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  • The day after being given a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by a Girl Posse in My First Maniac, Cassie punches the leader of the trio in the face so hard and so many times that she gives her a black eye, broken nose and split lip. While the girl's stunned friends are helping her, Cassie walks away, and flips them off. To top it off, Cassie, in what was presumably Creepy Monotone, says:
    Cassie: "If you ever touch me again, I'll fucking kill you... and they will never find your body."
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  • Cassie being saved from an Attempted Rape by Chucky, of all people. You read it right: Chucky pulled out a Big Damn Hero moment. By murdering the rapist-wannabe, of course.
  • Talking about Chucky, there is another part where he tries to take advantage on the fact Cassie needs him right now to get Vlad's body back to force her to let him do whatever he wants, including random murders. Vlad, then trapt in the badly burnt, weak body of Laura Lochs, declares he would rather die than let someone get killed, then intimidate Chucky into obeying by pointing a knife at him. And it works.
    Vlad: I want my own body back, yes. But my life is not more important. I will die. I will stay trapped here always to stop you from hurting blonde girl. If you think I will not kill you... you are wrong.
    Chucky: ... Fine. Hack, call off your dog.
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  • The very fact that the comic managed to do a crossover with Re-Animator in and of itself.
  • Six Sixx singlehandedly destroying the Dread Drinkers in Mind Killer.
  • Fantomah teleporting three so-called supervillains into space simply by saying "begone", which easily freaks out Cassie.
  • Chris telling off the Black Lamp Society members at Sheriff Reilly's funeral.
  • In "Final", we have the culmination of all of the plotting... and the few victims of kidnapping in particular show their status as Damsel out of Distress. A standout example is Ava and Margaret's takedown of Father Wrath and Doctor Gross.
    Ava: You killed my friends. Butchered them in their sleep. Left their daughter an orphan. I’ve heard about you, too. You like to take people apart, layer by layer. I’ll settle for big, bloody chunks.

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