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"It's late at night, you're wide awake, and you're not wearing pants. So grab your World News Now Mug and everybody dance! Hey! Be a friend, be a pal, every Anchor Guy and Gal...Do the World News Polka."
The World News Now theme song

Overnight ABC News show airing from 1991 to present day. In comparison to most other newscasts, it oftentimes is rather lighthearted and goofy with unusual recurring segments, though it can become serious as needed.


World News Now contains examples of:

  • Canada, Eh?: WNN Anchor Guy and Gal, Kevin Newman & Thalia Assuras
  • Real Life Writes the Lyrics: When ABC was bought by Disney in the mid-1990s, the line "Who cares what the network thinks/and the sponsors too" was changed to "Who cares what the network thinks?/They're a Goofy crew."
  • Talk About the Weather: The National Temperature Index (NTI)
  • The Rival: NBC Nightside and CBS News: Up To The Minute; all three were conceived around the time of the first Gulf War as appetite for news grew. (Both also had predecessors; the much-missed NBC News Overnight from 1982-83, while CBS had Nightwatch, which began as a formal news show before eventually evolving into a more interview-centric program.) Nightside was canned in 1998 (replaced by NBC All Night, aka reruns of other NBC shows), while UTTM lasted until 2015, when it was replaced with the CBS Overnight News.


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