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Heartwarming / The Munsters

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  • Despite their niece, Marilyn's, "deformity" (as a normal human, she's considered "hideous" by the standards of the Munsters), it's obvious that Herman and Lily (and the rest of the family) genuinely love and care about Marilyn—Herman and Lily obviously see her more as their daughter instead of their niece, and they and the rest have even done stuff like try to help Marilyn find a boyfriend (always with poor results, but it's the thought that counts).

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  • Far Out Munsters has the family interacting with a group of young hippies renting the mansion for a weekend, and generally having a great time with them. While the episode has an element of making fun of the weirdness of the Hippy movement, it's indeed charming to see a group of people not being judgmental of the Munsters' appareance.

  • "Treasure of Mockingbird Lane" has Eddie really excited about his family finding treasure and striking it rich. When he declares he's going to brag about their wealth to his friends, Lily wisely advises him not to. So instead, he asks if he can use their new-found wealth to buy his teacher an apple with a diamond in it. It's awfully thoughtful of Eddie to think about his teacher and, by some spontaneous fit of kindness, decide to bestow him/her a bit of the wealth, especially when one bears in mind it's not a high-paying job.
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