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Angry Boys is a dramedy mockumentary miniseries created by and starring Australian comedian Chris Lilley. The third show done in Lilley's familiar mockumentary style, the series follows the titular fictional documentary production chronicling the lives of young adult boys in three continents. Once again, Lilley plays multiple characters, including:

  • Daniel and Nathan Sims: A pair of identical twins living with their family on a farm in rural Australia who were previously recurring characters from We Can Be Heroes. The documentary focuses on Daniel organizing a farewell party for Nathan whose going off to a 2-year program at a deaf school, inviting all of their favorite celebrities in their "Wall of Legends", namely Tim Okazaki, S.mouse and Blake Oakfield. Daniel describes Nathan as "mostly deaf, and a little bit retarded".
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  • Ruth "Gran" Sims: A prison officer at a boys juvenile penitentiary and Daniel and Nate's grandmother. A hardass and a racist, but she cares about her charges. Daniel and Nathan consider her so badass, they even put her in the "Wall of Legends".
  • Shwayne Booth Jr. a.k.a "S.mouse": An American rapper most famous for his Dance Sensation song, "Slap My Elbow". A Soulja Boy Expy.
  • Blake Oakfield: A former surf champion, and a member of the Mucca Mad Boys, expies of the infamous Maroubra Bra Boys.
  • Jen Okazaki: Mother and manager of a teenage skateboard star, Tim Okazaki. In pursuit of increasing his notoriety in Tokyo, she wants to market him as a gay skater, despite his actual orientation. Described by Lilley as "the meanest, most awful character I've ever done."

A co-production between The ABC and HBO, the same way HBO worked with the BBC on Extras. Like Lilley's previous shows, Angry Boys mixes Crosses the Line Twice, Refuge in Audacity comedy and surprisingly insightful satire of modern culture.


Not to be confused with Angry Birds.

This show provides examples of:

  • Theme Tune Cameo:
    • Appears in the penultimate episode as "Squashed Nigga", S.Mouse's first good song.
    • Slow, magical build up as Nathan sees the Legends arrive in the final episode.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist:
    • Another Chris Lilley staple.
    • Debatable. Gran, Daniel, Nathan and Blake are clearly presented as sympathetic as the series goes on, and even S.mouse mellows. The only clearly evil character is Jen.
  • Volleying Insults: S.Mouse does this with his girlfriend and dad.
  • Yellowface: Used by Lilley in his portrayal of Jen Okazaki. Again, like S.mouse above, many also found it disgusting and offensive.


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