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Nightmare Fuel / You and Me and Her

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All spoilers on this page are unmarked, per wiki policy. You Have Been Warned!

  • Miyuki's vacant, wide-eyed, blood-stained expressionsnote  when she breaks the fourth wall and talks to YOU, the player, demanding to know why you cheated on her.
    • HOW Miyuki kills Shinichi...we don't see it, thankfully, but we can hear it, and the mental picture is not pleasant.
  • The entire screen being drenched in blood and fading to black while Miyuki's "Happy Birthday" gets cut short, the game "reboots", and she takes over the game. If you haven't played a game that's done this before (e.g. Doki Doki Literature Club!), it can be quite unsettling at first.
    • The changes that Miyuki makes to the rebooted world ensure that every attempt the player makes to escape and find Aoi are futile. You can't save or load the game, Miyuki drugs Shinichi so he is incoherent and the player can't influence him to resist her, and even when you do find ways of progressing the story, Miyuki sets things up so that you don't get very far.
    Miyuki: Running away? Resistance Is Futile, YOU know.
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  • Miyuki getting pissed off enough after you keep bringing up Aoi to bite off your ear, break down the bathroom door after you lock yourself in, rip it off its hinges, and kill you while laughing manically and crying and staring right at YOU.
    Miyuki: Why? Why, you ask? Because YOU won't love me! Why won't YOU return my affection? I love YOU so much! So much I have to kill YOU! I have to kill the person I love, over and over and over again! I'm losing my fucking mind!
  • The other infamous scene: once you butter Miyuki up enough, she will get Shinichi to say he loves her a hundred times, only to knock him out with her bat. Turns out what she really wants is for the player to confirm their love for her, the only way she can think of- sex. Cue a ten minute, unskippable CG of Miyuki masturbating on top of Shinichi's unconscious body, getting more unhinged and crazed until she climaxes.

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