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The TV Series

  • The whole famous as they are are pretty awesome: Dracula, Dracula's daughter married to Frankenstein's creation, a kid werewolf, their pet dragon, pet bat, wisecracking raven, the cat that roars, and the Muggle that loves them all.
  • Herman's famous speech to Eddie about how your race and appearance doesn't matter; it's what's inside that defines your character. It's the early 1960s, in the midst of the Civil Rights movement.
    “The lesson I want you to learn is that it doesn’t matter what you look like. You could be tall or short, or fat or thin, or ugly- or handsome, like your father- or you can be black or yellow or white, it doesn’t matter. But what does matter is the size of your heart and the strength of your character.”
  • Grandpa's experiments are all awesome, as kooky as they are.
  • Herman and Grandpa winning the drag race in the Dragula. For that matter, the Dragula and the family car, the Munster Koach, are both awesome vehicles.
  • Eddie winning the race without Grandpa's magic pills. How did he do it? He cared that much about not making Herman, his coach, feel bad. Doubles as Heartwarming.
  • In a way, how quick Lily is to go out and find work in a time where it was still expected of women to be housewives. She takes on a number of jobs, ranging from normal ones like secretary to nurse's aid, to more unusual ones like modeling or welding. She's clearly driven to support her family and has a range of talents. This was kind of progressive for the early 1960s.
  • Lily was rather liberated for a 60s housewife. Besides working, she was independent, assertive, and never afraid to stand up to Herman, even during his fits. In fact, he was the one wrapped around her finger!
  • Both the season 1 and 2 theme songs are pretty awesome, but notably s2's surf rock version.
  • Lily beating Herman in arm-wrestling.
  • The few times we see Marilyn in college, it is clear that her professors and fellow students are impressed with her intelligence; in those few scenes, it is made clear that there is much more to her than a pretty face, an uncommon thing for a television series of that time.

The 2022 Film

  • Herman's punk rock band was pretty awesome.
  • The ending, where it turns out Lester got the money back and repaid all he owed his family, who are overjoyed to finally have a stroke of good luck.
  • Wolfgang's experiment being a success (albeit not at all in the way he wanted).