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  • What does a woman with huge amounts of firepower do with money during a zombie outbreak?
    • Why does that woman teleport around the map? It's a game. Deal with it.
      • Actually, she is in all the shops simultaneously.
    • I always thought there were working airports around Britain to get you the hell out of there and to somewhere safe, but they cost insane amounts of money to take, which is why she needs that cash.
    • Where does she get the guns? I mean, hunting shotguns and lever-action rifless I can understand, same as the Bullpup, but what about the high-grade military equipment that isn't in British service, such as the SCAR-H and and M14 EBR?
      • Rule of Cool. Or she got lucky. Or she was a gun dealer prior to the outbreak. Illegal obtaining?
      • Or maybe, since as far as I know, there hasn't been a Zombie-Clone outbreak in England since the Great Zombification of 1783, this is some kind of alternate universe where these weapons are in service.
      • Actually, the Brits even today tend to get a lot of "surplus" US military equipment, and adoption of the M14 in the US was due in part to pressure from NATO members already using the FN FAL and other weapons chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO round, the United Kingdom included. The SCAR-H happens to be another FN design, chambered for the same round. It's not actually all that unreasonable to assume the trader probably acquired both weapons from existing British military or police armories, as both weapons have at least been tested for military service by the United Kingdom's ministry of defense in the past. Still doesn't quite explain the crossbow, though.
      • The SCAR was tested for the British army and was supposedly meant to be ordered in to replace the SA80, however funding issues mean that it is now likely to that the G36 will take the SCAR's place. As for the Crossbow, Crossbows are easily and legally available in the UK, the Crossbow that appears in Killing Floor appears to be an Armex Crossbow which would normally retail at around £100.
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    • Wouldn't be difficult to go around around yank weaponry off corpses, especially after you've just had a team of six badass survivors clear out every specimen within a few miles. Hell, she probably got a few planeloads worth of hardware just from the start of the...outbreak? Invasion? Catastrophe, let's go with that.
    • Simple. She's an illegal arms dealer who actually does want the zombies gone, zombies being bad for business. But she doesn't her entire stock to end up lying on the ground next to the corpses of a bunch of would-be heroes who've got no idea what they're doing, so she initiates the bounty system: kill zombies, get store credit
  • How can Clots/Gorefasts/Bloats survive for a short time without their heads, while the other Specimens immediately drop when their heads get popped off?
    • It is possible to knock off another Specimen's head without killing them. It's just really difficult, since said other Specimens are much tougher than the three mentioned, hence you're going to be using tougher weapons to do so, which means the extra damage from managing to decapitate them will be enough to kill them. As for surviving without the head at all, it's All There in the Manual - most of the Specimens are clones of the Patriarch's son, who was shot in the head during a robbery. Hence the main idea behind the cloning project is "neurological redundancy", i.e. not immediately dying when a bullet carves its way through the brain.
  • Why did Horzine bother to cut off an arm on the Gorefast and the Husk? What good does that do for a super soldier project prototype?
    • My guess is some sort of attempt at implanting weapons directly onto the super soldiers; possibly, the Gorefast was the initial trial model (just jam a blade directly into the forearm to see if it works), with the Husk and Scrake being upgraded models with better weapons (handheld Livens projector and chainsaw, respectively).
    • The Husk's lore involved Horzine's scientists attempting to teach them how to use their fireball launchers, but couldn't get them to learn. So they just hacked an arm off and hooked the cannon to the Husk's nervous system.

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