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    Anime and Manga 

"No, she didn't miss you, you idiot! She doesn't give a shit about you! In fact, NO one gives a shit about you! Hell, people like Shippo more than you."
Inuyasha telling Koga what everyone thinks about him, Inuyasha Episode Infinity

    Video Games 

"I hate that frog!"
Wolf O'Donnell talking about Slippy, Star Fox: Assault



Cyclops: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, rich, clean-cut, gorgeous wife, abs of st— Huh. Yeah, I'm starting to hate me, too.
Jubilee: At least your power isn't fireworks! Look out, villains, I've got razzle-dazzle!

    Web Animation 

"So, Edward Carnby from the very first Alone in the Dark is somehow still alive... He gets joined by a female sidekick who sweeps the Horrible Game Character Awards, taking:

Most Obviously Crowbarred-in Love Interest
Most Irritating
Least Useful to Gameplay
Least Necessary to Plot

and Lifetime Achievement.

Perhaps the crowning moment of her hideousness is when she nearly dies and the game forces you to press a button sequence in order to revive her with CPR — although the spiteful cow never actually dies, no matter how many times you deliberately fuck up."

    Web Original 

Comic relief in cartoons didn't make you laugh. They were just a couple people that we hated more than anyone else.

This story could only be redeemed if it could somehow kill off the Jackal and Spidercide twenty or so more times within its pages, and even then it would only be somewhat passable.

I know I give Cyclops a pretty hard time on this show, and that that’s not always fair...but dudes. For real. This guy is complaining not about Jean being kidnapped, but literally whining about how he wasn’t kidnapped too. I’m not even kidding. It’s like Mr. Sinister took Jean out for ice cream and Scott wanted Ice Cream too and you said if he got an A on his test he could have some Professor you said.''
Chris Sims on X-Men, "Beyond Good And Evil, Part 2"

David: Dear God, Thank You For No Otis.
Chris: Do you really hate Otis so much that you're willing to take Jon Cryer instead?
David: Yes. Happily.
Chris: Wow. You really hate Otis.
David: I don’t think you understood the depths of my hatred until now.

Okay everybody, it's clear that Billy wants some attention. No no, let's hold everything, because Billy clearly wants to be the focus of the conversation. We're only talking about a magical artifact that could hold the very fate of the world, but Billy wants to entertain us.

To tell you the truth, I can’t point to a single reason why this movie failed. Maybe it’s because people didn’t care for a satire on the Ahnuld action picture, maybe it’s because people wanted an R-rated murder fest as opposed to a family friendly comedy, maybe it’s because it was released the same time as Jurassic Park, maybe because it's not really good, who knows... Now the movie does have its problems, mainly the kid. The kid is annoying, more annoying than the kid in Shane, more annoying than Jake Lloyd. I wanted Arnie to duct tape his mouth 15 minutes in.

Yes, it doesn't help that he's suddenly being written as the most obnoxious teenager in the history of the world, but he's hard-pressed to deal with well-written dramatic material too, as he'll show given time.
Dr. El Sandifer on Adric, Doctor Who ("Four to Doomsday")

When I talk about the greatness of Deep Space Nine and all the ways in which I think it's the greatest of the Star Trek series, I should always remember to add an asterisk with the footnote, '… except Ferengi episodes.'

Lana is stupid. Lana needs to die. Lana is like two minutes hate. Lana is worse than breaking a thermometer in my hand. Lana tastes like... burning. Lana is like hitting a baby with a baseball bat. Lana is a monkey without poo, a midget without a sense of humor. Lana is like war. Lana like a metaphor without a... something. Lana, I hope you die next week. Die die die die die.
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Lockdown")

Much is Robin's brother in this telling. A wise choice, as that's the only possible explanation for why they'd keep someone this incompetent around for as long as they do, instead of leading him to a quiet spot in the woods, taking out their bows, and telling him about the rabbits.
Brian Lynch, Under the Hood, on the character of Much in Robin of Sherwood

The scene cuts to the rest of the cast still collecting sap, then they hear the bestial roar of what I still at the time was hoping was Cardin being eaten.

    Web Video 

Slippy: This is Slippy Toad to Fox McCloud \ A bogey's on my tail
Fox: Oh, big surprise
Slippy: Get this guy off me \ Please, please, I'm dying
Falco: You're an Arwing engineer who sucks at flying?
Slippy: Hey!
Peppy: He's right, though, Slippy \ you suck balls

"In the original, she has three lines of dialog and then she gets fucking killed. In the remake, she is a major character, and every time she talks I want to die. Since I despise this character more than anything, naturally we need an entire chapter explaining her backstory."

"To be honest, the best part about this is knowing that Fi is trapped in there in the other games, unable to speak. She must be dying after all this time. It also adds an upside to mistakenly slamming the sword against a wall, as well. It's good to know she's in there."
Matthewmatosis on the Master Sword

"Yes, they serve a purpose. Yes, they're supposed to be cute. That doesn't stop [them] from being the most irritating helpers this side of the dog in Duck Hunt''."

"There's a scene where he's teaching students at the dojo, and it feels like Justin Timberlake telling you about karate."
"Danny Rand sneaking around in a hoodie looks kinda like a Backstreet Boy avoiding paparazzi that just isn't there."
"With his rolled-up sleeves and tie, he looks like someone hitting the convention circuit because they never broke into hard drama after leaving The Mickey Mouse Club."
"Danny Rand interrogates people with the intensity of Ryan Dunn after sticking a race car up his ass."
"And murderous Harold Meachum scenes are way better than Danny yelling at Colleen as if she just took his last can of Stag."
"Iron Fist has trouble containing his anger, but when he reacts violently and says things like, 'I need to find my Chi', it just reminds me of when they tried making Taylor Lautner an action hero."
"There's an otherwise great scene where he confronts Sigourney Weaver and other members of The Hand in a conference room, and he threatens them as if he's lecturing a restaurant manager for getting his sushi order wrong."
"Danny does spend a lot of time in this episode unconscious, probably having nightmares about the next Unicorn Frappuccino that he has to make."

"Let's not pretend things are other than what they are: I don't like Neelix. On this long Trek, he is a tack in the sole of your shoe that barely pokes its sharp edge into your foot, bringing discomfort with each step, but too embedded for you to stop and pull it out with your fingers."

"Boy, remember how upset we all were that Wesley Crusher was almost completely cut out of Star Trek: Nemesis? When I saw him sitting there at Will and Deanna’s wedding, in his single, tiny remaining shot, I for one wanted to stand up and shout, "YOU MISSED ONE!'"

"He's not just an incorrigibly hormonal teen, he's a sex predator, and it bums me out. He brings nothing to the table, and really just makes every scene worse."

"Watch as she pawns off her kid, crashes her car on an empty road, and even in death, is literally haunting the show with her annoying presence. Ugggh! She's the worst!"
Honest Trailers, on Lori from The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-3)

"Let me tell you how much I've come to hate Captain Dillon since playing this game. There are sixty thousand miles of nerves and thin layers in the human body. If the word hate was written on every nano-inch of these tens of thousands of miles it wouldn't even be one billionth of the hate i have for Captain Dillon in this micro-instant. Hate hate HAAAATE!"

    Western Animation 

Eric Cartman: "You're the worst character ever, Towelie."
Towelie: "I know."


    Real Life 

"Jar-Jar is the key to all this, if we get Jar-Jar working. Because he's a funnier character than we've ever had."

My god, a lot of the hate mail I used to get suddenly makes a whole lot of sense.
Wil Wheaton firing up some Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes for the first time

As we reach the final episode in the second season, it's not a finale in the sense we think of them now. There'll be no cliffhanger, nor sudden, violent death of a main character — perhaps trapped inside a locker and fucked to death by an escaped baboon — no matter how hard you're praying for it.
Stuart Millard on Screech, So Excited, So Scared


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