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Tear Jerker / The Darkness

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     The Darkness Comic 
  • Jackie's reaction to Jenny's murder.
  • The sad fate of minor characters, Isaac and Agnes, in issues #15 to #18. To be specific, Agnes is introduced as a cynical prostitute who is antagonized and criticized by Isaac, an elderly Christian religious fanatic, who wishes she would change her ways and embrace his religion. After a bus accident caused by Jackie's fight with the Magdalena Sister Mariella, Agnes is injured and Isaac accompanies and befriends Agnes as he looks after her during her convalescence. After recuperating, Isaac chooses to take her back to her apartment. Isaac is then later shown to have killed Agnes while smothering her with a pillow after implied sex (given the fact that Agnes was naked at the time along with Isaac being partially undressed) in order to "free her from her sinful existence."

     The Darkness Video Game 
  • The Darkness video game is essentially From Bad to Worse: the First-Person Shooter.
    • Jackie's girlfriend and best friend since they were kids, Jenny, is shot in the head by one of the Big Bads of the game while The Darkness holds him helpless, making him watch. Then makes fun of him when he breaks down. Watch it here.
      • It should also be mentioned that the player is much more emotionally invested in Jenny than in most other video game characters, because earlier on there is a bit where you just spend a quiet, cozy, tender evening together, giving the relationship a real-life feel to it that many games lack.
      • "SHE'S DEAAADD!! Jenny, Jennyjennyjennny, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!"
    • Most of the interactions with the dead WWI soldiers in the "Hell" levels. Some of them understand that they are dead, that they are in Hell, and are sadly resigned to their fate of reliving an even more nightmarish version of the war forever as far as they know.
    • Anthony Estacado's dying speculation about The Darkness. He believes that thousands of years of isolation and possessing humans, experiencing the worst of humanity, have driven it insane. Turned it into the monster that it now is. Maybe.
    • The Downer Ending: Jackie finally gets the Big Bad, who is responsible for the death of Jenny. In the process he gives up his soul to The Darkness. At game end, there is a brief, dreamlike cutscene showing Jenny sitting on a park bench holding Jackie's head in her lap. Jenny has to tell him that he can't stay with her there, and Jackie tells her that he misses her so much. The final words of the game are Jenny whispering "Jackie, you have to wake up now."
      • The sequel gets even worse, if it were possible. During the entire game, Jackie is tortured with visions of Jenny, flashbacks of their time as children growing up, and even forced into a sort of holding area via The Darkness where he's a patient in a psyche ward, with Jenny as a nurse. Then, the ending happens. Jackie breaks out of the Psyche Ward, tears though the realm of The Darkness itself, and frees Jenny's soul from the confines of The Darkness. Cue hug and credits. What is even worse, is what happens after the credits. Control is returned to the player, and they themselves must finally let go of Jenny, who apologies to Jackie and states that she'll always love him....right before transforming into The Angelus.
  • The flashback/hallucination of Jenny at the dinner, especially when she mentions that Jackie's not old enough to drink "until tomorrow" and suggests that he come over to her new apartment for a while, meaning that this happened just a day before everything went to hell in the first game.
  • In 2 The Darkling sacrifices It's life in order to help Jack "wake up" and escape the made-up mental asylum.


     The Darkness band 


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