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Nightmare Fuel / Togainu no Chi

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Welcome to Toshima.
Don't be fooled by the Boys' Love, like the Nitro+'s Phantom of Inferno, this also summed up the first impression of their Boys' Love works, DARK.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Keisuke's route involves Akira getting raped with TWO screwdrivers and one Bad Ending has a CG of Keisuke ripping Akira's intestines out of him.
  • Arbitro's modifications to his pets which include removing their eyeballs and windpipe. Not to mention completely breaking the victim's mind so that they act like dogs or worst. This becomes Fridge Horror in Arbitro's Bad End since Akira has been brainwashed into being one of his pets.
  • Another one of the bad endings on Keisuke's route is where he doesn't take the screwdrivers out, leaving Akira to bleed to death. And you want to know how to make the other bad ending worse? Do you? "Akiraaa...I love you."
  • On one of the Executioner endings, Kiriwar has his way with Akira, then cracks his skull open with Mitsuko while Akira is begging him not to.
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  • One of Shiki's bad endings; after drinking Nano's blood, he goes insane and kills Arbitro and the Executioners. He then tells a bewildered Akira that he has surpassed his weakness and that everything will come under his control. He scares Akira so much that he's practically sobbing. But wait! It gets better! In the ending, where Akira has become a nymphomatic slut who takes pleasure by sleeping around and telling Shiki so he'll kill them, it's heavily implied that he has been driven insane by Shiki's treatment.
  • After entering Toshima, Akira comes across two guys having sex. One of them Is. Not. Moving.
  • To add on the above, one of the rules of the Igura is that the winner not only takes the loser's tags but they can do whatever they want to the loser. And, as Keisuke points out, there aren't any females in Toshima...


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