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     The Darkness comic 
  • After Uncle Frankie killed Jenny, Jackie became suicidally depressed. His reaction? Invite Frankie to a warehouse he's filled with thousands of gallons of gasoline and blow him up with his entire crew. It also serves as an excellent Fridge Brilliance moment when you realize fire of that amount is about the only thing capable of killing not only Jackie but the Darkness as well.
    • Jackie gets better, obviously.
      • Technically, he DID die there. Went to Hell too, and would have stayed if not for Tom Judge.
  • Jackie's single-handed defeat of an evil Cherub Host by summoning an EVEN LARGER army of Darklings.
  • Jackie vs. the Darkness in the Empire arc. Jackie defeats it by heading into orbit and obliterating it with the entire light of the sun. It's another case where he runs the risk of suicide to do so.
  • Jackie getting the better of Mr. Hyde during a crossover issue that pitted Top Cow characters vs the classic movie monsters. While the others faced more or less the usual incarnations of the classic monsters Jackie had to deal with a powered-up version of Mr. Hyde who was playing host to a number of Eldritch Abominations who were older than the Darkness and looked like something from out Pan's Labyrinth.The not so impressive looking by comparison Darklings ripped apart the various tentacle monsters,weird limbs with eyes and teeth coming out of Hyde and Jackie,seemingly quoting The Darkness,dismissively called the Lovecraftian horros creatures from an age that's passed.This after four issues of buiding up Hyde's masters as the terrifying ultimate evil.
  • Jackie's defeat of the original Angelus. He confronts her in broad daylight and gives her the location of the Brotherhood's secret base. After scaring the tar out of the Brotherhood, he lures her under the Statue of Liberty in the cave the brotherhood was using and kills her. Given this host of the Angelus had existed 900 years, it was a big victory for Jackie.
  • In a crossover with Wolverine/X-Men, Jackie ends up in a fight with Logan after the Darkness attacks him, recognizing Logan as someone who nearly killed Jackie's grandfather Roberto back during World War II. After a brief fight, Jackie decides to stand down, telling Logan that Roberto probably had the beatdown coming, and that he's not going to risk his life to avenge someone like that. Logan agrees, and when Dante complains about how Jackie won't avenge Roberto's defeat, the two shut him up by slicing him in half with a single blow.

     The Darkness Video Game
Pietà Plagiarism of a Mafia boss with Lovecraftian superpowers
  • Jackie releasing The Darkness once again after trying to "bury it". In the sequel, you get to use it against a mook who mocks your limping state. And the next scene shows his Healing Factor by focusing on his severely damaged leg. You can say, Jackie is back on his feet and ready to kick ass again.
  • Jackie going one-on-one with The Darkness in The Darkness II in order to save Jenny's soul.
    • Even better is how Jackie manages to break through everything the Darkness is telling him. He kills himself with the Sihpon, telling the Darkness "I'm coming for Jenny. Then I'm coming for you." When Jackie ends up in the mental ward again, Jackie resists the temptation of the Darkness to stay with a fake Jenny, and goes to confront the Darkness in Hell.
    • During this very chapter, Jackie becomes the first ever host to take control of his powers away from the Darkness, which is especially noteworthy because the very first enemy he uses them on is the Darkness itself.
      The Darkness: YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY POWER!
      Jackie: I already do.
  • Jackie in fully-powered-up Darkness mode thanks to a solar eclipse during the first game's finale. Vengeance never felt so good.

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