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Tear Jerker / Hack/Slash

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  • Generally speaking, when Cassie starts crying, some of the saddest things in the series are happening.
  • In The Final Revenge of Evil Ernie, when Cassie realizes that Ernie, of all people, loves her, she has a mental breakdown due to having been looking for people to love her. When Vlad admits he loves her, she snaps at him, not believing him. By the end she's devolved to Cry into Chest Inelegant Blubbering.
    Vlad: Are you okay, Cassandra?
    Cassie: No... no... Ernie... he went in my mind, Vlad... he saw every single thing about me... my whole life. He loved me for it.
    Vlad: Yes... but he is a bad man... a Slasher.
    Cassie: That's not the point, Vlad! How many people go through their entire goddamn lives looking for someone to love them for who they are, and never find it? I find it... and it's some murdering, undead psychopath. You think I'll ever find anyone who will love me again? My father left me. My mother left me. And now I have to kill the one person who knows me. The one person who loves me.
    Vlad: But... I love you.
    Cassie: Do you?! Or is it just that I'm the only one who will put up with your big freaky ass? Is that it?! Or do you just want to %#$# me?! Isn't that what guys want?! Are you any different, Vlad?! {Beat Panel} Vlad... I'm... I'm sorry.
    Vlad: {puts hand on her shoulder} Yes....
    Cassie: {begins to Cry into Chest in the form of Inelegant Blubbering} I'm so sorry...
    Vlad: I know.
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  • Cassie breaking down in the bathroom in Gross Anatomy as a result of Doctor Gross's Cold-Blooded Torture and Mind Rape.
  • The execution of Romulus and his feral child pack in Little Children. It’s so traumatizing that Cassie seems on the verge of tears when she calls Margaret to be okay again.
  • In Cassie and Vlad meet the Re-Animator
    • Cassie's reunion with her father. The beginning is just cold, but she breaks down over the course of Calling the Old Man Out, despite the fact that Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You. When she yells, her face shows anguish rather than anger. By the end of the explanation, she’s teary-eyed.
    • Cassie watching her father die and her mother disintegrate.
  • In Closer:
    • Cassie's extended Heroic BSoD after the events listed just above. According to Vlad, she doesn’t move, clean off blood, or speak for fourteen hours. Her facial expression is so blank and hopeless she seems like a completely different person, eyes always downcast or staring blankly. Judging from the fact that he noted this near Tulsa, Oklahoma and they stop in Potts Camp, Mississippi, she evidently stated that way for several more hours. It becomes almost unsettling when she gets into a hotel hot tub, still covered in blood, and just... sits there, eyes downcast, not even looking around, while the family that was using it warily exit to get away from the blood-covered girl.
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    • Vlad and Cassie's separate realizations that if she were to stop hunting Slashers, he would have no further purpose in her life. He even says that while Margaret is her friend, he is just her muscle.
  • In Mind Killer:
    • Cassie's Nightmare Sequence brought on by the Dread Drinkers. She hallucinates Margaret telling about how she dresses like a slut so she can throw out sex and avoid people seeing how pathetic she actually is, and notes that the reason she knows this is that she posed as Cassie's friend and that it would be completely ridiculous that she would ever love Cassie. The sheer humiliation breaks Hack, causing her to punch the hallucinatory Margaret in the face until she’s dead in a giant pool of her own blood, at which point Cassie realizes what she just did and screams in horror. The entire sequence is basically every one of her insecurities turned Up to Eleven.
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    • Cassie breaking up with Margaret, made worse because she can’t bring herself to admit the real reason out loud.
  • Cassie realizing in the closing portions of Monster Baiting that Samhain, her new lover as of barely an hour, has irrevocably turned evil. She even sheds a Single Tear.
  • Cassie’s Interrupted Suicide in Final.
  • The deaths of Lisa Elsten, Chris Krank, and Alan Knight in the leadup to Final.
  • Cassie finding Vlad's corpse in Final.
  • Cassie being Forced to Watch as Akakios murders Vlad in Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash.

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