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Heartwarming / The Darkness

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  • This exchange in the videogame's ending, especially with how close to tears Jackie sounds. Makes it all the more a Tear Jerker as well.
    Jackie: You were everything to me... and all I ever did was kill you. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
    Jenny: I can't forgive you, Jackie. How can I forgive you when it wasn't your fault?
  • For one moment, there's no Uncle Paulie, no Eddie Shrote, no mooks trying to murder you, no Darkness...only you and Jenny watching To Kill a Mockingbird together (And you can watch the whole damn movie).
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  • A sidequest involves a busker named George who asks Jackie to help him get rid of an extortionist who's preventing him from working the subway. When Jackie does so, George thanks him for being so kindhearted— not in words, but in song.
  • The sequel ramps this up, with Jackie getting a moment in an old diner with Jenny, reminiscing about how they first met (she saved him from being bullied), and even saying he doesn't care if what's happening isn't real, if it means a few more moments with her.
  • From the comics, for the 75th edition they did a What If? type story where Jackie has taken over the world. Old and grey but capable of doing whatever he wants, we see that one of Jackie's routines is to take a moment and go stand in front of Jenny's tomb. Extra heartwarming since this is was the only allusion to Jenny in a long time. A reminder that through out all the crap Jackie's been through and various hints of moving on with other women, Jenny is still in his heart.
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  • There's something really sweet about how, after an entire Cosmic Retcon, Dani and Finch still fall in Love at First Sight.

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