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Recap / Paradise PDS 01 E 01 Welcome To Paradise

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18-year-old Kevin Crawford's dreams of becoming a cop are crushed by his father, Chief Randall Crawford, who still refuses to forgive Kevin for an accident that happened when he was a child and he got his hands on his gun. Meanwhile, the already crime-ridden town of Paradise now holds a massive drug corporation, where large sums of argyle meth are being distributed left and right and it's up to the Paradise Police Department to crack down on the king pin.


  • As You Know: Kevin and Randall share this kind of dialogue in the first scene, which tells the audience what Kevin wants to do, why Randall won't let him do it, and why Karen divorced Randall.
  • Bad Job, Worse Uniform: Randall makes Kevin work as a crossing guard, with a stupid crossing guard uniform.
  • Broken Bird: Randall becomes this, after getting shot in the testicles and getting dumped by his wife.
  • Bulletproof Human Shield: Dusty is used as this twice in the episode. Because he's so fat, the bullets break through only one of his 10 layers of skin and when he sneezes, he shoots the bullets out of his body and back at the villains who fired them at him.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret: Delbert tells Kevin everything he knows about the argyle meth corporation, with little to no prompting.
  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends with an unidentified member of Paradise P.D. shooting Terry Two-Toes in the holding cell, leading into the overarching plot of the rest of the season. Pretty epic, considering how they ended the episode off like this and didn't even throw in a single sex joke.
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  • Creator Thumbprint: The title of this first episode is "Welcome to Paradise" and the title of Roger Black and Waco Guin's other show, Brickleberry's first episode was "Welcome to Brickleberry".
  • Cutaway Gag: A couple of these happen at the beginning of the episode, including Fitz meditating, while Dusty gets helplessly beaten up by ruffians, and one where Hopson pulls over Fitz because he's black.
    Hopson: I pulled over a suspicious-looking colored fellow yesterday!
    [Cutaway to Hopson pulling over Fitz]
    Hopson: Step out of the vehicle, bitch!
    [Cut back to scene]
    Fitz: Third ... God damned ... time ... this week.
  • Cutting Corners: Paradise P.D. is woefully lacking in money, so they have to make cuts on lots of preliminary things such as bomb defusing robots, flak jackets, and the pension for Hopson's retirement.
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  • Dark and Troubled Past: The incident where Kevin shot Randall in the testicles was mentally scarring for the both of them.
  • Dead Person Conversation: Bullet talks to Buster in his dream. The latter tells him that he doesn't need to feel bad for killing him with chocolate because now that he's in chocolate heaven, he's having the time of his life.
  • Disney Creatures of the Farce: Terry Two-Toes' song "Argyle Meth is the Best Meth in Town" parodies a typical Disney song, or "Mickey Mouse shit" as Randall put it, complete with a sparkling shaft of sunshine and some happily tweeting bluebirds flying by, at the beginning of the scene.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The cops point out that the company logo, which is intended to resemble a sunset, looks more like a puckering anus, which Randall gets pissed off about.
    Fitz: Maybe PR would improve if we didn't have to walk around with a puckering butthole patch!
    Randall: Puckering butthole? That happens to be a sunset that I designed myself in Microsoft Paint!
    Gina: Personally, I like the butthole. It intimidates citizens. I mean, if anything, we should add like a billy club being RAMMED RIGHT INTO IT!
    • In "Ass on the Line", Randall admits that it actually was a puckering butthole.
  • Encyclopaedic Knowledge: Dusty has extensive knowledge of Scottish culture and history.
    Dusty: I remembered all of Wikipedia instead of having friends.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Every main character has theirs.
    • Kevin Crawford - Wanting to be a cop, stupidly plays with a gun and shoots his father in the testicles, letting us know that he's a reckless idiot, who tries and fails to live up to his dreams of being a police officer.
    • Randall Crawford - Slams a criminal against the wall and curses at him. He also gets pissed off at his son for shooting him and unleashes a stream of insults onto him. This tells us that Randall is a tough-as-nails police chief, who is quick to anger, and even quicker to get angered.
    • Bullet - Comes out of the evidence locker, with cocaine powder all over his nose. Teaching us that he's a drug addicted drug dog.
    • Gina Jabowski - Honks Dusty's bitch tits and foghorns his peter. She later describes how she brutally assaulted a guy, just for having an unpaid parking ticket, teaching us that she's a psychopathic crazy bitch, who goes overboard with punishing criminals and also constantly sexually harasses Dusty.
    • Dusty Marlowe - Has a gag, where he's eating a sandwich, while an insulin pump functions on his side, showing that he's a one-dimensional fat joke.
    • Gerald Fitzgerald - References a cutaway gag, where he meditated on a yoga mat, while Dusty got beat shitless by ruffians. This teaches us that Fitz is a wicca, who does no work and justifies this with "I have PTSD!"
    • Stanley Hopson - Wakes up from his nap and randomly tells everyone a story of the time he fingered Mickey Rooney back in the 1900's. This teaches us that he's a crazy old man, with a lot of sexual history with historical figures.
  • Final Battle: In the final moments of the episode, Paradise P.D. gets into an ultimate fight with Terry Two-Toes, where every member of the team (except for Bullet and Hopson) work together to take the criminal down once and for all.
  • George Jetson Job Security: It's explained here that the only reason someone as oafish and stupid as Kevin is able to keep his job as a highly respected law enforcer is because of the fact that his mother is the mayor, so she forces the job's higher-ups to keep him on the force.
  • Going Cold Turkey: Bullet does this with drugs, after killing his friends with them.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: Kevin plays good cop and Gina plays bad cop as they bring Robby and Delbert in for interrogation.
    Kevin: Alright, I'm only going to ask you this once and I'm not stopping until I get answers. Who do you work for?
    Delbert: Terry Two-Toes.
    Kevin: Wow ... seriously? Is it supposed to be this easy? I didn't even need to bring in bad cop.
    [Gina breaks through the window and beats the shit out of Delbert with her scrapbook]
  • Hidden Depths: It's revealed that Kevin got an "A" in his college's metal shop. It's also revealed that Hobo Cop is good at fighting criminals in a crisis.
  • Irony: Bullet, a drug dog, also being a drug-addict.
    Bullet: How am I supposed to sniff out cocaine if I don't know what it smells like?
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite how harsh and cruel Randall seems to be toward his son, he made it clear in this episode that no matter what he does, he still loves him.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Kevin follows in his father's footsteps, doing everything he does, job-wise.
  • Men Are Tough: Randall needs to use testosterone patches, just to maintain his manhood.
  • Milestone Celebration: Gina makes her 100th arrest in this episode, which she celebrates by putting in her scrapbook.
  • Mushroom Samba: Inverted. Bullet starts having wild hallucinations when he gives up drugs.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After killing all of his friends with argyle meth, Bullet realizes how horrible of a person he is, when he's on drugs. This haunts him so much that he gives up drugs completely.
  • Oblivious To Sarcasm: Kevin doesn't understand Randall's sarcasm.
    Kevin: Good morning. How's my favorite dad?
    Randall: Kevin, I'm a divorced guy with no balls, who has to wear a testosterone patch to keep his mustache from falling out, SO I'M SHITTING RAINBOWS! YAAAAAAY!
    Kevin: That's great, dad!
  • Oops... I Did It Again: Randall didn't want Kevin to become a cop because of how reckless he was with a gun as a child. However, Karen forced him to give him a job anyway and sure enough, Kevin flipped out and shot up an entire video store after hearing popcorn popping.
  • Out of Focus: Stanley Hopson only has three lines in this episode and isn't even present in most of the scenes with the entire Police Force.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Kevin poorly disguises himself as an Italian man, to sneak into Terry Two-Toes' secret hideout.
  • Significant Reference Date: This episode takes place on the date of September 25th, 2018, which is only a few days after the series first premiered in real life.
  • Soap Punishment: Karen punishes Kevin and Randall with this for swearing.
  • Testosterone Poisoning: Randall uses way too many testosterone patches, which turns him into a giant red devil, who breaks a hole in the wall and smashes a car ... his own car.
  • Training Montage: Hobo Cop gives one of these to Fitz, to teach him the way of the hobo.
  • Trigger Happy: Kevin tries to keep a low profile when doing an undercover inspection of Paradise VHS but when he hears Delbert popping a bag of popcorn, he instantly snaps and shoots the whole place up.
  • What Were You Thinking?: Randall entrusts Bullet with taking the Argyle meth to the evidence locker.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: Randall laughed at Karen, telling her that she could never be the mayor, leading her to divorce him. Come a few years later, becoming mayor is exactly what Karen did, officially giving her more political power than her ex-husband, placing the latter under her thumb.
  • Who's on First?: Kevin goes to the video store and pumps Robby and Delbert for information on Argyle meth. Because of the oddly specific titles of all the movies, this leads to a lot of dialogue like this.
    Kevin: Listen, I think I know what you guys are selling here and ... I'd like to buy some?
    Robby: Okay, how 'bout this? I know you're a cop.
    Kevin: [reaches for his gun]
    Robby: [takes out movie, titled "I Know You're a Cop"] It's a buddy cop movie, starring Frank Stallone and a monkey.

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