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Mythology Gag / Injustice: Gods Among Us

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  • Bane's Supermove ends with The Bat-Breaker.
  • Superman ends his by slamming his opponent into the ground from very high up.
  • Batman ends his by having the Batmobile run the opponent over while on auto-drive.
  • Using Aquaman's Supermove on Batman will remind one of at least two other times Batman had a run-in with a Threatening Shark.
  • Green Arrow's S.T.A.R. Labs missions involve him fulfilling his father's dying wish by crossing names off a list. His DLC costume is also his outfit from his live-action appearance, complete with the actor from the show voicing him when it is used.
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  • The inmates of Arkham Asylum (Killer Croc, Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, Scarecrow) are identical to their appearances in Batman: Arkham City. The Asylum's environments even seem to be partially based on those seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • Darkseid's design is identical to that used in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Also, in Story Mode, the first opponent to be fought against in the DC side's story was Deathstroke. In Injustice, he is again the first opponent to be fought.
  • Some of the Clash dialogue contain references as well. For example, when Clashing against Grundy, Batman call him an "overgrown gorilla." To which Grundy responds: "Me Grundy, not Grodd!"
  • Grundy also references his friendship with Shayera in the cartoon, "Thought bird-nose was friend!"
  • In the story, Regime Aquaman leads his Atlantean forces into battle against the Amazons, following the main universe Wonder Woman.
  • Some of The Joker's heavier attacks and his Supermove have him flogging combatants with a crowbar. He also fights primarily using a knife. He also has a knife hidden in his shoe.
    • After The Joker defeats Nightwing in his story chapter, he quips, "I'll have to tell Batman there's been a death in the family."
    • The Joker's fighting stance is very, very reminiscent of his incarnation in The Dark Knight, slightly hunched over, knife gripped loosely at his side.
    • Also, in his victory cutscene, he douses his defeated opponent in gasoline and lights them up, much like how he did the same to a mob boss and a pile of money in the above film (because "[it's] cheap").
    • His face is rather reminiscent of Jack Nicholson, an iconic big-screen Joker.
  • Cyborg brings his trademark "BOOYAH!" with him from Teen Titans. In addition, he is the only character in the storyline to refer to Deathstroke as "Slade".
  • Bane's design seems to take some inspiration from his appearance in Batman & Robin, including his skin turning green briefly when he doses up on Venom. And he does it by pressing a button on his chest, rather than a control on his wrist.
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  • Raven uses her mantra from Teen Titans as a powerup move, although she missed out "Metrion, Zinthos." Also, the physical appearance of her "main" version, features her with grey skin like in the cartoon.
  • Starro's physical appearance and his position in Superman's alien zoo are reminiscent of his portrayal in Batman Beyond. One of the costumes you can get via interplay between the iOS and console versions is a Batman Beyond outfit for Batman.
  • Scarecrow injects a fighter with fear toxin, which causes them to experience a nightmare identical to the Scarecrow levels in Arkham Asylum.
  • The Flash's supermove bears resemblance to his assault on Brainiac-Luthor in Justice League Unlimited, notably showing a clip of the Flash speeding across a body of water framed exactly as it was in the cartoon.
  • Some S.T.A.R. Labs mission titles include:
    • Cyborg Mission 130 "Injustice For All", named after episode title from the Justice League cartoon.
    • Raven Mission 176 "Titans Go", named after Robin's catchphrase in the Teen Titans cartoon.
  • Once Regime Sinestro's ring is taken from him, his non-Lantern clothing is the same as the character's classic blue/black suited comic appearance.
  • One of Killer Frost's mid-fight taunts is "You're a beautiful man. I think I'll keep you."
    • Similarly, her line for cancelling a grab is "Hey watch the hands!"
  • If two Doomsdays in default and secondary costumes fight each other in the Fortress of Solitude, the one in the background is wearing his old green jumpsuit from the comics. This "Containment Doomsday" is later made playable.
  • Superman tackling Doomsday into space, then smashing him into the ground is similar to the case in Superman: Doomsday and Smallville.
  • One of the environment interactions that Superman (or any other power character) can perform at the Metropolis museum stage is the flinging of a green 1930's automobile. Don't blink and it's an exact reenactment of Action Comics #1.
  • One of Hal Jordan's ring construct moves, is a gatling gun.
  • The exterior of the Fortress of Solitude appears to be styled after the one in the Christopher Reeve films.
  • At the completion of the "Classic Battle" mode, Regime Superman is defeated by the player kicking him into the Phantom Zone. When we cut to him again, he's trapped in a floating mirror-like object.
  • Explained in her introductory video, The Killing Joke is the reason for Batgirl's involvement in the game.
  • The Player 2 colors on Batman's default costume make it a dead ringer for the Nolan batsuit.
  • General Zod appears to be modelled fairly closely character-wise to his depiction in Superman II. Using several of his most famous lines. Such as Kneel Before Zod of course. He travels to Earth with the intent to conquer it from the moon, like he did in the film, in his battle intro. And his victory sequence repurposes "I win. I always win." — though in a more triumphant way than how it was used in the film.
  • This is not the first time the Joker has killed Lois Lane which lead to his own death and Earth turning into a Crapsack World.
  • One of General Zod's moves is "Absolute Power", which is also the name of the episode in Superman: The Animated Series which features the resident Zod Expy.
  • Regime Superman calls Insurgency Batman an agent of chaos later in the game.
  • Batman still hasn't gotten over Zatanna mind-wiping him.
    Zatanna: Guess I thought you'd forgive me.
    Batman: You guessed wrong.
  • When Nightwing and Hawkgirl attack Arkham, Harley activates something that looks a lot like the Batwave.
  • The app version of the game gives Sinestro a Green Lantern suit as an alternate skin. The specific version of Sinestro that the suit represents however, is not from any of the comics, but the 2011 Green Lantern film.
  • Bit of a stretch to call it a "gag," but Beast Boy dying from a nuke is a sad way to homage how his original teammates (including his adoptive mother) in the Doom Patrol were killed.

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