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One of the most well-known if not the most iconic things about the game is the player characters' hammy voice acting which would be weapons-grade Narm if it wasn't intentional.

    Squad Responses and Voice lines 
"Oi'm troyin' to 'eal you, not shag you!"
"You're all fur coat an' no knickers, bitches!"
"Give us some bloody money, will ya?"
"Loads of money!
"Money money money!"
"It's raining money!"
"Dosh! Grab it while you can, lads.
"Dosh! Grab it while it's hot."
"Cha-ching! Money money money!"
"Who needed money?"
"Okay, cash here! Someone grab it."
"Who needs some wonga?"
"Cash here! Grab it all."
"Here's some cash, guys. Someone take it."

    The Trader 
"I like the big ones. Don't you?"
"Lots of lovely guns, just waiting for you."
"You nearly made it; better get close to me!"
"You've nearly got them all! I want you close, babe."
"I'm ready and waiting! Watch where you are."
"Shop'll open soon lads, head this way."

    The Patriarch 
"Look at you, running around like insects. I'll crush you like the pests you are!"
"Everything is so simple when you have a rocket launcher for an arm!"
"What are you, a bunch of lumberjacks?!"
(If the players were using axes or chainsaws on The Patriarch)
"Who do you think you are, a bunch of ninjas?!"

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