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My First Maniac

There are others like my mom. Or at least, stories about them: a man who kills in dreams in Ohio... a masked maniac who terrorizes a small down on Halloween... a camp plagued for thirty years by a psycho who won't die. They might just be stories. Sleazy tales of murder and sex to excite bored teenagers. They might just be modern-day morality tales... but maybe not.
Cassie Hack


Vlad: I would like to ask a question.[...] Why you do this... travel to places... help people who are not nice to you?
Cassie: I dunno... somebody has to... some... Nah... I guess it's probably because if I don't do this. I have to go join the real world... you know... where they work 9-5 jobs, and find true love, and have sex... and... maybe I'm afraid I'd find out what a freak I really am. Or, maybe I just like shooting things so evil and crazy that they stand up to get shot again.

Hey, Vlad. Remember when you asked me why I do this? [...] Well, I thought of another reason. It's a doozy. Okay... here goes... every time I look in the mirror I see my mother. And I think about all the rage and hate I have... for being a freak, for never being understood... and I think about dying someday... Do I have enough in me to come back... like her? So I destroy every Slasher I can find... I hate them... because I’m afraid I’m just like them.

Gross Anatomy

I’ve been saying for a while... I believe the days of the simple slash and stab are ending. There’s no statement in it. These days it’s all about the gore and the torture. It’s difficult to be an innovator like myself. But it’s obvious I’m on to something. Physical pain unlocks psychological pain. The look on your face when I mentioned your mother was perhaps even more delightful than your visage when I removed your toe. What kind of person seeks out killers and sadists, Ms. Hack? What kind of person follows a trail... of blood?''
Doctor Edmund Gross


Shout at the Devil

Cassie: I’m still a virgin because I emit some kind of penis repellant. Seriously, I’m like Raid to cock.
Georgia: What?! Come on, that’s bullshit. You’re a hot girl. And those clothes... You haven’t done it because you don’t want to. I mean, seriously, have you met men? Girls half as sexy as you have to use a stick to keep guys away.
Cassie: Heh... I dunno... just with guys... it never feels right. They make me feel weird. Like.. I don’t know... Like I don’t understand them. And sometimes I don’t want to understand them.
Georgia: Maybe you’re... gay.
Cassie: Maybe. Sometimes I think it’s possible. Or I think I don’t know what I am. I think I like guys. Sometimes. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just nothing.
Georgia: Well, if it wasn't for these chains, I know how we could maybe get us sent home. If I could, I'd make us good and impure and have sex with you right now.
Cassie: Really?
Georgia: See, now that sounded a little too excited. You are definitely gay.
Cassie and "Georgia Peaches" discover the former's non-straight sexuality


Well, I've heard every criticism and argument against being a SuicideGirl. "You're being objectified, you're ruining years of feminist progress, you're too young and dumb to know better." Bullshit. Everyone's missing the big picture. You gotta enjoy every goddamn moment you can. Celebrate. Get a haircut that scares your grandma. Draw on your body with a needle and bleed for the things you love. Take off your clothes and show everyone it's fucking sexy just to be alive. That's what it all comes down to. No one lives forever.
Fractal on her personal philosophy about being a SuicideGirl


This is amazing. I’ve kissed people before. In fifth grade, when Dave Richards told me to meet him under the bleachers. At the shelter, when Matt Santucci tried to get in my pants on a dare. At the club, when I was drunk for the first time. When I kissed Amber and imagined Margaret. I’m not imagining now. I’m here. Margaret’s here. And her lips are warm and soft, and I can feel her heart fluttering next to my chest. She's scared... She's never kissed a girl before. But she likes this. She likes me. No one is trying to get anything. This isn’t bait for some psycho killer in a bad mask. This is just me, and this beautiful girl who understands me. Who came all the way from Florida to comfort me. Oh my God. She likes this. She likes me.
Cassie Hack thinking about her First Kiss with Margaret Crump

Entry Wound

"An epic story is unfolding. The antagonist: Murderous, undead entities consumed by hate for the living. The protagonists: Unlikely hunters without homes who defend the innocent and the sinful. It is a story that has many threads, as the protagonists save lives, and the survivors become saviors. It is a story made up of many moments, some intense and terrifying, some small, quiet, and intimate. It is a story about the kinds of friends who will wipe the drool off your face when you're sleeping. This is that story."

Sons of Man

Murder Messiah

I want to touch you. I want to make love. But I can’t be your partner or your live-in girlfriend. Because that’s not me… If I’m going to have a serious relationship, it needs to be with someone who won’t be in danger… it has to be someone who can’t die…
Cassie Hack's Internal Monologue of why she can't have a stable relationship with Margaret

Interdimensional Women's Prison Breakout

The sharp pain of the cut. The strange sensation as the wound knits back together. If I feel that I don't feel anything else. No hate. No anger. Just pain. I imagine you understand well, Cassandra Hack.

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash

Old Fred Nietzsche said, "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster." But the thing the Neech didn't know is that the only kind of people who want to fight monsters... were monsters to begin with.
Cassie Hack

Son of Samhain

I've seen too much. When I close my eyes I’m back to my days hunting down Slashers. And that's never going to go away. I know that now.
Cassie about her Happy Ending Override

What's in you, Ocky, is the same thing that's in everyone else, just amplified. Good and evil. We all have the capacity to do the right thing or the wrong thing. I have the same thing in me, Ocky. My mom... she was a serial killer. A murderer. A Slasher. [...] Look, there's only so much you can control about who you are. You're born a certain way or shit happens to you and before you know it, you're the person you see when you look in the mirror. For better or worse, you can't escape from you. I won't lie. There's one thing about us that's different from most people. We can kill, even for the right reasons, and be okay with it. That's... not normal. But I made a decision, Ocky, and you can, too. I decided to break the cycle of shit, to not let my life's garbage be an excuse for adding more misery to the world. I recognize what's inside of me, and I use it to do good. Not a day goes by where I don't feel I made the right choice.
Cassie telling Ocky about how he won't necessarily Turn Out Like His Father


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