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  • The CSI Effect: The "influences criminal behavior" facet is mentioned by Cat Curio; TV shows about criminal science have made criminals smarter and less careless, which had the secondary effect of making many of her BMJ Crime Lab detective gadgets obsolete.
  • Development Hell: The film adaptation is proceeding... just very, very slowly.
  • Missing Episode: The "BUMPed"crossover with "BUMP," which encompasses the majority of the first ongoing's issues 12 and 13, is not collected in any of the collected volumes on account of legal issues with the since-defunct Fangoria Comics. Instead, only the portions written by Tim Seeley himself, which have a different artist, are collected, and labeled as "Interlude," with some script differences to excise any possible mentions.
  • Recycled Script:
    • According to Tim Seeley, the basic concept of the first Hack/Slash story Euthanized was originally pitched by him as a plot for an Army Of Darkness comic, and "Super Sidekick Sleepover Slaughter" was originally written as a pitch for a Slasher Movie parody featuring Marvel Universe teen superheroes.
    • Tini Howard's "@%&#ED!" from Hack/Slash: Resurrection #12 is basically a longer version of Tim Seeley's "Avert Your Eyes" from The CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2013. While the two stories played out differently, they both involved slashers called the Censor who used magic and good old fashioned violence to obscure and wipe out foul language, inappropriate sexuality, etc.
  • What Could Have Been: Notes by Tim Seeley in the final collection reveal that both Cat and Pooch were intended to die in their initial appearances. The first "Trailers" one-shot included a number of short stories and teasers that were supposedly intended to be expanded into full-length arcs: the only one which did undergo this was "Tub Club". (A story called "Dead Celebrities" was later published, but had no similarity to the "Trailers" version except the title.)
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  • The Wiki Rule: Hack/Slash Wiki


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