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Nightmare Fuel / sweet pool

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What else are you supposed to expect from a game made in the same vein as Saya no Uta?

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • The opening scene alone gives you a good hint of what the game is going to be like. Even then, you'll never be prepared for what does come next.
  • Zenya himself is pretty terrifying, what with his unstable behavior and volatile mood. It doesn't matter if he's talking to you in a sing-song voice or in a harsh, growling tone; you immediately know he's nuts and to stay at least fifty feet away from him.
  • Pretty much everything related to the parasites.
    • To be more specific, they were created from the damned souls from Sodom and Gomorrah and became stuck as lumps of flesh due to losing the right to be in God's image.
  • Youji's condition, where he... "excretes" slug-like lumps of meat. These lumps turn out to be unborn/unfertilized eggs, since Youji is the host of the female form of the parasite, and said parasite is now fertile and seeks to be impregnated. Think of a menstruation, but much more horrific.
    • The similarity of his condition to a menstrual cycle becomes even more apparent in a scene where Youji is resting in a bathtub when all of a sudden, he finds himself oozing with blood and he's now bathing in red water. The scene gets extra squicky points if you decide to have Youji pleasure himself while he's still in the tub.
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  • Makoto's ending. He becomes so obsessed with Youji, that he corners him, rapes him, kills him and eats his corpse. Then he later proceeds to start eating himself. Good Lord.
  • In Zenya's ending, Youji is captured and raped by Zenya. Skip ahead a few weeks or months and Youji is now a sex slave being held prisoner in a small, dark room, vomiting up almost everything he eats and wondering how long it'll take him to die. Oh, and when he's finally too tired? Zenya plans to stuff him so that he'll stay by his side forever. Nitro+CHiRAL doesn't do half-assed bad ends.
  • The Red Road ending. Youji and Tetsuo accept the parasites and give birth to a Pure Breed... by fusing together into a giant meat egg...thing... which hatches their 'son'.
  • Onnushi-sama. Just, Onnushi-sama.


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