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Nightmare Fuel / nitro+

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nitro+ is one of the Darkest Visual Novel companies in existence to this day. Their works already generate nightmares with the help of Gen Urobuchi. However, even without Urobutcher in the Driver Seat, their works gives Hideaki Anno, 07th Expansion, and Junji Ito a run of their money of this.

Works with their own pages:

Nitro+ CHIRAL (Nitroplus Boys Love works)


Phantom of Inferno

The company's first Visual Novel while simplistic in comparison to the later ones sums up the first impression of their works very well: DARK. The story follows the life of a young man who sees something he shouldn't have seen, is captured and brainwashed by a shadowy organization called Inferno and then is given the choice "join or die". He is trained as an assassin by a soft-spoken girl called Ein. Ein is Inferno's top assassin, code-named "Phantom" and controlled by the sinister Scythe Master, who also brainwashed the man. The man is given the name Zwei and begins his work at Inferno.

Science Adventures (Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes)

  • This is what you get if nitro+ creates a Mystery fiction. All the New Gen murders in the game have mysterious elements, particularly the second, in which the dead man has an eight-month old fetus sewn into his stomach; given the age of the fetus, it had to have been removed from the mother's body before birth. It is eventually shown, in flashback, exactly who the mother is and how this happened.
  • There is also Takumi's red delusions, as the green delusions are lighthearted, funny, and erotic, the red ones are the polar opposite, darker, tragic, and Nightmare Fuel.
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  • Water drip doesn't scare you? Now read this link [1] and [2] and try to imagine the horror by yourself. For perspective, people who are fine with other methods are terrified of this kind. Oh and Ayase goes through this thanks to Norose.
  • Time Travel seems awesome doesn't it? Not if someone else decides to try to hunt you down and that every action caused in that time period results in the Butterfly of Doom.


You and Me and Her

  • The ending for Aoi: Miyuki brutally murders Eru and Aoi with a baseball bat, then breaks all of Shinichi's limbs, berating him for breaking their "promise of eternal love". Her anger is actually directed at you, the player, since the only way to unlock Aoi's route is to finish Miyuki's first. After killing Shinichi via a bat to the scrotum, she calls up "God" and asks him to patch the game, causing the game to close out and a DOS updater to run. Upon starting the game again, Miyuki tells you that you can no longer save or load the game and that restarting is futile. Quitting the game results in television static and distorted laughter. Sweet dreams!

Nitro+ Blasterz -Heroines Infinite Duel-

  • Saya is a playable character, and her move set is fairly ghoulish, transforming parts of her body into reddish masses of flesh in the shape of tentacles and bombs. In keeping with her true appearance being unknown, her animation for being knocked down has her as a blob of flesh that is heavily pixelated. Her stage is also pretty scary, resembling how the VN's protagonist sees the world: covered in blood and gore.

Minikui Mojika no Ko

  • The Protagonist, Tanezaki Suteru, has the power to read minds as long as he makes eye contact with his target around 120cm of distance. Sounds normal? Except that everytime it triggers, he feels excruciatingly painful.
  • How about the protagonist of this game? He is described a heinously ugly duckling that everyone in school picks on him. And all he can do is to force himself to read their unpleasant fears and thoughts of him! No wonder he decides to be a Villain Protagonist in the prologue alone!
  • The 'fake confession' scene in the prologue. As Miyu 'confesses' to Suteru, he accidentally read her mind.....only to find out that she lied and was set up by the bullies, as he reads Miyu's true thoughts of her being completely repulsed and scared of him and just wants him to go away, complete with nauseating visual effects and creeping soundtrack. What did he do next? Proceeds to torment her while she's on the verge of tears. Her real thoughts? Pure fear.
    Miyu trembles in fear, on the verge of tears.
    Miyu (inner thoughts): "Is this a nightmare?", "What is this horrible feeling..", "Why are you doing this? I don't understand!", "When will this end?", "I want to run away...", "Please stop!"
  • Just the concept of Villain Protagonist exacting revenge using his mind reading powers to hurt people alone should've kept you awake. And when he does that, the heroines' truest thoughts and FEARS are said before you! Sweet dreams!
    Tanezaki Suteru, after reading Miyu's thoughts: "I have realized, life has no meaning, the world has no meaning either. I want to change the world. I will have my revenge."
  • All the CGs in this game are drawn in first-person perspective, from Tanezaki Suteru's perspective. Thanks to this, some of the CGs are downright unsettling, and we also get nice scenes such a self-inflicted Groin Attack, Tanezaki beating up Kuki Kirara on the roof, and Miyu's revenge (which averts Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male) on Tanezaki, all seen in first-person perspective, as if those scenes aren't already scary enough.
  • Meet the Big Bad of the story, Konsei-sama, the one responsible for cursing The Protagonist, causing his suffering and powers. Dare we say, a true Nightmare Face?

Other (other Nitroplus works, collaborations with other companies and works by Gen Urobuchi)

Fate/Zero (collaboration with Type Moon)

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica (collaboration with Studio Shaft)

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Kamen Rider Gaim (collaboration with Toei Company)

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