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Nightmare Fuel / Lamento - beyond the void

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Even though it isn’t as gritty, bloody, violent as the game before it, or even the game after it, Lamento still has its share of disturbing content.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • The entire game itself demonstrates some Paranoia Fuel moments, such as being watched by a group of devils who'll eventually curse you in no time, and having everything around you manipulated and destroyed by a Manipulative Bastard who claims to be connected to you.
  • The Void. It has no physical form, and it’s not even alive, yet anything it touches becomes completely uninhabitable and fatal to any living creature. Here's an example: any leaves affected by the Void become as sharp as blades to anyone who touches it.
  • Besides the Void, there is also the Sickness. Just imagine this: one moment you’re fine, but then the next, you’re suddenly missing a limb. Be it an eye, an arm, a leg... anything. You may not feel any pain, but it’s barely any consolation.
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  • There’s just something chilling about suddenly seeing the text in the game turn red. Especially since every time it does, the text tends to read “KILL HIM”.
  • Konoe's nightmares, which are a literal Nightmare Fuel for him. It's made even worse in the last nightmare, where the snakes actually inflict a curse upon him. And if you pursue someone's route, that someone gets the same curse as Konoe.
  • The simple fact that when a devil devours you, they literally devour you. In portrayals of devils in other media, they seem to want only your soul and want nothing to do with your physical body; and in some cases can make the process painless at your choosing. But in Lamento, it’s essentially cannibalism, and there's no alternate method.
  • Razel's bad ending, which shows just what happens if Leaks' plans had succeeded.
    • Bonus points for the brief mention of Rai and Bardo slaughtering indiscriminately, even being described as if they've been consumed by insanity — which becomes far more horrifying in hindsight once you've played their routes.
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  • Asato's appearance when he transforms into a monster. Besides being obviously terrifying, you might not want to look for too long if you have trypophobia. There’s also how there seems to be no skin around the collarbones, therefore you can see the bones beneath...
  • Everything about Froud's bad ending. Let’s just say that calling it extremely squicky is still an understatement.
    • In case you want details, Froud takes Konoe captive and brutally rapes him, with Konoe being completely helpless to fight back. And while being violated, he sees Rai watching him in horror, albeit the latter is unable to do anything since he's pinned down. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
  • Froud's dragon form. Even if it's described as a dragon, he looks a lot more like a hellish spider. Do not look it up in case you've got arachnophobia.
    • How about his face? Which has a pair of eyes sewn shut!.
  • In Rai's drama CD, we finally get to hear Rai laughing when he’s in a blood frenzy, since whenever he laughs, it's only described in text in the visual novel. While this is a typical trait of a Blood Knight, hearing it in itself is still quite disturbing, in case Rai's Slasher Smile wasn’t unsettling enough.
  • Have you seen a lunar eclipse before? It doesn't seem that scary right? Well here, it does. After all, it's Leaks' cue to bring the whole world to ruin.
    • As the eclipse happens, you're shown a background CG of said eclipse, where both moons overlap and become red. The text description is quite different, which says that the eclipse is black and it's the sky that turns blood red. No matter which image you prefer, it doesn't get less creepier.


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