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The Show

  • If Lily is a vampire and Herman is a Frankenstein (sic), how come Eddie is a werewolf?
    • Some old traditions say that if a person is a werewolf while alive they become a vampire after they die. Maybe it's a progressive thing, like a caterpillar becoming a moth; Eddie will develop a more liquid diet when he becomes an adult.
    • If werewolfism and vampirism are just conditions a human can "catch" in this universe, it all starts to make more sense. The common thread, in any case, is they're all some kind of part-human. Alternately: Herman's testicles came from the corpse of a werewolf. Or Eddie is a vampire/dhampir with lycanthropy, I mean look at his ears and widow's peak. Does anyone remember which side of the family Eddie's werewolf uncle was on?
      • The werewolf uncle Lester was Lily's brother. It's also established that Grandpa has the ability to transform into a wolf, like Dracula. It's entirely possible that the two conditions go hand in hand, or else Lily's mother was a traditional werewolf and Lily just happens to take more after her father.
  • Speaking of Lester, why do the family call him Cousin Lester when he's Lily's brother?
  • The real question is, if Herman was "made from spare parts," how can he have an identical twin?
    • The body that Herman's head came from had an identical twin. The "spare parts" were more or less identical as a necessity of the Frankensteining process: they had to be larger than average in order to be viable for the new body and more or less the same size in order to all fit together.
    • Actually, there were three identical monsters: Herman, Charlie, and Johann.
      • Four if you count Herman's younger twin brother Frank introduced in The Munsters Today.
  • Why does Marilyn Munster have the last name of her mother's sister's husband instead of her father, whoever he was? Did Herman and Lily adopt her? What happened to her parents?
    • Or, her father could have come from another family with the last name "Munster." It happens.
    • Remember that Marilyn is Romanian and underage, they probably did adopted her for legal purposes to make easier her staying in the US as Herman and Lily are also Romanian immigrants but they achieved citizenship long before.
    • While rather eccentric, it is a possibility she changed it upon her decision to live regularly with the Munsters. From a modern perspective where mixed families and living arrangements are more common this could be an artifact trope, but not beyond the realm of something someone might have done in Marilyn's position instead of having to constantly explain why she's Marilyn Whatever not Munster.
    • Remember that even though he was created by Dr. Frankenstein, Herman was adopted by the Munster family and that's why his surname is Munster instead of Frankenstein. It has been revealed that the Munsters were a Mad Scientist family but otherwise human; it seems more than likely that Marilyn is the classic Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter who was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in America.
  • Granted that Marilyn's suitors would be scared of the initial sight of her aunt and uncle, but doubly afraid that she'd turn into one of them.
  • Given that Marilyn is considered "ugly" and the family worries that she won't be able to find a husband - why don't they notice that all her would-be suitors (in other words, normal humans) are equally ugly?
    • Maybe but you still don’t expect ugly people to like other ugly people. Besides Marilyn is more good looking than average so, as their concept of beauty is proportionally inverted, then she’s even uglier for them that most of the normal humans they encounter.
    • Also, consider that Lily and Herman just think they live in a town of particularly homely people, but Marilyn is still their relative. She should logically resemble them a little bit, but doesn't.
  • Where do people get the idea that the Munsters are a "knockoff" of the Addams? The latter premiered only a few days before the former, and if I recall correctly, it was because ABC caught wind of that NBC was doing and pushed hard to finish their show first. I've seen both shows and several adaptations of both and if anyone is copying anyone, it's the Addams Family who keep borrowing from the Munsters' jokes. It doesn't mean either is bad but I'm genuinely baffled Addams fans peddle this knockoff accusation like it's a known fact.
  • What is it with Marilyn's boyfriends just running off when meeting her aunt and uncle? I get that they're stunned at their monstrous appearance, but the way the just get up and run as soon as they see them makes them look like cowards. If I was dating Marilyn, I'd think she had a pretty cool family.
  • Related to the above question, the Munsters assume that the reason her boyfriends run off is because they are frightened off by Marilyn's appearance, as from their perspective she is ugly. But it doesn't occur to them that they run off after meeting them? Logically, if they were truly frightened off by Marilyn's appearance, they would run away as soon as they met her, not her aunt and uncle.

The Film

  • Why is Herman so appalled and later Lily and Grampa too when they see their neighborhood made of normal people? If the movie is truly a prequel to the TV show the Munster never showed that they saw normal humans as scary of nothing else than as normal as themselves. On the other hand if is a different continuity still Transilvania is shown to have normal humans in it who co-exist peacefully with the monsters and interact with them, normal humans are shown eating in the Mummy restaurant and in the bar were Herman is playing. Herman and Lily also had their honeymoon in Paris and interacted normally with regular homo sapiens not showing any fear or distraught to them. Why the sudden change?
    • Remember, they think people here are supposed to look like Zombo (with dark under-eye circles, a hooked nose, wild white hair, and pointed teeth). The Halloween party with all those "beautiful" people just confirmed this idea for them. They're mostly shocked to see half the reason they moved was a total lie.
    • Also, Rule of Funny.