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Zondag Met Lubach (Sunday with Lubach) is a Dutch satirical late-night show hosted by Arjen Lubach, which as the title suggests, airs on Sunday evenings. It tackles news topics from the previous week originating in the Netherlands, although foreign events come up as well.

In a style reminiscent of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Lubach will show his research on the subject, make funny remarks, and give his (usually progressive) thoughts. First airing in november 2014, the show has been gaining popularity, breaking the one million viewer landmark for the first time in Season 6 episode 2. The catalyst was the previous episode which contained a segment which introduced the Netherlands to the then recently inaugurated Donald Trump, this segment went viral after it was uploaded to YouTube.


An infamous moment in the series was when Arjen Lubach asked his viewers to support his "burgerinitiatief"(citizen initiative). Here he petitioned the government to appoint him the title of Pharaoh of the Netherlands. The very next episode reported that over 82,000 people signed the initiative, well over the required 40,000, necessitating a response from the Tweede Kamernote . Obviously, it didn't land him the title, since the position doesn't even exist.



  • Big "NO!": When mentioning the "Zwarte Piet"-discussion note , he exclaimed how he just wants it too be over, something he'd gladly skip. This is immediately followed by a clip mentioning a new discussion about why Sinterklaas can't be a woman. Lubach freaks out, and invokes this trope while running around the studio in despair.
  • Black Comedy: Occasionally Lubach makes a joke referring to someone's ethnicity, a controversial event or something that has death involved. It might also be at the expense of disabled people, politicians or the monarchy.
  • Captain Obvious:
    • The Earth makes a full turn around its axis. This prompts the following comment:
    Lubach: "Such a turn takes 24 hours, and we're in luck with that, because that is exactly one day."
    • A narrator from an informative video shown on the broadcast:
    "The word nuclear power plant is made out of two parts: nuclear and power plant."
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  • Failed a Spot Check: Brought up in a story where a couple of Russian spies made the crucial mistake of forgetting to delete their internet browser history. Lubach points out that this is very sloppy for people that are supposed to be spies.
  • Gratuitous Italian: After the Italians spread fake news about a Dutch politician criticizing their state budget, he gives them the following message:
Lubach (in Italian): "Fix your budget. Stop the fake news. Your mother can't cook."
  • Gratuitous Spanish: In a segment featuring time zones, he comes across a still of a turning globe, where countries go from night to day. When Spain comes by, he ends up blabbering at them, telling them to wake up, resorting to Spanish when he believes they are not listening. Remember that "they" are a projection on a screen.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Lubach, during a report on Russian hackers:
"That employee didn't get a small black bar in front of his eyes, but a whole square! This can mean only one thing: Spongebob is also part of the conspiracy!"
Lubach: "In what time do we want to live? Till when can we sit outside in June? Is it still dark when our kids go to school in February? What do our grandchildren think of jazz?"
  • Vocal Dissonance: Shown with a clip of an Italian member of the European Parlement. His voice is dubbed by his translator, who is a female with a horrendous accent.


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