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Examples of Nothing Is Scarier in Fan Works.

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    Wait for it... 
  • Fairy Tales and Hokum: In the Pyramid of Ahm Shere, Jonathan and Tom (plus a couple of Mooks) are separated by a cave-in triggered by an explosion, and pygmy mummies attack Tom's section of the room. Jonathan only hears screams and calls for help, then silence.
  • Fist of the Moon: A downplayed version works in the heroes' favor. The senshi all have a disguise field that protects their identity, and everyone from Genma to Amazon elders unanimously agree that being unable to remember someone's face while looking straight at them is very unsettling.
  • Natural Histories: At one point in "The Fountain", something terrible and powerful approaches the timberwolf pack. It is never seen, remaining hidden by the undergrowth, and is only described as a large shadow, a stench of death and magic, and a presence that intimidates the wolves, before, still unseen, it retreats.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: In Acts III and IV, Hokuto somehow knows enough about Tsukune and his True Companions, as well as their past battle with Kuyou, to be able to play both sides for his Evil Plan. Not only that, but he was also aware that the Artifact of Doom he needed for said plan was hidden in Yokai Academy, that Kenzo knew where Felucia's Soul Jar was located, and finally where Tsukune's family lived. We never do find out how he knew so much despite first appearing in Act III; he just does.
  • Robb Returns: In chapter 97, it is shown that the Hightower has, deep in its basement, a mysterious gate which, ever since magic returned to Westeros, has been glowing sick green and causes such uneasiness on anyone standing near enough that guards are limited to two-hour shifts so they will not go crazy. But the worst thing is that something is trying to break that gate open.
  • A Peaceful Afterlife: Inverted! Charlie has Kira take an interview and spread his identity to take away the mystery of his Mr. Clean persona. He goes from a complete unknown who makes people disappear for HOLY DIVER to just some (powerful) demon. This takes away the main reason HOLY DIVER wants him back under his employ.
  • Walking into a completely empty, safe area during a Containment Breach
  • The Pokémon Black creepypasta has this for the ending. After defeating Blue for the final time(and possibly killing him), the player is then given a Distant Finale, with their character as an old man, wandering a Kanto that is now completely empty. All NPCs are gone, with the Instant Gravestones from those who were killed being the only sign there was any other life in Kanto before, and there are no wild Pokemon to be encountered. Once the player returns to their bedroom, and stands on the very spot they started the game on, they're treated to a reel of every Pokemon and trainer that they had killed during the game, after which Ghost shows up, and claims their life, just as it had done for all of the player's foes.
  • A Delicate Balance: When Rarity visits Twilight after the latter's unsuccessful approach at Applejack, she notices that all the charts and graphs that used to cover the insides of library were gone, nothing. She is rather startled.
  • SCP: Overlord: We never find out what Besson saw that made him shoot himself.
  • X-Men fanfiction Devil's Diary has Stan Lee relate how Doctor Doom ambushed him and Jack Kirby (as seen in Fantastic Four #10). During their meeting, Doom took his mask off, and both of them looked away as quickly as possible. Stan didn't want to elaborate on what his face looked like. He doesn't want to remember.
    Stan Lee: I didn't see too much. Both Jack and I had to turn away. Jack saw more action than I did, in the War. He'd seen guys burned up, crushed, shot, beaten to death, all of that. And he told me he'd never seen anything quite that bad. I don't even like to watch Twilight Zone because of that. I might see something to remind me. All I can say is, we were glad just to see that metal mask again when he put it back on."
  • In From Beyond (RWBY), Blake gets increasingly worried as she heads towards where she saw Jaune land but hears nothing from him. When she gets there she finds that Jaune is dead with a Grimm eating his body.
    Blake: Curse, moan, scream... rant about your landing. Anything.

    Nothing at all 
  • The Pony POV Series has the first Big Bad of the Reharmonized Series Loneliness, a Shapeshifter and Trixie's Enemy Within. We never find out if any of the forms she assumes are her true one, if she even has one, or what she is. Is she a figment of Trixie's imagination? A split personality? An Eldritch Abomination? Some kind of parasitic monster? We don't know, and Word of God has invoked Multiple-Choice Past on her so we'll probably never find out. Made even worse by the fact there's a complete chapter between our first notice of her existence and actually seeing her. It's quite effective at making her legitimately terrifying.
  • Royal Heights has the Elite undergoing their first Vision under the Headmaster's guidance which is a literal look into pure nothingness. It's meant to help them understand that nothingness takes place of everything that once existed but all it really does is terrify them.
  • In Wizard Runemaster, when Harry and company explore the bottom half of Karazhan (which is a direct mirror of the above ground tower), they find absolutely nothing for most of the journey. Just a lot of evidence that there used to be many horrific things locked away there.
  • In the Italian remake of Battle Fantasia Project there's a mention of the White Dragon of the Anglo-Saxons trying to force the centaurs of the Lands of Myth into becoming his minions. He disappeared, and, thanks to those who knew dying without telling anyone, nobody knows what the centaurs did to him.
  • In the fanfic Concerning a Drifter, what happened to Ryuuko isn't described in full detail but it's obvious by implication. Likewise and invoked when Satsuki (and Houka) come across an illegal website, the which is only described as "total depravity" and, while watching a video, she had "no words" for what she had seen, both of those things not being named (besides the video's title being apt).
  • In chapters nine and ten (and, like many other examples, laced with Fridge Horror) of Lost, Found, we find out that some time ago, there was the first test subject and, according to Nui, due to the experiments, the girl, "Child 00-000-000-0001", was left as something "not human" and that "animal" could be the closest they could call her, which makes one wonder as to what the experiments did to that girl and what they could have done to her and Ryuuko. What doesn't help that is that a good many of the test subjects died.
    • The experiments themselves. Outside of a few details, we don't know what they are or why they're being performed.
  • In Young Justice: Darkness Falls, Darkseid's fate for his son Kalibak is never mentioned, but it's mentioned that all of Darkseid's minions mention that they'd prefer 50 lashes to being sent to where he is now.
  • In The Weaver Option one of the objectives during the raid on Commorragh is to ensure the Oblivion Gate remains sealed. What exactly lies on the other side is never revealed but later author notes explain it's the entrance to a pocket dimension containing something for which the term "eldritch abomination" is lacking. The Aeldari at their height couldn't destroy it and even the Drukhari weren't deluded enough to try and mess with it.

    There all along! 
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami invokes and inverts this at one point. Ami is forced to discipline her minions for attempted murder. As the preferred method in the Dungeon Keeper universe is bloody, horrific torture- that she absolutely can not, will not do, she created a selective fear charm (useing a tracking spell and a general fear trap as a basis). She then knocks out the offender (and a Dark Mistress who wanted in on the fun) once they wake up, the fear charm hits them and they are informed that Ami wiped their memory of the torture to preserve her technique for next time. Their imaginations do the rest.
  • In Party of None, an insane Pinkie Pie lets it slip that she's been spying on Rainbow Dash months prior to imprisoning her. From Dash's perspective, every single time, there was nothing there when she went to check.
  • The Last Equestrian Doom Patrol: "Nobody was there." An impossible entity capable of eliminating even the Mane Six (and terrifying the Physical God princesses), and who is (maybe) capable of turning out to have been there all along, and now it's too late to flee.
  • The Elements of Friendship: In Book II, Celestia and Selena infodump a lot of information on Discord to the Main 6, Spike, and Paper Mache. Then Discord suddenly speaks up, running a claw across Celestia's cheek. It turns out he's been floating in plain sight the whole time and nopony noticed him.
  • Towards the Sun: the Fire Nations is terrifed of Aang being able to take away people's bending. Many of the palace servants (and later the entire country) have no idea how Aang's energybending works and unsure whether Aang needs to touch people to take away bending. Due to the Fire Nation's spiritual importance on firebending, they see it as Aang ripping out part of people's souls. With public knowledge that the Avatar supported Iroh's usurpation of the popular Fire Lord Zuko and Zuko wasn't able to bend throughout the Agni Kai, Aang is terrifying. What little they know of the Avatar further demonizes him.