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Nightmare Fuel / Killing Floor

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  • The main menu. You are introduced to images of specimen you will encounter in the game either staring at you ominiously...or making an attempt to attack you through the fourth wall.
    • Special mention goes to the Siren. Whereas the other specimens have splash screens of them just glaring menacingly at you from a short distance, the Siren is right up to the screen and has a full blown eyeless Nightmare Face.
    • While most of the music isn't scary, the main menu theme certainly is.
  • This Paranoia Fuel-inducing line that shows itself when you try to exit the game: "You can run. But they'll find you before dawn".
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  • The main game itself pingpongs between this trope and Narm, especially with the Hillbilly Horror event. Most of the specimens just make pained groans, which given their deformities and injuries, are completely justified.
  • Solo mode. Unlike Co-op mode, when you at least shoot the monstrosities with your teammates, here you are completely alone (sans the Trader). Levels become much more desolate and uncomfortable to play since you don't have anyone to cover your back. Especially on Hell on Earth difficulty.
  • Sometimes when you die, Clots and Crawlers will start devouring your character's dead body for some time. It is common to see them piling-up on the corpse.
  • If every member of the party is dead, you will get a blood splatter on your screen and a message: YOUR SQUAD HAS BEEN WIPED OUT. If you are not experienced in the game or playing high difficulty, prepare to see this message many times.
  • Every map has at least one unique detail which makes this map creepy.
    • Biotic Lab: An underground complex which serves as Ground Zero for the outbreak which ravaged the entire England. There are corpses of scientists scattered across the whole building, locked doors in many places and specimen incubators, which are still operating. The map description mentions that the laboratory became such a hellhole merely 10 hours after the outbreak.
    • Farm: A large, open countyside location which contains farmhouses and barns (the latter have massacred cows hanged upside down). Not to mention that the map takes place at night.
      • You can actually see several trucks scattered across the road with human remains in the shells. The description mentions that this is the aftermath of an evacuation attempt Gone Horribly Wrong...
      • Specifically about the animals: you can encounter dead hens, pigs and cows. They were probably devoured by the hungry specimens.
        • Hens and pigs (and some cows) are found physically untouched (which means that they were probably killed by humans), thus making the implication less scary.
      • You can find human remains and skeletons scattered in many places. It can be easily assumed that entire families (children included) got eaten by the monsters.
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    • Manor: The description puts it best. Your helicopter has crashed near a abandoned mansion with a odd, bleak green fog outside, and the specimens have heard the sound of disaster...
      Of all the places to crashland...
    • Offices: The outbreak reached the cityscape. The description mentions that this is the main Horzine building in London. Police forces were called to deal with the threat...and failed. You can actually see the crashed cars and burning wreckages from the windows...
      • The level also takes place during rainstorm. The sudden thunder sound may startle you a couple of times.
    • Western London: This map takes place in the London streets. You are presented to burning cars, scattered human remains and burning houses left and right... The fact that this map is taking place during the day does not help much.
      • The police station. One of the trader points can be accessed by 2 paths: the first one involves going through depot itself. It starts out fairly well-lit (yet some light are flickering). But as you go through the building, you eventually come across the dark armory which leads to a stairwell and then to the jail. It is very dark, so you need to constantly keep your flashlight on. The second path (much shorter) takes you right through the parking lot (with the stairway descending into the darkness). Most likely you will need to use both paths when fighting monsters.
    • Foundry. You can see many corpses of Horzine workers either lying motioness or hanging from above. Some corspes miss a limb or two, some are headless and some other have their eyes torn out and mouth frozen in a silent scream, implying the last agonizing moments of poor people who were just working here. Makes you wonder what did specimen do to them. And from this map on, you will encounter such bodies everywhere. Even though they have Horzine uniform on them most of time (even in places where these workers are not supposed to be), this can actually make sense, since Horzine could send their agents probably to a rescue mission, only for them to fail horribly.
    • Crash. You somehow managed to call for rescue... only for their chopper to go down in the middle of a Abandoned Area. To quote the map's description.
      You watched in horror as the back-up called for went down in the middle of a suburban storage facility. K&M Shipping Inc. The place is run down - seemingly poorly maintained even before the outbreak. The hordes will no doubt smell the scent of burning flesh coming from the crash-site if the initial explosion didn't already alert them. There's no time - search the crash-site for survivors, and hope to God that the wreck is salvageable.
    • Hospital Horrors. The entire level is nightmarish, but the scariest thing is the nursery room. When you see headless corpses that are unusually small, you realize that not even children were spared from the specimen wrath.
    • Wyre. This level consists of two parts. The first part is a forest with a weird orange fog, which may be painful for the eyes of the players. The second part is not any better - it is a Horzine bunker, where Stalkers were created and cloned. There are even some of their bodies (in all their glory) lying on the operating tables. And some of these are flickering.
      • It is also possible to get lost in the bunker (if you are not familiar with the map, that is) and become specimen food.
    • Mountain Pass. A wide map which takes place in the mountain park. The premise describes that the police was searching for an escaped Horzine scientist before the contact with the entire area went dead. After your squad is sent, the helicopter crashes (once again), and the pilot (the only soldier that feared that the mission would go south due to the fog) dies. You are left completely alone in the middle of the place... and the crash attracted the specimen too.
    • Hell needs no explanation, with the entire place being riddled with terrifying architecture and with absolutely explanation to how you got there.
      You awake to find yourself in an unfamiliar place. The hot air burns your eyes and your mind reels as you try to comprehend the landscape before you. The growls of nightmarish creatures echo on the hot winds all around you. Will you fight or be consumed?

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