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Bonnie's Bakery is a short cooking game where you play as the titular Bonnie, the only human in a town full of sapient animals. She owns the titular bakery and makes food to serve to her animal friends, and you have to help her.

Gameplay consists of making one of four recipes from a list and serving them to customers, making sure you serve the correct one before the customer gets tired of waiting- the more customers you satisfy, the higher your score. There are various different endings, and which one you get is determined by your end score.

However, this game is not what it seems like. The game, while starting off cheery, gets more disturbing later on, for Bonnie's pastries have a very... special ingredient.

...Yes, it's one of those games. You've been warned.

Check out the trailer here.

In preparation for the game's DLC, the main game received an update in September of 2022 that added some quality of life improvements in addition to some minor changes to the story to make it make more sense.

Warning: Since the game is short and the endings are a major part of the plot, spoilers are unmarked.

Time to get some fresh tropes!:

  • Alliterative Title: Bonnie's Bakery.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: In the September 2022 update:
    • The penalty for losing a customer was changed from losing points to losing time, thus making the non-perfect endings, especially the Bingus ending which requires you to finish with 0 points, take much less time to complete.
    • There is now a "Night Mode" where the game skips straight to the cellar segment, though the ending is instead dependent on the player's score from the last time you played the bakery segment.
    • The cookbook received an overhaul where you can now rip out a page and keep it out for reference, instead of having to constantly go back and forth between it and the cooking station.
    • Bringing the ingredients to the bowl was changed from having to physically drag it to the bowl to it just going in with one click, significantly streamlining how baking works.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Aside from the true protagonist, all of the animals in the cellar are missing limbs, with the dog missing their arms, a rabbit missing their legs, a cat missing one arm and one leg, and the panda missing all four limbs.
  • Art Shift: The first half of the game has a 2D pixelated interface typical for cooking games. The second half abruptly switches to first-person and so has a more 3D art-style, though still on the cartoony side.
  • Ax-Crazy: Bonnie is a vile Sadist under her cute exterior. She keeps her victims in constant pain in her cellar, and when hunting the protagonist gleefully smiles and hums amidst their suffering.
  • Big Bad: Bonnie herself is actually a Serial Killer who kidnaps the talking animals to turn them into her ingredients, and plans to make the true protagonist her next victim.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The hostage has a shadowed silhouette, in contrast to the fair-skinned and light-haired Bonnie. In certain endings they would look outright fitting as the antagonist if the person they were up against wasn't so deplorable.
  • Disguised Horror Story: The trailer and first half of the game play it up as another cutesy cooking game starring a cute girl chef in a World of Funny Animals in her quest to serve them delicious food and make them happy. Then the second half reveals Bonnie is a Serial Killer who has been kidnapping the animals and turning them into her meat, and you switch control to a hostage trying to escape her blood-and-skull-filled basement.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: It's implied that there's a separate scheme going on in the background to capture and murder people that visibly disgusts Bonnie to think about, mainly because this other participant is actively choosing to go after children. While Bonnie is conscious of her own body count, her first victim was a child she felt forced to Mercy Kill because she'd been stabbed multiple times, potentially from a run-in with that same scheme.
  • The Fake Cutie: Bonnie comes off as a sweet and charitable woman in the first half of the game, but reveals herself to be a depraved Serial Killer in the second half.
  • Foreshadowing: Besides the usual ingredients for a bakery such as milk and eggs, there's also meet (meat), fat, and mysterious white and red substances only identified by color, hinting that Bonnie's secret recipes may be hiding something. The meat, at least, very much is.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Bonnie, the only human in a town of funny animals, is a Serial Killer who kills the populace for her ingredients.
  • Joke Ending: If you score zero points by the end of the lunch hour, you are treated to Ending 5 of 5: Bingus, consisting of a CG of an image-editing software full of Stylistic Suck where Bonnie is said to have been arrested because her food gave everyone food poisoning.
  • Knife Fight: In the secret ending, the hostage grabs a knife and clashes with Bonnie. They manage to force the knife out of her hand and promptly stab her six times, probably killing her.
  • Light Is Not Good: Bonnie is a bright pastel-colored Cutie, the perfect disguise for her true nature. Bonus points for her enemy being Dark Is Not Evil.
  • Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My!: Bonnie is a human in a town of Funny Animals.
  • Made from Real Girl Scouts: The Meet Bun is made from an unfortunate bunny that showed up on Bonnie's doorstep one day, covered in wounds. In Bonnie's defense, she did try to heal it, but failed.
  • Multiple Endings: Five, depending on how well you score in the game.
    • Ending 1 of 5: Fresh Ingredients. If the hostage is caught and stabbed by Bonnie, they are used to make her next dish, with Bear and the others none the wiser. More of a Game Over than an actual ending.
    • Ending 2 of 5: Escape. The hostage escapes the bakery and tells the truth about Bonnie to the townsfolk, who believe them- but when they head out to said bakery, they find it empty.
    • Ending 3 of 5: Waiting. The hostage escapes the bakery, but with no evidence to prove Bonnie is a murderer, resorts to stalking her, hoping they will catch her in the act of gathering "ingredients".
    • Ending 4 of 5: Fear. The hostage escapes the bakery and tries to tell the town folks the truth about Bonnie- and is disbelieved by everyone, leaving them to live in fear that Bonnie will come back for them even after they've moved to a new town.
    • Ending 5 of 5: Bingus. If Bonnie ends up with 0 points when the shop closes, it cuts to a Stylistic Suck screen with bad spelling where Bonnie is arrested for causing food poisoning in her customers. More of a Game Over screen than an actual ending.
    • Secret End: Free. If you enter the hidden numbers found in the five ending CGs into the keypad, it will reveal a knife that the hostage then uses to kill Bonnie. The hostage carries the panda with them and reveals the truth of what happened to the townsfolk. They then take the panda to a hospital to recover, while the townsfolk gather to investigate the bakery.
    • The Fresh Ingredients DLC adds extra endings based on actions you can take in the DLC itself.
      • Treasure: Accessible by stealing the Cursed Gold from a pirate as Bonnie, who decides to stow it in her basement. The hostage escapes the bakery, and recognizes where the gold coin comes from after entering the password she found on the back. She then goes to town and tells the pirate where to find Bonnie and the treasure. The two storm the bakery, kill Bonnie, save the animals down there (with the pirate giving everyone peg legs and hook hands), and go on an adventure on the seven seas.
      • Moose: Accessible by entering the password you get from the Moose's stories as Bonnie. The hostage escapes the bakery, only for her to notice that a moose is walking towards the bakery. The Moose confronts Bonnie, stating that because she listened to its stories, it's decided to take her on a voyage as well. Bonnie is never seen again. What happened to her remains a moose-tery.
    • In addition to this, there are four more ending variations added as part of the Brutal Bonus Level Bingus Mode.
      • Escape: Bonnie tries to escape, but is immediately caught by Bingus just outside the bakery, and is stabbed to death as she's told she can't outrun her delusions.
      • No More Bingus: Bonnie enters the hidden numbers from the ending CGs into the keypad to reveal her spare knife, and uses it to kill Bingus.
      • Treasure: Bonnie enters the numbers hidden on the back of the Cursed Gold, and escapes the bakery. However, she doesn't make it far after Bingus takes the coin back to the pirate and is christened a pirate herself. Pirate Bingus then makes Bonnie walk the plank and sets sail for adventure.
      • Moose: Bonnie enters the password you get from the Moose's stories. She escapes the bakery only for Bingus, wearing moose antlers, to catch her just outside. Bingus tries to take her like the Moose did, only for them both to get stuck half-clipped in the ground. Bingus admits that this was a grave Moose-take.
  • Noodle Incident: Bonnie's first "victim" was a heavily wounded bunny that appeared at her door that she tried to treat. We're never told exactly what (or possibly who) might have left the bunny in such a state.
  • Orwellian Retcon: The September 2022 update modified some dialogue and the endings, partly to set up for the DLC as well making the endings a bit more cohesive: rather than Endings 2 and 4 having the townsfolk believe the hostage or not for seemingly no reason, the updated Ending 2 has the protagonist show the townsfolk the code papers as proof, while in Ending 4 they're in such a hurry to escape that they drop the papers and thus have nothing to back up their claims.
  • Prequel:
    • A Day with Bonnie, a short interactive Youtube game where it shows how the hostage ends up trapped in Bonnie's basement to begin with.
    • Fresh Ingredient DLC showcasing how Bonnie captures all her victims prior the event of the main game.
  • Properly Paranoid: When interacted with in the cellar, the dog reveals the true protagonist was always suspicious of Bonnie, but never had any evidence of her doing anything wrong prior to being kidnapped and locked in the cellar.
  • Punny Name: The "Meet Bun" item is called that because, as Bonnie explains in her ad, it is always nice to "meet" everyone.
  • The Secret of Long Pork Pies: Played with in that Bonnie is the only human and makes her most popular item, Meet Buns, out of animal meat... by kidnapping the sapient talking animals and chopping them up, then serving them at her bakery to other animals, so the cannibalism horror aspect is still kept.
  • Serial Killer: Bonnie discreetly kidnaps then dismembers and kills sentient animals in her basement for ingredients to use for her bakery.
  • Stalker without a Crush: In Ending 3, the true protagonist begins stalking Bonnie so they can catch her in the act and expose her true nature to the rest of the townsfolk.
  • Start of Darkness: Reading the notes found throughout the dungeon reveals how Bonnie started making her baked goods: she originally made them with normal ingredients, but no one really liked her cooking. One day an injured rabbit hobbles to her doorstep, and despite Bonnie's best efforts, the rabbit ends up passing away one way or another. With no other way to dispose of the body, Bonnie cooks it into food, which the unaware townsfolk absolutely love. Being so close to realizing her dreams, Bonnie begins hunting the residents of the town and making them into food to keep her bakery popular.
  • Stealth-Based Mission: The second half of the game has you, a hostage of Bonnie, tasked with finding all 5 notes to get the code needed to escape the basement while making sure Bonnie never sees you. If she does, you have to quickly hurry back to your cage, as she will leave you alone if she sees you in it.
  • Subverted Kids' Show: The game seems like a cute baking simulator at first, but it is revealed that Bonnie kidnaps people and kills them to use them as ingredients.
  • Token Human: Bonnie is the only human in a town of talking animals. The hostage might be another, but they are only shown in silhouette and it is too difficult to tell either way.
  • Torture Cellar: The second half takes place in Bonnie's basement, which is filled with blood, different meats and skulls of her prior victims, alongside some chains, hooks and cage walls to hold her current ones. The hostages that are still alive besides the player are all missing limbs.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: The first half of the game is a cooking game where the titular Bonnie whips up dishes and serves them to customers in time—exactly what one would expect. However, the second half then abruptly turns into a first-person stealth horror where an unnamed hostage of Bonnie has to escape her basement before they wind up as her next ingredient.
  • World of Funny Animals: Bonnie herself is the only human- all the customers are animals who behave like humans.