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References to the show The Munsters in other fiction.

Film (Animated)

Film (Live Action)

  • In Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), Sarah Baker snarkily asks if the Munsters gave her parents a good price on their new, huge, old-fashioned house.
  • Licorice Pizza: Gary passes by a Munsters booth at the Teen-Age Fair.


  • The Dresden Files:
    • Cold Days: The vintage car provided for Harry's use is described as a "creepy Herman Munster hot rod". Once it's repaired, he starts calling it the Munstermobile and hearing "Bad To The Bone" in his head when he sees it.
    • In the short story "Aftermath" Murphy's disguise includes boots like Herman Munster's.
  • InCryptid: The Baker family is a homage to the Munsters, per Word of God saying Evelyn is "basically Marilyn Munster, and that makes me happy". The dad is a Frankenstein Monster, the mom is an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette (not a vampire, but the Token Heroic Orc of a species of telepathic, sociopathic humanoid wasps), and they have three adopted kids: a Token Human daughter, a bogeyman son, and a second daughter of the same species as the mom.

Live-Action TV

  • WandaVision: Agatha's Villain Song is based on the show's theme.
  • Wednesday.
    • Marilyn Thornhill, The Team Normal teacher in a school of monsters and supernaturally gifted people, as an obvious reference to Marilyn Munster.
    • Related, Wednesday's roommate Enid as a perky werewolf kid who stands out with her blonde locks, conventional looks, and love for colorful clothing seems to be a nod to not only Marilyn but her cousin, Eddie the werewolf.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: The address for the Wizarding World's city hall is 1313 Mockingbird Lane.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a lot:
    • "The Crawling Hand": "1313 Mockingbird Lane, this is the place."
    • "The Mad Monster":
      Joel: Hey, it looks just like the front of the Munsters' house!
    • "Moon Zero Two":
      Tom: The one with the Eddie Munster page boy haircut?
    • In "Time of the Apes", Joel compares an ape boy to Eddie Munster.
    • "The Unearthly":
    Servo (as Grandpa): Hoiman, Hoiman, you get me outta this chair.
    • "War of the Colossal Beast": "A monster!" Joel: "A Munster? Oh, Fred Gwynne?"
    • In "The Giant Gila Monster", Crow mentions "1313 Mockingbird Lane," the address of the Munsters. The theme song is hummed several times.
    • Joel: "It's Cousin Marilyn, from The Munsters."
    • "The Magic Sword":
      Crow: (a dragon appears) "Spot, no!"
    • Lily is name-dropped in "The Mole People".
    • "The Final Sacrifice":
      Servo: Al Lewis as Grandma.
    • From "Final Justice", Crow quips, "You're going to Grandpa's laboratory, Herman."


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