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  • Who pays for Fsociety's electricity? Elliot states that the building has no owner, so no one is paying the bills. If Fsociety is somehow hacking the electric company to give themselves free electricity, presumably Elliot would have noticed.
    • In Season 2, Dom the FBI agent reveals they were stealing power from the grid after she discovers the building. The actual building itself is abandoned, in episode three of season two, during a flashback, Romero explains that he got the building's key from one of his cellmates, and that no one wants this place because of its creepy history.

  • How would a server set up as a honeypot work? Is it just that the server's activity is monitored but isolated so that when the hack goes through it looks like it was successful but instead Evil Corp's cyber-security is able to isolate the hack and track where it originated? Just curious.
    • It's a real-life security technique that basically looks like a hacker has found an exploit to get into the real-life servers of a target, only to be in what amounts to a dummy of no value. Had they hacked into the server with the honeypot, they would have done no damage whatsover. Worse, it's all but impossible to tell the difference between a honeypot and a real-life server since they look identical.

  • When Elliot is suffering from withdrawals and is trying to get into the crack house in order to get another fix, a man in front of the house stops him from entering and tells him only Elliot is allowed to enter, specifically telling Mr. Robot he is not allowed to enter. Who is he talking to?
    • It's all a Mushroom Samba, so it all happened in Elliot's head.

  • Why does Darlene, who shows obvious worry for Elliot while he's in the midst of his breakdown, seem to completely forget about him in the finale? She doesn't even appear to care if he's taking his meds, which she left him to get in the first place. And even though the party was engineered to cover fsociety's tracks, it seems a little odd that she forgoes searching for her obviously addled brother and hangs around the party after it's in full swing. I accept that being dangerously willful and uncaring of consequences is one of her character flaws, but it just seems at odds with how concerned she was the previous episode.
    • I get the impression Darlene thinks Elliot is probably sleeping it off. When he's controlled by Mr. Robot, Elliot looks and acts his most "normal" let's not forget since that's his Tyler Durden side.

  • So when it's revealed in season 2 that Elliot had been in jail the whole season, what actually happened with the big guy that tricked him, had him beat up and locked in a room, that Elliot eventually got arrested, considering this all actually happened in jail?
    • That was the warden, he was probably beaten up by staff members/inmates and left in solitary confinement or a janitor's closet or something.

  • Joanna is not a mentally sound person. I understand that. However, the inducing labour with a fork- She could have just peed herself and claimed her water broke. She could have quietly poured some water on her crotch area and claimed her water broke. For all she has little-to-no empathy, it seemed she genuinely wanted the baby. She was intelligent enough to know there was a risk to using a fork to induce labour, and for all she likes pain when it comes to sex, there was a chance doing this could've caused her actual, potentially long-term health problems. The detectives weren't doctors. Even if she had been faking labour, they weren't going to realise the heavily pregnant woman with water over her crotch was faking it. But sure, put her baby's life and her own health in jeopardy and- just leave the blood-covered fork behind? I'm sure, if the detectives or anyone else happened to see it, that wouldn't cause any problems. Was this just a way to hammer in the fact Joanna is crazy, despite this having already been well established, or am I missing something here?
    • For whatever reason, she either didn't think of faking it or didn't think that faking it would be enough. Not everyone thinks the same way, and what might be obvious to one person might never occur to someone else.

  • In the second to last episode, Price informed Tyrell that he is being gifted the CTO title, but it's nothing more than a figurehead title that means nothing, which shatters Tyrell knowing that he is getting a hollow shell of what he originally wanted. Unless I missed something, what was it that Tyrell wanted out of the CTO title? I thought he just wanted more money and maybe the authority that comes with it, but Price implies there was something about the job he wanted, but...what?

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  • Why would Eliott, as a child, have blamed his real father for the window incident?
If we assume Mr Robot already existed at this point in the story, and Eliott had been interacting with him for a while, wouldn't it make sense for Eliott to have realised they were two different people much sooner and subsequently, not blame his dad?What I mean by this is, living in the same house as his father while already having visions of/talking to Mr Robot seems very difficult. Surely Eliott would have had moments of seeing both at the same time, his father and the hallucinated Mr Robot, and realised something was up.Even if we assume the window incident was the first time the Mr Robot persona kicked in, wouldn't the family have talked about how said incident happened? I'm sure at least at the doctor's office they had to come up with some story, and surely Eliott would have realised that his version of events clashed with that of his parents. Even if he believed his father was lying, what reason would he have to mistrust Darlene, who apparently witnessed the whole thing?I'd understand if the implication were that Eliott once knew what happened and forgot it in the same way he forgot about so much of his past, but in the flashback we're shown of him and his dad at the movie theatre, he seems very angry at his dad. Even stranger, and this is what I really can't wrap my head around, Edward apologises. Why would he ask if Eliott can ever forgive him if he didn't actually do anything? Is he sorry for making him promise not to tell his mum about the leukemia diagnosis in the first place? Surely this potential 'trigger' of Eliott's episode wouldn't be as noteworthy as the actual episode itself and the possible mental illness that might have caused it. Wouldn't his dad be more concerned about finding out exactly what happened rather than apologise and thus fuel Eliott's distorted view of reality?And what exactly is the implication when Edward dies in the movie theatre? Does Eliott realise but not care and go to see the movie with Mr Robot? This would once again mean he's aware they are two separate people/entities and should have made it easy to understand what happened during the window incident. Clearly it would make more sense if the 'angry' version of his dad he sees would have done that than the relatively meek and friendly Edward we've been shown so far.

The other thing that does not add up is, if Eliott has been seeing Mr Robot for decades, how are Angela and Darlene who've known him from childhood only just learning about it now? Once he finds out himself he is relatively quick to tell both of them. More importantly, how did Eliott himself forget? I know its still unexplained why he forgot such large chunks of his past, like Darlene, but he always seemed to remember his own life fairly well. He never seems confused about his parents, where he grew up, his dad's diagnosis, his mum's abuse etc. Not to mention that after the memories of Darlene return we hear him give glimpses into his childhood on multiple occasions throughout the show, such as hacking into the public library at 11, playing the wishing game with Angela, building Kevin Mc Calister with Darlene, etc. How does he remember all of this but not the fact that Mr Robot has always been a part of his life? I suppose this is connected to how he forgot about Darlene, but in my opinion even more confusing since Mr Robot would have been responsible for many of Eliott's own actions or perhaps caused him to "lose time" before.

  • As it turns out - this holds the key to two of the biggest mysteries of the show. The first being that Elliott’s Dad wasn’t a benevolent father as we initially thought but in reality, he was Elliott’s monster - a depraved man who sexually abused Elliott - all of those positive memories were him grooming Elliott for his abuse. The window incident was the day Mr Robot was created, when Elliott couldn’t handle Edward’s abuse anymore - Mr Robot took over when Elliott heard his dad’s footsteps, hiding Darlene in the closet to protect her, grabbing a bat to defend himself, swinging it around the room to keep his monstrous father away, and smashing the window and escaping the only way he knew how in that moment. The reason Elliott was so pissed at the movie theatre was because it wasn’t Elliott that day - it was Mr Robot! He was so cold and angry at his father because he realised what his father was doing to him, and was letting him know he wouldn’t forgive him for his horrendous abuse, before coldly leaving the predator to die.
  • The reason Elliott forgot about Mr Robot, who had been around since he was a child was because he was the Elliott we followed was in fact another personality called ‘The Mastermind’, created to take down the evil that surrounded Elliott. He stuck the real Elliott in a fantasy where his Dad never abused him, and he was normal and didn’t have stuff like DID and mental health issues as a result of not suffering through his Dad’s abuse - but without Darlene, so that he could trap the real Elliott in the happy world. He was so determined in this that he took control for far longer than he should have, or than he could handle - so he forgot that he was another personality, and took on details of the happy world - he forgot about Mr Robot, his father’s abuse, Elliott and the other personalities, and forgot about Darlene being his sister. He also rewrote Elliott’s past, particularly the window incident to shelter him. As a result of forgetting about all of this, he also forgot about Mr Robot, and therefore the fact that no-one but Elliott could see him. Darlene and Angela never found out before since the real Elliott would have been aware Mr Robot was just a personality of his, whereas the Mastermind wasn’t aware of this.

  • So could a taser actually short out a pacemaker?

  • What the f was the Blue Light Tyrell witnessed?

    • Presumably just a physical representation of his death, the classic Bright Light at the end of the tunnel. The show might have deliberately portrayed it in this way to keep you guessing about whether there really was a supernatural element in White Rose's plan, as in, whether she really had a means to control space and time, revive the dead etc. Since we later learn this is not the case, I would say it was just him dying, shown in a way that was in keeping with the spooky and otherworldly tone of this episode.

      • It should be noted that the blue is the same hue as the Blue Screen of Death

  • This is about the new revelation made in season 4

    • The Revelation that Elliott is actually just another personality. Keeping this in mind, what exactly was Mr Robot's role in the first season? We are initially led to believe that he represents the dark, brash impulsive side of Elliott's personality, who lashes out against society and founds the illegal hacker group. He is deliberately portrayed as very different to the "normal" Elliott, and Elliott's struggle to reconcile this part of his personality with his own more cautious and anxious one is an important part of the show.But with the new revelation this suddenly doesn't make a lot of sense anymore.Why did we ever need the Mr. Robot persona (who always functioned as more of a protector in the past) to suddenly push Elliott to do these very risky things (found F society, recruit the other hackers, break out of his dull and complacent routine etc) when Narrator Elliott was in fact a personality fragment created specifically for this very purpose? For the purpose of eliminating threats around Real Elliott, to stand up against the injustice Real Elliot put up with, and so on. We are told that in contrast to the Real Elliott the mastermind personality is angry, determined, and willing to act, in short, all the things we were previously told were exemplified by the Mr Robot side of his personality. With what we know about him it seems pretty likely the mastermind would have founded f society and kicked the plot into motion by his own volition. It just sort of makes Mr Robot's early contributions appear pretty superfluous and out of character.
  • How did Price get to be Elliot's father-in-law-to-be in the dream world? Elliot never knew the truth about Angela's father, did he?

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