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Basic Trope: A male character has no sufficent moral compunctions about hitting women.

  • Straight: Eric, an Action Hero, has to face Ramona and her Amazon Brigade. He doesn't hold back against them.
  • Exaggerated: Eric makes sure to avoid getting the men he fights too hurt but always does his best to disfigure and permanently disable the women he fights.
  • Downplayed:
    • Eric only jabs women with sleepy drugs.
    • Eric only hits women if they are attacking him.
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    • Eric only disarms women by tearing off their clothes.
  • Justified:
    • Eric is an egalitarian and believes in equal-opportunity for both genders in all things, including violence.
    • Eric doesn't even understand the concept of gender!
    • Eric realizes that/believes women can be just as dangerous as men and reacts accordingly.
    • Eric is a survivor of female-on-male abuse.
    • Eric believes that giving women gentler treatment is sexist and degrading towards them, especially that he already beats men up.
    • Ramona senselessly murdered someone Eric loved and now he seeks revenge.
    • It's Personal with Ramona.
    • Eric is a He-Man Woman Hater.
    • Eric doesn't hit women. Unfortunately for him, Ramona is The Baroness. She's going to make Eric fight her... whether he wants to or not.
    • Ramona is a much more competent fighter than Eric, and Eric knows this. Holding back against her would surely lead to his crushing defeat.
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    • Eric grew up in an all-male society or was the only male in an all female society. As a result, he doesn't understand gender roles and may not know that they even exist.
    • Eric is a Proud Warrior Race Guy who doesn't see men or women on the battlefield, only allies and enemies, and holding back against the ones trying to defeat you is more than simply a fatal mistake: it's downright insulting to your foe.
    • Eric is a Combat Pragmatist who doesn't question anything, he does everything as long as it gets his job done.
    • Eric's mom was a soldier and a strong role model for him his entire life, so he considers the notion of women being weak to be outright laughable.
    • Even if Eric is a gentleman, he still has a sense of self-preservation. "Chivalry becomes a moot point the instant you make an attempt on my life."
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    • Eric is a robot, and he can't tell the difference between a man and a woman, only signs of life in his infrared vision.
    • Ramona is a Robot Girl, so technically Eric isn't hitting a girl, he's just hitting a machine.
    • Ramona's really trying to kill Eric, so he'd better hit her just to save himself.
  • Inverted: Wouldn't Hit a Girl
  • Subverted: Eric confronts Ramona's crew and considers fighting them, but decides not to.
  • Double Subverted:
    • But when they knock him around awhile, he attacks them.
    • Instead, he chooses to lure them all into a corner for an ambush, one at a time.
  • Parodied:
    • 'Hitting' amounts to noogies, pantsing, and wet willies. Ramona and her minions are defeated all the same.
    • Eric says things like "Welcome to gender equality!" before laying the smack-down on Ramona and her crew.
  • Zig Zagged: Eric always evaluates his opponent's potential before entering a battle. Depending on their strength, regardless of gender, he either accepts or refuses the challenge.
  • Averted: Eric only fights women if necessary.
  • Enforced: "Male and female characters going all out makes for better fight scenes."
  • Lampshaded:
  • Invoked:
    • Eric is specifically assigned to bring down Ramona's brigade because of his attitude.
    • Ramona taunts Eric to goad him into fighting her.
  • Exploited: Interplay of Sex and Violence
  • Defied: "Ramona, you're a woman and I'm not going to abase myself with battling you. Surrender quietly or I'll call Marian to take care of you and your girls."
  • Discussed: "You wouldn't hit a girl would you?" (One Single-Stroke Battle later) "I would."
  • Conversed: "How could Eric hit Ramona?! I thought he was The Hero of this story!" "He is! Ramona's a villain!
  • Implied: Eric is sent to take down Ramona's base, which is crawling with Bodyguard Babes. The aftermath shows the base in ruins, with everyone in it, save for Eric, lying unconscious on the ground.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Even if it was self-defense, Eric is viewed In-Universe as a monster for daring to beat up a girl.
    • When Eric tries to attack Ramona, it is clearly shown that she was no mere human woman. She is an expert on how to take care of men with not only manipulation, but genuine hand-to-hand combat and having nearly superhuman strength of her own, as well, due to having extensively exercised her own body and mind. Eric was brutally defeated in her counterattack.
  • Reconstructed:
    • Then they learn the hard way why he had no qualms in the first place.
    • Eric lives to fight again another day. Having learned not to underestimate Ramona, he and his companions hone their skills further and study Ramona's moves to develop appropriate counters, before all going back to fight the villainess more ready than ever.
    • Eric is a Proud Warrior Race Guy who considers Not Worth Killing to be the ultimate insult. His willingness to hit Ramona is his way of acknowledging and respecting Ramona's own strength.
    • Yes, Ramona mopped the floor with Eric when he tried to fight her, but if he hadn't, she would have attacked him anyhow. That he offers as much resistance as he does keeps her from having time to finish him off.
  • Played For Laughs: Slapstick Knows No Gender
  • Played For Drama: Eric delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Ramona and her minions, then his teammates wonder who real the villain is, allowing Ramona to deliver a scathing Hannibal Lecture. Eric calls his team out for not minding that sort of violence being used on a male villain, causing more tension which escalates in a civil war between the heroes, much to Ramona's satisfaction.

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