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  • Herman gets a ring with the cursed Furgosi Emerald stuck on his finger, and it turns out the last living Furgosi who can lift the curse is a famous car manufacturer. He reveals that he uses black magic to help his business by cursing his competitors cars (engines failing, hexing the radio so it plays ads for his dealerships, etc).
    Grandpa: Have you ever put a curse on the whole car?
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  • The episode "Eddie's Brother" has a rather humorous moment where Herman is advised by Grandpa to show Lily some of Eddie's old baby stuff to get her to want to have another child. Herman can't find any of Eddie's baby clothes or toys, so he settles for his own baby belongings. He wonders if his old baby bonnet still fits. It's not long until he's sitting on the floor wearing the bonnet, shaking his oversized rattle, and babbling like an infant. Lily sees this and she gets the wrong idea.
    Marilyn: What is it, Aunt Lily?
    Lily: It took a hundred years, but it finally happened: Herman has gone through a second childhood!
  • In another episode, Herman is having trouble getting to bed, and the only thing that helps is a walk through the park. Lily doesn't want Herman to go, as there have been reports of a 'dangerous person' in the park at night. (Naturally, it's Herman) Grandpa at one point tells Herman, "What's the big deal? Lots of people have insomnia, and you don't see them losing sleep over it!"
  • Eddie's "unmasking" of the title character in "Zombo".
    • From the same episode, Herman attempting to impress Eddie by drinking a potion from Grandpa that gives him fangs and wild hair.
  • For their initiation, two would-be frat brothers are sent to spend the night in the Munsters' house. For a prank, they decide the scariest looking "dummy" (Herman) from the set-up and put it in a campus sorority house. Hilarity Ensues, but the two funniest lines are Herman's reaction when he wakes up ("I'm in a girl's closet... Please, let it be Lily's...") and when he fails to escape and ends up hiding in the bathroom.
    Girl #1: You seen my hairbrush?
    Girl #2: I think you left it in the bathroom.
    Herman: Left it in the bathroom?!
  • In one episode, after being first turned into a normal human, Herman gets turned into a woman by Grandpa's 'cure'. Note that he looks like a female version of himself, — and yet we discover that 'Hermana' got a job at a nightclub and had to deal with lecherous drunks!
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  • One one occasion Herman is sneaking around in a museum and finds an Allosaurus skeleton. he waves at it and says, "We have a little fella just like you at home."
  • Then there was the time Herman tried taking aphoto of a statue of Davy Crockett and scared the statue into running away. Herman: "Great men... they're all so neurotic."
  • Grandpa saved Herman from a sorority by flying around in the form of a bat and terrifying the young ladies. Herman asked Grandpa to leave; Grandpa refused on the grounds that he was having too much fun. Unfortunately for him when the cops showed up he'd (unknowingly) turned back to normal and told them that he was a "Great big scary bat!" He ended up in jail.
  • Grandpa makes a love potion that makes others fall in love with the drinker instantly for Marilyn, who can't seem to keep a boyfriend, and sneaks it into her bowl at breakfast. She leaves without eating it so Lily puts it back in the pot and she, Herman, and Eddie finish it and...
    Herman: It just came over me: you've never looked more lovely!
    Lily: That's strange. I was just thinking how particularly handsome YOU look this morning!
    Eddie: Isn't anybody gonna say how lovely I look?
  • Dr. Dudley saying Grandpa looks like a penguin. He really does look like the Batman villain!
    Dr. Dudley: He had a penguin with him that turned out to be his grandfather.
  • When the Munsters are invited to a costume party, the hosts aren't happy about it, grumbling that "they hope they don't misspell their surname or it'd look like we'd invited the Monsters" and "The only way it could get worse was if it rained", which is Tempting Fate because it does rain, however, Grandpa actually likes the rain.
    • From the same episode, a man dances with Lily and notices "it feels like you're dancing on air". When we see her feet, she's actually levitating.
    • When Grandpa takes to the buffet, he quickly finds something to his taste: The Sterno warming one of the chafing dishes.
  • After Herman is fired from the parlor, he finds work at a Chinese laundry. After telling Herman what to do when the bells on the machines ring, the proprietor goes off to lunch. Things go swimmingly, until the phone begins to ring.

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