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Nightmare Fuel / Chaos;Head

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Plenty of it - this is a Nitroplus game, after all.

  • All the New Gen murders in the game have mysterious elements, particularly the second, in which the dead man has an eight-month old fetus sewn into his stomach; given the age of the fetus, it had to have been removed from the mother's body before birth. It is eventually shown, in flashback, exactly who the mother is and how this happened.
  • During Takumi's last battle with Norose, he is put under a delusion that he has been melted into a puddle with only his eyes remaining. Eeep.
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  • The B ending. Dear God. To give a short summary, Takumi is forced to experience all the New Gen murders, taking the place of the victims and being able to feel every sensation, from devouring his own hand to having his brain cut open to being ripped in two by some otherwordly creature. By the end, he's so broken down that he's completely gone over the deep end- his thoughts no longer form coherent sentences, and this makes the first person narration of what he witnesses afterwards even more unnerving. He describes seeing something crawling under Kozue's skin as she screams...

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