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Recap / Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Warning: Contains unmarked spoilers for the entire story, including several character deaths. Read at your own risk.

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In an alternate universe, The Joker succeeds in giving Superman one really bad day. He ruins the Man of Steel's life by murdering Jimmy Olsen, kidnapping Lois Lane, and then drugging Supes with a Kryptonite-modified version of Scarecrow's infamous fear toxin to trick him into killing Lois (who the fear toxin makes him believe is Doomsday). Not only was Lois pregnant with their child, the Joker put a Dead Man's Switch in her which caused the nuclear bomb Joker had rigged in downtown Metropolis to detonate and devastate the city, killing millions. Enraged at this senseless atrocity and burning for vengeance, Superman finally abandons all moral constraints, intruding upon an interrogation session of the Clown Prince of Crime and driving his fist through Joker's chest against Batman's wishes.

     Year One (written by Tom Taylor) 
Encouraged by Wonder Woman, Superman reveals his Secret Identity on television and starts forcefully putting an end to world conflicts with help from the Justice League. Public opinion turns in favor of Superman's Regime when he single-handedly kills an entire invasion force from Apokolips and murders Darkseid's son Kalibak. With the world pretty much kowtowing to him, Superman figures the Justice League can't police the entire world by themselves, so his best friend Lex Luthor comes up with a pill made from Kryptonian technology that will give anyone who takes it super strength and durability.

Batman opposes Superman's agenda from the start and puts together his own team, the Insurgency, to stop Superman's Regime. Batman learns of Luthor's Super-Soldier pill and sends the Insurgency to the Fortress of Solitude where the pill is being made. Green Arrow is able to get one pill out to Batman before Superman beats him to death. Back at the Batcave, Batman distracts Superman long enough for the Bat-Computer to analyze the contents of the pill and send the information elsewhere. Then Alfred Pennyworth takes the pill, delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Superman, and escapes with Batman via teleporter.

     Year Two (written by Tom Taylor) 
Sinestro comes to Earth to warn Superman that the Guardians of the Universe will not appreciate him taking over his planet, especially with the help of Hal Jordan. His warnings prove correct and the Guardians demand Superman stop his takeover. Superman refuses so the Guardians return to Oa, imprison Hal, and assemble a strike team to apprehend Superman. John Stewart breaks Hal out of prison and Superman is able to repel the strike team with the help of JLA's Watchtower laser, Sinestro, and the Sinestro Corps. The surviving Green Lanterns are forced to surrender.

Seven months later a much larger Green Lantern army led by Guy Gardner invades Earth. Ganthet takes away Hal's Green Lantern ring but Sinestro replaces it with a Yellow Lantern ring. The Green Lanterns are able to stalemate the Sinestro Corps until Superman receives his own Yellow Lantern ring. The extra firepower coupled with Sinestro killing John Stewart and Hal killing Guy Gardner pushes back the Green Lanterns.

     Year Three (written by Tom Taylor and Brian Buccellato) 
Year Three starts with John Constantine saving his daughter Rose from a collapsed building caused by the Lantern War of Year Two. Seeking to protect his daughter, Constantine drops Rose off at the home of Doctor Fate, then goes to meet with Trigon the Terrible. Trigon has a piece of John's soul and John is willing to locate his daughter Raven in exchange for it. Constantine meets up with Batman and several magic users to discuss something that is protecting Superman from magic attacks. John also reveals to Batman and Detective Chimp that he was the one who captured Raven. Raven temporarily escapes and begs Superman to save her. When the Regime confronts Constantine and Batman, Constantine tells Trigon that Superman was the one who kidnapped Raven. The force protecting Superman from magic is revealed to be Mr. Mxyzptlk bonded to The Spectre.

Mr. Mxyzptlk and Trigon fight, but their fighting threatens to shatter reality, so the Regime and the Insurgency call a truce. Working together the two teams banish Mr. Mxyzptlk and Trigon to oblivion. Constantine admits that he had orchestrated the events of the entire year to get Trigon out of the way so he and his daughter can live in peace without fear of Trigon coming for his soul. Constantine buggers off to another dimension with his daughter, leaving the Injustice universe with a few less heroes.

     Year Four (written by Brian Buccellato) 
Zeus himself gets sick of Superman acting like he's a god, and egged on by Hera and Ares, leads the Amazons and Hercules against Superman's super soldiers. Superman and especially Wonder Woman don't like this, but the gods take Wonder Woman's mother Hippolyta hostage. Superman is temporarily defeated, but Harley Quinn saves Hippolyta and Superman fights back with the help of Shazam. Eventually Highfather of the New Gods tells Zeus to back down.

At the end of the year Plastic Man stages a prison break, using Mirror Master's technology, to save his son and everyone else in the underwater prison. Desperate to keep the imprisoned Green Lanterns escaping, Sinestro accidentally destroys the prison.

     Year Five (written by Brian Buccellato) 
With all the escaped supervillains running wild, Superman decides to recruit some supervillains into the Regime with brainwashing, starting with Doomsday.

Meanwhile Batman's Insurgency falls apart when Catwoman gives up and goes to Superman and Alfred Pennysworth is killed by Victor Zsasz. In one last desperate gamble to stop Superman Batman builds a device that can open a breach between dimensions.

Which leads to...

     Chapter 1: Batman (Prime) 
In the Prime universe (basically, think of a continuity close to Post-Crisis DC), the Justice League and Teen Titans combat a large group of villains led by Lex Luthor. Batman suspects that the attacks on Metropolis and the Watchtower are a ruse to break the Joker out of Arkham Asylum. He discovers that a trap was laid in Joker's empty cell, and that the villain was broken out by Deathstroke, who was hired by Luthor and hopes to claim the price on Batman's head. The World's Greatest Detective takes the master assassin down before returning to the Watchtower and assisting the Titans in stopping Luthor.

Although the villains are subdued, Batman locates the Joker and Harley Quinn in Metropolis with a nuke. Luthor hopes that the destruction of Metropolis will allow him to rebuild the city in his own image and humiliate the League in one fell swoop. Batman, along with Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, The Flash and Green Lantern rush to stop the device's detonation. Before the Joker pulls the trigger, he and the other heroes (save for the Flash) are transported to the Injustice universe, with him and Batman being stuck in Metropolis. The two fight it out before Regime troops move in to arrest the two, who separately escape thanks to a gadget distraction. As he observes his surroundings, Batman notes that he is in a nightmare.

     Chapter 2: Green Lantern 
In Gotham City, the displaced heroes try to gather information about their universe. Aquaman volunteers to visit the Atlantean archives in order to learn more, while Green Lantern heads to Ferris Aircraft to recharge his ring. While looking around, he encounters the alternate Raven and Cyborg torturing Deathstroke, who refused to join the Regime. After dispatching the alternate Titans, Lantern learns that Sinestro is attacking Wonder Woman and Green Arrow and returns to Gotham to save them. He later meets face to face with his alternate counterpart, now a member of the Sinestro Corps. The two Lanterns clash, with the heroic Hal Jordan defeating the Yellow Lantern. As Regime forces move in, the heroes escape in a timely manner thanks to the timely intervention of the Insurgency's Batman.

     Chapter 3: Aquaman 
Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Aquaman poses as his counterpart to learn more about Superman's Regime from an Archivist (Martian Manhunter in disguise). As part of his ruse, he meets with two Regime envoys (Shazam and the Flash) to discuss the Regime utilizing Atlantean resources. Aquaman rejects the treaty, and reveals his true identity in the process by defeating the envoys and his own counterpart on the Regime side. As the Atlantean forces arrive, time is frozen by Ares, who engages in a quick scuffle with Aquaman. The God of War explains the situation at hand and teleports the King of Atlantis to the Insurgency's headquarters, as he opposes the High Councilor's methods.

The displaced heroes are introduced to the alternate Luthor, who is using his status as a member of the Regime to supply the Insurgency with weapons and supplies; one of them is an experimental drug which provides the user with superhuman strength and durability reminiscent of a Kryptonian. Luthor explains that he is after a Kryptonite weapon hidden in the Batcave which can be used to non-lethally subdue the High Councilor, and that he needs the heroes to break into Wayne Manor to acquire it.

     Chapter 4: The Joker 
Back in Gotham, the Joker encounters Batman Prime again and the two battle once more. The Joker emerges victorious after twisting Batman's leg, later leaving his adversary behind to be captured by Regime forces. While waltzing around Crime Alley, the Clown Prince of Crime is approached by the alternate Harley Quinn (referred to by her real name, Harleen Quinzel). Confused due to her timeline Joker being dead, she battles the "imposter" in a losing effort, and learns that for an unexplained reason, the "true" Joker has returned. She brings him to the abandoned Arkham Asylum, now used by the Jokerz, who have allied themselves with the Insurgency. The Joker declares his intention to take over the gang and return to their old ways, before the Asylum is assaulted by Regime forces led by Nightwing and Hawkgirl. They are repelled by the Joker, who took one of the experimental pills, and the later arrival of the Prime universe heroes. Insurgency Batman orders the Joker to be detained, while he and the Prime heroes, advance to Wayne Manor. Meanwhile, in the Prime universe, Superman, Cyborg and the Flash attempt to locate their comrades.

     Chapter 5: Green Arrow 
The heroes begin sneaking into Wayne Manor, as Insurgency Batman explains more about the state of his universe, including what led to Superman's fall and the events that followed, as well as informing the death of the alternate Green Arrow as the first casualty of their war. After a brief scuffle with Killer Frost and Solomon Grundy, the heroes discover Luthor's Kryptonite weapon which is biometrically locked, requiring the data of the Prime heroes to unlock. As Insurgency Batman discovers that the weapon is broken, Regime Black Adam and Wonder Woman ambush the group, only for Arrow to take both of them out thanks to the experimental pill.

The heroes report to Luthor, who reveals that the repairs will need time to complete. Following the meeting, Luthor arranges for Deathstroke to join the Insurgency, an offer the assassin accepts out of revenge for his torture at the Regime's hands.

     Chapter 6: Cyborg 
In the Prime universe's Watchtower, the remaining Justice Leaguers attempt to use the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill to pull the other heroes back home, However, their test run accidentally sends Cyborg to the Injustice universe, landing in the Insurgency HQ. While exploring his surroundings, he overhears Insurgency Luthor and Deathstroke plotting to "take out Superman". Cyborg engages the two in haste before his displaced allies explain the situation at hand. Insurgency Batman explains that the Regime now has Batman Prime, and Regime Superman intends to execute him at Stryker's Island. Thus, the Insurgency alters their plan to rescue Batman Prime first. The plan is to be carried out using the Watchtower's teleportation system, which Cyborg and Deathstroke will infiltrate, while the others assault Stryker's. However, unknown to the rest of the Insurgency, Harleen allows the Joker to escape custody.

Disguising himself as his Regime counterpart, Cyborg hacks the teleporter in the Hall of Justice, only for him to be attacked by Regime Catwoman. Following her defeat, Cyborg encounters his other self hacking into his neural network. The two begin hacking each other's security, and come to blows when both prove to be equally matched, Cyborg Prime emerges victorious as he and Deathstroke leave the area.

     Chapter 7: Deathstroke (Insurgency) 
While Cyborg hacks the Watchtower's teleportation systems, Deathstroke engages in his own independent agenda, overloading the Watchtower's reactor and defeating the Flash and Shazam as well. As Cyborg expresses confusion and frustration, the two receive a transmission from Luthor, who instructs Deathstroke to find a repair component at Ferris Aircraft. Luthor expresses his desire to use the weapon himself, fearing that if Insurgency Batman used it, he would die in the process.

Arriving at Ferris Aircraft, Regime Wonder Woman learns from Killer Frost about the Prime universe from which the heroes hail from. They are later ambushed by Deathstroke, who defeats the both of them and takes the component to Luthor.

     Chapter 8: Batman (Insurgency) 
Meanwhile, the Insurgency launches its assault on Stryker's Island to save Batman Prime, with Aquaman leading the charge alongside his army of sea monsters. The larger group acts as a distraction for Insurgency Batman and Green Arrow to sneak into the prison, where they encounter Catwoman and Nightwing, the latter revealed to be Damian Wayne, Batman's son, who killed this universe's Dick Grayson. Inside the cell block, Insurgency Batman discovers his counterpart and attempts to leave, but is stopped by Green Arrow, who is possessed by Raven. Insurgency Batman manages to Beat the Curse Out of Him and dispel the possession before encountering Yellow Lantern. He informs Green Arrow to take Batman Prime out of the vicinity before dealing with Lantern.

The two Batmen and Green Arrow are later confronted by Superman himself, before the three are teleported back to Insurgency HQ. Realizing the diversion laid out for him, Superman rushes to the Watchtower, only for it to blow up in his face thanks to Deathstroke's timely trap. As Superman lies in space, he hears Luthor calling him out, stating that his tyranny will end.

     Chapter 9: Lex Luthor (Insurgency) 
Taking place during the Insurgency's attack, Luthor begins his final preparations on his suit, equipping it with the Kryptonite weapon. He flies out to the Hall of Justice, only to be shot down by the Joker. As he explains the importance of his mission, Luthor is forced to deal with Harleen in a fight, which he wins. The Joker becomes displeased with her performance and threatens to kill her, only to be stopped by Luthor once more. As Harleen takes the Joker into custody once more, Luthor arrives at the Hall of Justice, dispatching Hawkgirl and Shazam in the process.

With nobody left to stop him, Luthor calls Superman out and prepares the weapon to fire. However, he is tackled by Shazam at the last minute. Superman demands to know why Luthor would ever rebel against him, and snaps his neck out of rage and spite. The grisly sight of the High Councilor killing his best friend in broad daylight causes the populace at large to begin to vocally question and criticize him, which sends Superman into a rage, flying off and rallying his forces at the Fortress of Solitude.

     Chapter 10: The Flash (Regime) 
At the Fortress, Superman reveals his intentions to destroy both Metropolis and Gotham City, believing a show of force is needed to keep the rest of Earth's populace in check, as well as invading the Prime universe as punishment for their intervention. Fearing that the One Earth Government has gone too far, Shazam speaks his mind about the methods they are employing, stating that they have gone too far. In response, Superman cold-bloodedly uses his heat vision to fry Shazam's brain, ending Billy Batson's young life in an instant. The Flash is finally convinced of the evil of the Regime's ways and attempts to escape, defeating Yellow Lantern and Grundy in the process. He proceeds to the Insurgency's HQ, stopping by a nearby Regime base to prevent Sinestro from executing defecting soldiers. At the HQ, the Flash attempts to bargain with Green Arrow about his intentions, only for the two to end up fighting for a short while. After the dust settles, the Emerald Archer convinces the heroes to listen to the Regime's plans.

     Chapter 11: Wonder Woman 
The Flash reveals all of Superman's plans to enforce his rule over mankind. With the Kryptonite weapon rendered useless by Superman, the Prime heroes suggest calling for their own Superman to save the Injustice universe from the Regime. Insurgency Batman rejects this offer, instead opting that the displaced heroes return home and prepare for the coming battle. Before a decision can be made, the lair is attacked by Bane and a small army of soldiers. Wonder Woman manages to defeat him, but is suddenly transported to Themiscyra by Ares. After a brief misunderstanding and eventual fight, Ares explains that Diana's Regime counterpart intends to use Amazonian soldiers to help Superman's conquest. Ares explains that if the Regime succeeds, the conflict which fuels his powers will diminish forever. Thus, he is relying on the Insurgency's victory to keep war alive. Their conversation is interrupted by Raven, who explains that she is assisting the eventual return of Trigon. Wonder Woman manages to overcome Raven and challenges her counterpart for the right to control the armies of Themiscyra. She succeeds in overthrowing her alternate self, and manages to convince her sisters-in-arms to return to being defenders of humanity.

Elsewhere, the heroes (as well as several defecting Regime troops including the Flash) rally in defense of Metropolis and Gotham. Insurgency Batman attempts to repair his device so he can return the Prime Leaguers home, much to the chagrin of his counterpart, who insists on fighting for the Injustice universe. The two Dark Knights come to a misunderstanding and fight over the device; a fight which Batman Prime wins. He encourages his other self to believe and trust in their Superman to make things right, despite his fears and intentions. The two finally agree to call for the heroic Man of Steel.

     Chapter 12: Superman 
Upon his arrival, Batman Prime brings Superman up to speed about their current situation, Superman insists on defeating the major Regime officers before going after his villainous doppelgänger, while ensuring minimal collateral damage to the environment and the civilians. The three heroes march on to the battlefield in Gotham City, where Superman succeeds in defeating Black Adam and Sinestro, as well as ensuring Yellow Lantern's surrender of his power ring. In Metropolis, Superman, with the aid of Wonder Woman and her Amazons, manage to counter Regime Aquaman and his Atlantean army. As the two heroes exchange information, the Man of Steel is attacked by Doomsday, whose programming is overridden by his desire to kill Superman. The fight is brought over to the Fortress of Solitude, where Superman defeats Doomsday and throws him into the Phantom Zone. Following his victory, Superman is confronted by his alternate self, who explains how he managed to "perfect" his world. Superman Prime explains that he cannot enforce his power over humanity as a god, despite Regime Superman's own traumatic experiences, stating that Lois would not approve of his methods. The two Supermen begin to fight for the fate of both universes, with Superman Prime emerging as the victor.

The Justice League begins assisting the Injustice universe in the transition from the One Earth government's rule. Wonder Woman Prime ousts her counterpart from her position, while Green Lantern brings Sinestro and the alternate Hal Jordan to be judged in Oa. Cyborg mourns the death of Lex Luthor, the rest of the heroes and villains who served under the Regime are taken into federal custody and Batman Prime and Harleen return the Joker back to the prime universe. Superman Prime and Insurgency Batman ensure Regime Superman's imprisonment in a cell covered in red sunlight, negating his powers. Superman Prime notes that if he suffered the fate of his counterpart, he may have fallen down the path to villainy as well. Insurgency Batman believes that Superman would not, but promised to stop him if he did. The game's final shot is of the fallen Regime Superman resting in his cell, his eyes emanating with power...

Ladder Endings

After defeating Superman, Aquaman gained an interest in conquering all of the world's oceans for Atlantis, giving the sub-aquatic civilization a great deal of control over the ecology and economy of the planet. The governments of the world did not approve of Aquaman's power play, and sent assassins to kill the Atlantean king. This did not go over well with the the general population, who grew to like Aquaman, and support swelled for uniting the entire world under a single government, ruled by Aquaman.

Ares bid to defeat Superman to gain power did not work out, as the heroes of the Prime dimension worked with Insurgency Batman managed to create a utopia that left the war god starving. Desperate, he captured Brianiac 5 and forced him to a create Stable Time Loop that began with the Prime heroes arriving in the Regime dimension, and re-starting at the moment before their victory. The endless war created by this time loop kept Ares's hunger sated.

Bane had no interest in being Superman's underling in his One Earth Government, and usurped power from the Regime's leader. With Black Adam and Sinestro as inspirations of totalitarianism, he created a new Regime where he ruled the Earth alongside the archrivals of Shazam and Green Lantern. At least, until Bane makes his power play...

After Insurgency Lex Luthor's death, Batman had inherited his immense fortune, enough that he could rebuild Gotham City and Metropolis. Inspired, the people of the world coined the slogan "We Are Batman", and volunteered to rebuild and combat crime. Batman, who would've once refused such aid, now enjoyed being his home city's new inspiration and benefactor.

    Black Adam 
After defeating Superman, Black Adam, realizing that Earthlings were not strong enough to accept the rule of Kahndaq, returned to his homeland and combined his powers with his queen, Isis, to create a protective barrier around their kingdom, allowing them to thrive while the rest of the world collapsed around them and Adam wiped out all other life.

Selina Kyle finally has her revenge on Superman for what he did to her beloved Batman. She couldn't make amends with Bruce Wayne after her feigning allegiance to Superman, but his rebuilding of Gotham made her wish to stay close to him. Until they could be together again, she did her part in rebuilding Gotham by cleaning up the streets of crime. Beware of the Bat, but also the Cat.

After defeating Superman, Cyborg spearheaded the siege on the Fortress of Solitude to clean out the Regime's remnants. Heavily damaged, he was forced to use Kryptonian tech to repair himself. This grants him control over the deposed tyrant's androids, which he uses to flush out all opposition. With his own robot army, Cyborg will now met out justice.

Superman's fall meant new governments rising up to fill the power vacuum left over, which meant no shortage of work for Deathstroke. Too much work, as it turns out: being only one man who can only assassinate so many people and cause so many revolutions, he sought out those who served in the Regime's army before its collapse, and recruited them into a team of elite assassins: the New Titans.

With Superman gone and his control over him released, Doomsday killed the remaining metahumans, then used the Fortress of Solitude and its technology to terraform Earth into a new world reminiscent of ancient Krypton. Killing all of humanity soon left Doomsday wanting a new challenge. With Superman's power of flight, he headed for a new sector of space, where a violent Czarian merc named Lobo could be fought.

    The Flash 
Still haunted by the acts he committed under Superman's regime before overthrowing him, the Flash went into exile. News soon spread of a red streak cleaning up crime in Central City. Precious few knew the true identity of this hero, known by most as "the Ghost".

    Green Arrow 
Prime Green Arrow visited the alternate dimension's Star City after overthrowing Superman, his Insurgency counterpart being one of the first to die when he opposed Superman's regime. A memorial was erected, a reminder of the need to combat oppression. In this dimension, he found a young man who wanted to do more to honor his hero, and trained him to become Star City's new guardian: Red Arrow.

    Green Lantern 
Prime Green Lantern returned to his home dimension and found a crash-landed alien craft containing Abin Sur, the alien who bestowed Hal Jordan with his power. This Abin Sur had no Power Ring, however, and referred to Jordan as "the Almighty One". Jordan left for Oa after the alien died, in the hopes that he might solve this riddle...

    Harley Quinn 
Harley, filled with confidence after overthrowing Superman, broke the Prime Joker out of his dimension's prison and brought him to her dimension. They married, but at the reception, the Joker's mashing Harley's face playfully into the wedding cake caused her to snap: after enduring her own world's Joker's abuse for so long, she suddenly slashed her husband's throat. Now, she resides in Arkham Asylum, still wearing her wedding dress.

Hawkgirl wrested free of Superman's brainwashing and exacted revenge for the death of her husband, Hawkman. She was imprisoned for her role in Superman's reign. One night, she awoke, hovering in the air and emanating an eerie glow. She soon found herself in a crater, next to an Nth-metal meteor. Touching it encased her in Nth-metal. With her new invincible armor, she set out to get revenge against those who had captured Hawkman.

    The Joker 
Although the Joker Clan never came into prominence, the Joker believed he could still accomplish something similar in his home dimension. He frightened the people with acts of terrorism, then convinced those more suggestible that he could save them. This new Joker Clan swelled in membership, spreading anarchy and committing acts of terror that plunged the world into chaos.

    Killer Frost 
After defeating Superman, Killer Frost is captured by STAR Labs and has her powers forcibly used to stave off the polar icecaps' melting. Killer Frost, however, managed to turn the tables on STAR Labs, capturing their base and encasing the western hemisphere in ice, becoming its new Ice Queen.

    Lex Luthor 
After defeating Superman, Prime Lex Luthor convinced the Regime's world that he was their Lex Luthor, having survived the televised attack on him. A hero to the people of this world, he would be elected President of the United States, then seek to spread his control beyond America's borders...

Damian Wayne did what his father couldn't and overthrew Superman. He became a Blood Knight who fought against anyone who got in his way. Sinestro, taking an interest in Nightwing, recruited him into his army.

Defeating Superman required Raven to tap deep into her demonic powers, so much that she was overwhelmed and lost control. When she regained consciousness, the land around her was set ablaze by Trigon, her demonic father, whom she had inadvertently summoned. Trigon then summoned his demons and set out to destroy the rest of the world.

Prime Shazam returned to his home dimension with his allies, but a virus they contracted while crossing dimensions caused them to become violently unstable. Shazam, desperate, bestowed his power upon his adopted siblings, and together, they were able to subdue the former heroes and replace them as Earth's defenders.

The fall of Superman's regime mirrored Sinestro's own failings as a dictator. He retreated into space to reflect upon this. Fear, it would seem, is not enough for an enduring rule. Sinestro then launched an attack against the Life Keeper, defeating it and taking the power of the White Lantern, power enough to take on and defeat the Green Lanterns.

    Soloman Grundy 
Grundy returned to his swamp to recover after defeating Superman. There, he found he could manipulate The Red, commanding all animal life and reviving the lost Grey force. With this power, Grundy defeats the heroes of the world and rules supreme over a grey, dead Earth.

Prime Superman is left troubled after his victory over his Regime counterpart: what's to stop him from becoming a tyrant, as well? To ensure this would never happen, Superman, working with the Justice League, ingested a remote-release capsule containing Kryptonite that would open and kill him if he ever went astray. As for who would trigger it: each week, a different member of the Justice League would be given control over the trigger, all except for Batman.

    Wonder Woman 
Prime Wonder Woman's home dimension was in ruins upon her return, as a result of the Gods deciding to eliminate the chance of another such regime by preemptively wiping out metahumans. Only Themyscira and its Amazons could oppose Zeus and his assault. Ultimately, the Olympians were deposed, with Wonder Woman and her Amazonian sisters taking their place and reigning with peace over the world.

The Barbara Gordon of the Regime dimension managed to evade capture by the One Earth Government and used her technological expertise to aid the Insurgency as "Oracle". When the Regime murdered her father, Commissioner James Gordon, she donned the mantle of "Batgirl" and announced her presence to the world by getting revenge on Superman.

Work was plentiful for the mercenary Lobo during Superman's regime, making a fortune by assassinating the High Councilor's enemies. Eventually, work dried up for Lobo, so he decided to use his money to make a new contract: he would kill the New Gods of New Genesis.

    Martian Manhunter 
J'onn J'onnz remained neutral in the matter of Superman's regime for a time, assuming the disguise of an Atlantean Royal Archivist to observe. When heroes from the Prime dimension came to aid the insurgency, he lent his aid by rescuing the peoples of Gotham and Metropolis following Superman's rampage. After overthrowing Superman, the Martian Manhunter remained on Earth to guide the post-regime Justice League.

After defeating Superman, Scorpion set out to find how he came to this strange new realm. He had been summoned by Trigon, who mistook Scorpion for a soldier that deserted his demonic army. Scorpion faced the demon king in Mortal Kombat and emerged triumphant. With Trigon's army his, Scorpion would go on to konquer this new realm...

Zatanna and Doctor Fate used their magical abilities, a weakness against Superman, to use the Tower of Fate as a sanctuary for the Insurgency. After the Regime's collapse, Zatanna's magical powers proved useful in restraining metahumans during their trials. When the more immutable defendants were sentenced to death, though, Zatanna intervened and took them to the Tower of Fate, where they would instead be incarcerated for life.

With Superman now trapped in the Phantom Zone that was once his prison, General Zodd took control of the Regime and began to use his new position of power to turn Earth into a new Krypton.