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  • At the end of Gross Anatomy, Cassie, after stoically enduring all of Doctor Gross's torture and mind rape, breaks down, and is comforted by Vlad.
  • Cassie selling her mother's wedding ring to help the sick Vlad in Love Stories.
  • Cassie asking Nathan how he knew he was in love in The Coldest Dish, trying to figure out her own feelings for Margaret.
  • Cassie deciding to give the substantial payment she received for her photo shoot in Murder/Suicide to pay for various film tickets and passes to the Hollywood Grill and giving them out to the homeless, likely at least partly in remembrance of Fractal.
  • Cassie and Vlad meet the Re-Animator:
    • Cassie playfully throwing water balloons at Vlad while ostensibly teaching him how to shoot. She’s clearly having fun for once.
    • Vlad's promise to Cassie's father that he will protect Cassie with his life.
  • Closer:
    • Cassie's First Kiss with Margaret. Her narration as they lay together half-clothed in bed is one of the happiest moments the series has ever had to that point.
      Cassie: This is amazing. I’ve kissed people before. In fifth grade, when Dave Richards told me to meet him under the bleachers. At the shelter, when Matt Santucci tried to get in my pants on a dare. At the club, when I was drunk for the first time. When I kissed Amber and imagined Margaret. I’m not imagining now. I’m here. Margaret’s here. And her lips are warm and soft, and I can feel her heart fluttering next to my chest. She's scared... She's never kissed a girl before. But she likes this. She likes me. No one is trying to get anything. This isn’t bait for some psycho killer in a bad mask. This is just me, and this beautiful girl who understands me. Who came all the way from Florida to comfort me. Oh my God. She likes this. She likes me.
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    • Pooch protecting Chris, Lisa, Kyle and, in his words, even the animals in the clinic, from Kuma the elite Nef agent, almost resulting in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • In Double Feature – Blood Blower:
    • Gertrude helps comfort Margaret in the aftermath of Cassie breaking up with her in Mind Killer, proving she’s rooting for them.
      Gertrude: I’ve seen a lot of heartbreak in my day. Seen lots of love that should never have been; and lots of love that should have. No matter what she says, Cassie loves you. The fact that she can’t deal with it doesn’t make it untrue. You know what I mean, hon?
      Margaret: I... *sniff* Okay... thanks, Gert.
    • Cassie finally admitting Pooch as one of her True Companions after he helps against the Blood Blower, including apologizing for treating him as The Friend Nobody Likes since he had joined them. He even admits she is no longer his "most hated" anymore.
  • The Army of Darkness crossover has Ash talking Cassie down from changing the past to save Vlad, showing his rare soft center by helping her accept the past, and showing the consequences of time travel.
    " Vlad died for you. That was him telling you how important you were to him. Now, go back to those people who you fought for. The people who you would die for. That's as good as it gets."
    • The comic ends with Ash babysitting Cassie's adopted child.

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