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Nightmare Fuel / Hack/Slash

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  • Here are some of the slashers.
  • The uses of Nef magic, from Soul Power of a victim to Virgin Sacrifice by way of Rape as Drama.
  • In BUMPed:
    • The sheer Mood Whiplash in Phil O'Grady's tape. It starts off with pure Fanservice enough to be amusing in how it annoys Cassie... but then the girl in the video is brutally eviscerated by a treehugger.
      Cassie: Fuck me running...
    • The wall of bloody faces on the front of the mansion. It’s enough to give Cassie Sarcasm Failure from how disturbing it is.
      Vlad: This is unholy.
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    • Edgar Dill's Face Stealer practices. They result in the torturous death of the previous wearer and the use of the skin, hair and all, by Eddie.
    • The fate of the treehuggers' integrated souls. And Edgar Dill wanted Cassie to be one of them, which scares her enough to not continue hunting after him.
  • The Stillborn in Murder Messiah and Fame Monster. Just what the hell IS that thing?

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