-Sobu Line and Akihabara Station.
  • When Shinichi and Miusel get off the train at Akibahara, we hear someone advertising the Sentai cafe Secret Base.
  • The shots of Akihabara contain a number of well-known stores, primarily ones near the train station:
    • "HABI" is the LABI computer store just outside the train station.
    • The "Lespace" in the same shot is the Espace Pachinko parlor.note 
    • The "Polks" hobby shop is Volks.
    • "Animeito" is Animate, right down to the blue shelves.
    • "Mt. Fuji Soba" is Fuji Soba.
  • The voice actor handing of preordered CDs might be Nana Mizuki.
  • When Shinichi and Miusel are watching the big screen at the Tokyo Anime Center, there is (from right to left) a green Doraemon with his eyes obscured by sunglasses, Atom with an extra spike in his hair and his face obscured by the top of a chair, and a recolor of Rei Ayanami with most of her plugsuit obscured by the top of another chair.
  • After that, the next shot is this area, about half a block from LABI (see above).
  • When Shinichi returned home from the convenience store, his expressions and lines are taken from when Eren reunites with the Colossal Titan after 5 years.
    • When he kneels next to his bed and brings his hand to Miusel's, it's a shot-for-shot remake of the ring scene in Castle Of Cagliostro.
  • Naturally, Shinichi's room in Japan contains some references:
    • A poster above his bed has a girl in a frilly dress standing next to a boy, both surrounded by falling flower petals, a reference to similar promo images for Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.
    • A magazine on a shelf (at about 19:30) has a character resembling Lala in her panda-like alien outfit.

Episode 8

Episode 9

  • Minori's manga is titled "Freedom!"
  • In the preview for Episode 10, Minori demands that she will have "Absolute Obedience." This is the title of a pornographic BL game. Official subtitles for this dialogue include capitalization of the title, leaving no room for doubt.

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

  • The title of the episode, "Shoot the Invader!" (singular), is a direct reference to Series/Ultraman, whose second episode is titled "Shoot the Invaders!" (plural)
  • The way one of the guard maids stops bullets with their magic shield looks almost exactly like the way Neo stopped bullets.
  • Shinichi is wearing a shirt at one point that says All Your Base Are Belong to Us.

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