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Comic Strips

Film -- Animation

  • Finding Nemo: Luigi makes a very brief cameo during the scene right before the credits, where we see that the Tank Gang has managed to escape the tank.
  • The Incredibles: During the battle with the Omnidroid 10, a blue Hudson Hornet resembling Doc Hudson can be seen parked in the background.
  • Toy Story 3:
    • A toy resembling Lightning McQueen is seen in the background on the floor of Sunnyside.
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    • A toy tractor, like the one seen in Cars, can also be seen in Sunnyside.
    • One little boy is seen wearing a shirt with a #95 and a lightning bolt on it, both of which are what Lightning McQueen has painted on his sides.
    • In the scene where Buzz sees Lotso's minions gambling inside the vending machine, "ReVolting" batteries are one of the things placed on the See N' Say roulette, "ReVolting" being the brand of car battery that Davey Apex beared the sponsor of.

Film -- Live Action

  • The Muppets: A billboard for Cars 2 can be seen in the film several times.


  • Miracle Creek: At the Wards' housewarming party, kids run around pretend riding Cars cars.

Video Games

  • In LEGO The Incredibles, Lightning McQueen appears as an unlockable character, unlocked by building the Florida 500 Speedway in the East Waterfront.

Web Video

Western Animation


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