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Not every day you see a man in a bat suit and a talking monkey in a cab.

    The Comic 
  • When Superman tells Batman he's got something to tell him, Batman immediately responds that Lois is pregnant, when Superman asks how he knew Batman, points out the physical sights of stress Superman is showing, stating the last time he saw him so afraid he was facing Doomsday, but he doubts it's Doomsday because he's also grinning like an idiot.
  • Harley names the submarine she and the Joker stole "Gunter" and says goodbye to it. And then Green Lantern turns up, commenting that "Gunter" is a terrible name for a submarine.
  • The interactions between Harley Quinn and Green Arrow in the prequel comic. Particularly, her calling him out on how stupid a name the "Arrow Cave" is, and noting that the Bat Cave is called what it is because bats live in caves. She recommends that he change the name to "The Quiver", which even Green Arrow agrees is a better name.
    • This is called back to when the alternate universe Green Arrow arrives, and Harley claims that this universe's GA had always called it the Quiver.
    Green Arrow: That... Is actually better.
  • Also, the talk about the boxing glove arrow.
    Harley Quinn: Why do you need a boxing glove arrow?
    Green Arrow: Because sometimes I want to punch someone who's a really long way away.
    Harley Quinn: Agh. Tell me about it!
  • The fake mustache that Harley has for some reason. What's the reason? It contains a hidden lockpick that she used to help break out the inmates of Arkham Asylum, including Solomon Grundy.
  • Also of note is Harley's first fight with Green Arrow — she hits him with a flash bomb, then picks up a big mallet, winds up, and brings it down on Green Arrow's head...
    Harley Quinn: (staring at the rubber mallet) "Squeak?" I didn't know this was the squeaky mallet. I thought it was the mallet that smooshes your head all over the floor!
  • She then proceeds to pull a gun. Which Green Arrow jams with a well-aimed arrow. Harley's reaction?
    Harley Quinn: (giddy) That was amazing! Do it again!
  • Wonder Woman taunting Ares in the prequel comic.
    Wonder Woman: You're right to fear. You fear Superman because you believe he could succeed. What becomes of the God of War in a world without conflict? Maybe you could become the god of something else? Something less violent. Say it with me. "I am the dreaded Ares, God of Ponies!"
    • The payoff? After Supes and Diana kick his ass, he actually seems to be considering it.
  • Aquaman's reaction to Billy's denial of the Kraken as a myth.
  • Dick to Damian in Issue 14:
    Dick: Damian, you're 13 years old. How are you the darkest thing in this cave?
  • Calendar Man in Issue 15. Nobody recognizes him.
    Calendar Man: Hey, hey, Wonder Woman! Do you remember me? Last week, I was trying to steal Fabergé eggs and you broke my collarbone and punctured my lung with one of my ribs. Best date ever! (downcast) You don't remember.
  • Also in issue 15, after Batman causes a computer virus to mess with Cyborg to prevent doors opening to let Flash from taking various inmates of Arkham Asylum to another unknown place, Cyborg realizes Batman put the virus in him the first time they met. Killer Croc's response?
    Killer Croc: That's pretty evil.
  • Harley, after apparently burning down the Arrow Cave in what she claimed was a little fire, gets escorted to Arkham. Then Green Arrow leaves her alone with the security guard. We get this exchange:
    Harley: Kenneth, how many times have I broken your nose?
    Kenneth: Three times. The same nose. Three times.
    Harley: I'm sorry. (breaks his nose again)
  • It's called back on when Harley breaks all the prisoners out.
    Green Arrow: I left her with a guard!
    Nightwing: Oh, God, it wasn't Kenneth, was it?
  • And then we learn she has a crush on Green Arrow.
    Harley: Yes, that's it! Tear the super***s apart! But don't touch the green guy with the cute beard. I have a little crush on him. It's probably just Stockholm syndrome but I'll take what I can get.
  • Concerning which cities are being targeted by an Alien Invasion:
  • Issue #25, during an argument about whether or not Superman did the right thing by stopping said Alien Invasion (violently):
    Huntress: Being sanctimonious and arrogant doesn't make you right, Bruce!
    (beat panel, Batman frowns and Huntress has a hilarious Oh, Crap! look)
    Huntress: There are people in this room who don't know your secret identity, aren't there?
  • Later in the same issue:
    Green Arrow: I can't believe he's Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is a flake!
    Black Canary: No. He's not.
    Green Arrow: Wait a minute... You knew? And you didn't tell me? I tell you everything.
    Black Canary: You had Harley Quinn handcuffed in your Arrow Cave.
    Green Arrow: I tell you almost everything.
  • Issue #25 again, when facing a Knight Templar cult devoted to Superman:
    Cultist: Do not stop! Our cause is righteous! Superman would— (boxing glove arrow to the face)
    Green Arrow: Time to go back to whatever intolerant hole you crawled out of.
    Cultist: We don't answer to you. We serve only Him.
    Green Arrow: I'd take your religious fervor far more seriously if you weren't wearing a dressing gown in public. Seriously, did someone sew the Superman symbols on or can you get them like that online?
    Cultist: I bought this online! (brandishes shotgun)
    Batman: You had to mock the zealot. (Batman shoves the shotgun into the cultist's face)
  • Issue #26: Maybe unintentional, maybe Mythology Gag, but a white dog running off with Clark's red blanket in the flashback is amusing.
  • A heartwarming kind of funny in Issue #28: Alfred has a list of what Bruce might want to take with him in case he ever has to abandon Wayne Manor in a hurry (which he has to, since Superman revealed his secret identity to the world as retribution for Batman sending the Martian Manhunter to spy on him disguised as Hawkgirl). When Bruce tells Alfred that he should leave him to save himself, Alfred informs him that he can't leave him, he's the first item on the list. We even see the list, and there it is: "1. Alfred".
  • Also, Alfred's nonchalant reaction to Batman's identity revealed to the world: "Sir, there are what can only be described as an ungodly number of news copters circling the manor."
  • Superman exposing Batman's secret identity. Whilst the plot-point is a pretty serious one, how it happens is downright hilarious. Batman causes a blackout in the broadcasting communications of the Watchtower just as Superman is about to expose him worldwide as Bruce Wayne. So with no apparent way to expose him, how do they get around that? They post "Batman is Bruce Wayne" on Twitter.
  • The entire sequence in Issue #31 with Green Arrow and Black Canary getting into one of Batman's secret hideouts via a restroom elevator, involving a retinal scan.
    Green Arrow: I don't know what scares me more, the fact that he has our eyes on file or that the toilet is talking.
  • Even though he knows he's pretty much outmatched, Ollie manages to get some final snarky moments in Issue #33.
    Superman: The U.S. government just ordered my death. Do you know anything about that, Ollie?
    Green Arrow: I know very little about anything. I didn't even know we were coming here. Hell, we came to the North Pole and Black Canary wore fishnets. That shows a distinct lack of planning.
  • And this gem, before one of his arrows bounces off Supes' shoulder and accidentally hitting Pa Kent.
    Superman: Arrows won't help you.
    Green Arrow: Sure they will. They'll make me feel better.
  • Year Two Issue #5, Guy Gardner trying to keep Superman and Ganthet from fighting:
    Guy: Okay, guys. You're both very intimidating. Now, how about we take the ominous power levels down a notch before we lose a continent? Why don't we go get a drink? It might be hard for Ganthet to see over the bar — but I could bring a cushion or something.
    • What makes it funny is that the situation is so dangerous that it falls on Guy Gardner to be the voice of reason... not something anyone would expect, least of all him.
  • Year Two Issue #6: An argument between Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris is interrupted when the latter notices...
    Carol: There's a small, blue man staring at us. (Ganthet peeks in through the window)
    Guy: (outside) You guys are omniscient, right? You can see pretty much anything you want to?
    Ganthet: Yes.
    Guy: So you're peeking through the window just to be creepy?
    Ganthet: Hmm.
  • The heroes saying goodbye to their loved ones before the big fight in Year Two is very touching, but then there's Harley... having a tearful conversation with her fake mustache.
  • Harley shows up in the hospital after Black Canary has given birth, having lied and said she's Dinah's sister, and among the gifts she brings is a muzzle. While Dinah is initially skeptical of this, Harley explains that if the baby is anything like mama in terms of powers it will be prudent to have.
    Black Canary: Give me the muzzle.
  • In Year Three, Batman and Detective Chimp are in the back of a car. Constantine and Chaz in front can't help but crack up at the sheer absurdity of the scene.
  • Year Three, Issue #6: Batman and Constantine go to Madame Xanadu for help...
    Constantine: (Knocking on the door) Madame Xanadu. Your door is always open to those who need it. Remember? (Reading off the writing on said door's window) "Enter freely and unafraid."
    Madame Xanadu: (Passing a sign through the door before shutting it again) Batman, hang this up, please.
    Batman: She had a sign made?
    Both him and Constantine look at the sign, which adds the following legend to the door:
    Enter freely and unafraid...unless you're John Constantine
    Constantine: Damn clairvoyants.
  • Constantine asking Klarion to save Detective Chimp.
    Klarion: You want me and my cat to go in there and help the magician, the butler, and the psychopathic clown to save the talking detective monkey?
    Constantine: Yes. Do you have a problem with that?
    Klarion: No. I just wanted to say that sentence out loud. Come on, Teekl.
  • Zatanna magically shutting Batman and Constantine up in the middle of their argument, leaving them both with mouths tightly clamped shut and a constipated expression until she lets them talk again.
  • Harley's reaction to Trigon showing up to fight Superman, having been tricked into doing so by Constantine.
    Harley: Oh. My. God. It's the guy from Legend! I LOVE that movie! Are there gonna be unicorns too?
  • Injustice!Superman gets a funny line in Injustice Year Four when Yellow Lantern/Hal Jordan starts complaining about how Superman is treating him. Injustice!Supes puts him in his place:
    Injustice Superman: Honestly, Yellow Lantern... I don't have time for your delicate little ego.
    • Superman essentially rubbing in how Hal has lost any moral ground he once had and is essentially his lackey.
  • Year 4: Just the very idea of regal Warrior-Queen Hippolyta conversing and then fighting alongside Harley Quinn, with powerless Billy Batson stuck being Hippolyta's interpreter of Harley's vernacular.
  • The Year 4 Annual when Wonder Woman claims Superman isn't a despot and Plastic Man points out "He's literally sitting on a throne". He also calls attention to Sinestro's bad-guy mustache.
    • There's a pause just after he says this, then we see Cyborg turn to look directly at Sinestro's mustache.
    • Later, how Kilowog starts a prison riot:
    Kilowog: Hey, Bane. I don't know how to properly insult your mother in your language so... (headbutts Bane)
    • When Plastic Man is about to break out his son, the warden announces that the lock since is the most advanced in the world and can't be cracked. What does Plastic Man do? Shoves his entire hand into the lock and fiddles around with it, before giving this gem:
    Plastic Man: (holding out his middle finger in the shape of a key) Hey, look! I found the key.
  • After Plastic Man breaks out all of the heroes and villains being held in the prison by using Mirror Master's belt to transfer them to an alternate dimension, he takes a moment to give a speech about how he's been both a criminal and hero, giving him insight into many of their lives, and asks for their help stopping Superman. And then he admits that he's also probably just freed a large amount of horrible, murderous psychopaths along with everyone else, who will likely not join their Resistance, and asks if they would instead be alright with just directing their horribleness mainly towards Superman for a while. The villains more or less shrug in agreement.
    Killer Croc: Yeah, okay.
    Plastic Man: Thanks, Killer Croc.
  • Similar to Superman's outing of Batman, Bane challenges Batman to a fight... by posting a video on YouTube.
  • This exchange after the Insurgency escapes Wayne Manor in Year Five #7:
    Mirror Master: Well, that was exciting...
    Batwoman: Says the guy who wasn't getting punched in the face by Wonder Woman.
    Batgirl: Or a crazed half-man-half-crocodile.
  • Year Five, #13: Harley tags along with Catwoman to rob a jewelry store and decides to "help" by smashing open one of the display cases.
    Catwoman: You just set off the alarm.
    Harley: So?
    Harley: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Police.
    Catwoman: Bingo.
  • Year Five, #22: Alfred mockingly asking Superman if he still feels the headbutt from way back in Year One.
  • Year Five, #37: Being the prequel to how the whole mess began for Earth Prime, when Injustice- Earth Luthor and Batman pulled them into the conflict, there's several of these, often mixed with happy moments:
    • Clark Kent and Lois revealing their impending parenthood to Ma and Pa Kent, with Lois playfully teasing her beau about how petrified he is.
    • The Justice League and Bat-Family throwing Alfred his 75th birthday bash...except none of them actually know Alfred's exact birthday, or how old he is.
    Damian: (Offering the cake) ...Did we get it right? is it your birthday?
    Alfred: (With an amused smirk) I'm afraid not. But good try. And who decided I was 75 years old?
    Green Arrow: I know how to get to the bottom of this birthday debacle. Diana! May I use your lasso for a moment?
    • During said party, Commissioner Gordon is in charge of the grilling. Much to Detective Montoya's chagrin:
    Montoya: I like my meat well done!
    Gordon: Not on my grill!
    Barbara: (laughing) Relax,'re off duty.
    • Alfred, the Robins, and Nightwing participating in a food fight with the birthday cake. Yes, Alfred is taking part in the shenanigans.
    • Superman and Batman discussing the former's upcoming fatherhood like two regular guys. Beer cans, happy grins, and all.
    The Story 
  • When Doomsday shows up, Superman flies at him only to be swatted aside comically.
    Aquaman: Clark sometimes forgets he can't do everything himself.
    • Later:
    Superman: I'm taking Doomsday to deep space.
    Batman: Make sure it's very deep space.
  • In the opening chapters, just after Batman and company have cleared up one of Luthor's schemes in the Watchtower, an alarm starts sounding.
    Catwoman: (being escorted away in handcuffs) What's that?
    Cyborg: It's the none of your damn business alarm.
  • Green Lantern's Shut Up, Hannibal! moment against Yellow Lantern. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Yellow Lantern: Sanctimony is easy when you know what—
    Green Lantern: Save it. Time to kick my ass.
  • Green Arrow's chapter has quite a few amusing moments.
    • When discussing Regime Superman's status as a Fallen Hero, Insurgency Batman mentions that his universe's Green Arrow was killed trying to get through to Superman. With the "normal" universe Green Arrow standing not five feet away.
    Green Arrow: (suddenly uncomfortable) Alright, moving on.
    • As the group readies to enter Wayne manor.
    Green Arrow: Operation Thunder Eagle Lightning... whatever... is underway!
    • When Insurgency Batman needs the normal universe's heroes' DNA for a scanner, all the hands are Color-Coded for Your Convenience. Batman is blue, Wonder Woman is red, Aquaman is orange, Green Lantern is green, but Green Arrow is...
    Green Arrow: (incredulous) Yellow?
    • Immediately before that as Batman digs out the rock containing his last resort weapon.
    Green Arrow: A rock? You're gonna throw a rock at Superman?
  • After all that Regime!Wonder Woman has done, it's funny to hear Deathstroke refer to her as "Superman's rebound girl."
  • Sinestro beats the normal universe Superman with a construct mace, and once done, asks Yellow Lantern "Not so super, was he?" Only for Superman to tap him on the shoulder, counter Sinestro's punch, and then slowly, slowly take off Sinestro's ring.
  • The Joker's story mode. Anything he does (except him beating Batman) is funny.
    • Taking a drive through Gotham in the car of a police officer he just killed and having a conversation with him.
    Joker: Thanks for the ride. You're a funny guy. Are you sure the old gang lives around here? True... Here, they could be dead... Law abiding!? Bite your tongue!
    • When the Joker meets Insurgent Harley for the first time:
    Joker: Harley, it's me. I'm the Joker! It says here on my underwear! (points at his pants)
    Harley: (shoots at him) Not funny, creep!
    • After the Joker's speech, the New Regime busts into the Joker Clan's meeting and open fires on to everyone, including Joker. He's just taken the durability pill, so the gunfire does nothing. His response?
    Joker: I should be dead! Thanks, Happy Pill!
    • Then the Mainverse heroes come in, and Joker's completely nonchalant.
    Joker: Hi, gang! What'll we do now? Anyone up for pancakes?
    Wonder Woman: Joker!
    (she grabs the Joker's arm tightly and twists it behind his back)
    Joker: What? Ow! Why does she hate pancakes?
    • His attempt to ingratiate himself with the team.
    Joker: Superman? His flying friends took Batman... My Batman... Our Batman.
  • When the heroes lay siege to Stryker's, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern engages Superman.
    Green Lantern: Can we play too?
  • Regime Raven manages to take control of Green Arrow and forces him to fight Insurgency Batman, who proceeds to Beat the Curse Out of Him. After he recovers:
  • Also, the two times Ollie says "Shit". They're quick, but you can't help but snicker at them.
  • When Grundy gets up again just seconds after their pitched battle:
    Green Arrow: (hearing Grundy moaning behind him) Aw, for the love of — Lantern! "Grand Slam"!
    (Hal swoops in and smashes Grundy through the ceiling with a giant baseball bat construct, then flies after him)
    Green Arrow: You kids have fun! Stay out of the street!
  • Green Lantern returns from the above, he casually mentions that he got rid of him by throwing him into orbit. Wonder Woman is shocked. Batman's totally unconcerned quip:
    Batman: (totally nonchalant) Grundy's a zombie, he'll be fine.
  • When the Joker and Batman are pulled into the Regime universe, the former turns to the latter and almost immediately declares "This is somehow your fault!" Well, he is right, if you think about it.
  • After the Flash defeats Sinestro, he muses to himself that he can't just leave him lying there. So what does he do? Use his Super Speed to build a small pyramid over the unconscious Sinesto. Of course, Sinestro gets out by the time of good Superman's arrival in the Injustice universe.
  • During Lex Luthor's chapter intro, where he ends up crashing from the sky onto an APC, the Joker arrives just as he's getting up and summarizes it as only he can.
    Joker: Humpy Dumpty fell through a truck. Humpty Dumpty's suit is all f—
    Harley Quinn: Love the color. Matches your eyes.
  • Nightwing interrupting Lex's gloating in the opening chapter:
    Lex Luthor: Most of the League dies, and Superman's beloved city is vaporized. I console the masses by offering to rebuild it, in my own image of cou—
    (Nightwing smacks him in the head with his eskrima stick)
    Nightwing: He was done.
  • After a quick fight, Batman tries to convince Insurgency!Batman to let them help with a heroic speech and use the teleporter to summon Superman.
    Insurgency!Batman: ...You have no idea how to use it, do you?
    Batman: I was hoping you wouldn't figure that out.
  • After Cyborg's been accidentally transported to the Regime Universe and attacks the good/alternate versions of Luthor and Slade/Deathstroke. The other heroes enter and start to explain what's going on.
    Green Arrow: Welcome to Oz, Tin Man.
  • After they infiltrate the Watchtower, Cyborg accuses Deathstroke of being just as bad as his counterpart when he notes he's tried to kill his own realities version of the Titans. Slade counters with a rather jovial, "Just a couple of times."
  • In Superman's ending in Battle Mode, it is revealed that he placed a miniature Kryptonite pill in his chest. The other League members would take turns on a weekly rota caring for the device, being the ultimate decider whether or not to activate it. While the implications suggest Nightmare Fuel, it can also count as Black Comedy when it's revealed that Batman is the only one not allowed a turn. (Though in canon, Superman had ALREADY given Batman Kryptonite should HE go bad—mainly because Batman WOULD be the only one who'd use it as a last resort.)

    The Gameplay 
  • In an interview with Comic Vine, Ed Boon expressed that Hawkman would not be in the game, though he would not disclose the reason why beyond personal issues. Cue panel of Hawkman declaring "Risk my life to save Midway? NEVER!"
  • If you're a Mortal Kombat fan, you'll find this one funny. When Batman uses his grappling hook to grab an opponent in the air, he says "Get down here!"
  • Harley Quinn's Supermove. After stunning her opponent with her mallet, causing them to stumble back, Harley charges forward with a battle cry, fist raised... only to slide between the foe's legs, laying an explosive cream pie between them in the process. She even does a child-like "fingers in ears" crouch as the thing goes boom and the opponent flips head-over-heels over her.
  • Some of the stage transitions are pretty amusing.
    • The transit from Luthor's Lab to the Command Center of Insurgency. In a rather slapstick fashion, the combatant lands on their back, gets smushed under a large press as they try to get up, gets smushed again as they try that again, and then flung into a swinging mechanism that whacks them like a baseball across the room (and through several armor sets and a vent) into the starting area.
    • The Humiliation Conga transition from the Mess Hall to the Cell Block at Arkham/Joker's Asylum. The transitioning combatant is knocked into the rec room and hits Killer Croc, who angrily throws them by head into The Penguin, who slams and hits his umbrella on the combatant, who is then knocked over to Two-Face who slams a TV down on their head, forcing them to stumble into the Riddler's swinging cane, right before Croc comes back to punch them hard enough to knock them into a wall into another room.
      • Also at the Asylum stage, the other transition has the player bursting into the Scarecrow's cell. Rather than thank the player and be on his way, Dr. Crane seems upset that you've ruined his quiet time. So he injects the player with fear toxin, gives a hilariously over the top giggle, and sends you to his Arkham Asylum dreamworld, at which point he grows to giant size, smashes the player with his fist, picks the player up, and throws him/her through the floor and plummeting into the void... or rather, the kitchen. Somehow.
      • It gets funnier when Fridge Logic kicks in and you realize you're basically viewing things from the character's view. The reality is that they're probably wandering around the asylum gibbering for a time until the toxin wears off. For some characters, this can create a very amusing mental image.
    • The Watchtower's transition from the Bridge to the Reactor. You knock the opponent hard enough to send them flying through multiple ships before falling off the ledge multiple stories before landing on the base of a giant cooling fan on their backs, right before the last ship they hit falls off the ledge on top of them (with an appropriate Oh, Crap! reaction to boot), smashing them through the fan and into a room with a miniature sun, which spits them out onto the floor.
    • The Gotham City Alley to Rooftop transition. Launched by an exploding vehicle and striking a few things on the way up? Okay, fair enough. But bouncing from building to building in straight lines? On a descending fall, that might be painful, but going up, it looks amusingly silly.
    • The Hall of Justice's transition from the Great Hall to the Plaza. Your target is smacked into a Boom Tube that leads to Darkseid's throne room, of all places. The obviously displeased ruler of Apokolips immediately gives your opponent a walloping before tossing him or her back out the Boom Tube (now leading to the Hall's exterior) with a final Omega Beam blast as if to say "And stay out!"
    • Themyscira's Temple to Port. Another Trauma Conga Line, the opponent smashes into a statue, falls from the statue onto some stone steps, bounces down said steps, crashes into a lit brazier, flips over the brazier over a cliff, smashes into several trees on the way down, crashes into the cobblestone docks, and then the head of the statue s/he smashed into (which was knocked off in the initial crash and rolled after the opponent) promptly lands on top of him/her before bouncing off into the sea.
    • The Batcave transition from the Lagoon to the Crime Lab. You smash the target into an elevator� then promptly leap in and deliver a flawless No-Holds-Barred Beatdown throughout the entire ascent, denting the poor thing everywhere in the process. It's especially funny if someone like Harley Quinn is delivering the beatdown to someone like Doomsday.
  • Some of the stage interactions are fairly amusing.
    • The Flash doing an "offensive" interaction with a car = Super Speed head-slamming.
    • In the Metropolis "Museum" subsection, one of the interactive options is a rocket-propelled grenade launcher that Gadget characters can pick up and shoot at their opponents. What do Power characters do? They scrunch it into a little ball and lob it like a hand grenade.
    • In the Stryker's Island "Cell Block", Gadget characters can interact with the guard on the left of the arena by grabbing the guard's gun, shooting his/her opponent, and handing it back to the guard like nothing ever happened (Batman is an exception).
    • Slamming an enemy's head into a robot's crotch will never get old.
  • Batman's S.T.A.R. Labs training mission, if only for how depreciate the first objective is worded:
    Show Nightwing how rusty you are.
  • Sometimes during Grundy's Pain Chain (which can last for a while), specifically the attack booster, when Grundy performs the last maneuver (a reverse tombstone), he says "Grundy don't stop." The delivery makes it work.
  • Quite a few of the Clash quotes are amusing.
    • The Joker vs. Batman
      Joker: Smile!
      Batman: (deadpan) I am smiling.

      Joker: Funny meeting you here.
      Batman: Shut it, clown!
    • Aquaman vs. Superman
      Aquaman: What makes you think you'll win?
      Superman: I'm Superman.
    • Solomon Grundy vs. Green Arrow
      Grundy: Arrow man no hurt Grundy!
      Green Arrow: Arrow man yes... hurt... Grundy.

      Green Arrow: Grundy, say "Fire bad".
      Grundy: Fire is bad. (Alternatively: "You not funny!")

      Green Arrow: Slow, stupid, and ugly.
      Grundy: Grundy not slow!

      Grundy: Puny arrows no hurt Grundy!
      Green Arrow: Then I'll use the non-puny ones!
    • Killer Frost vs. Green Arrow
      Killer Frost: Do you ever shut up?
      Green Arrow: Every other Tuesday.
    • Catwoman vs. Harley Quinn
      Catwoman: So you and Joker?
      Harley: And you and Bats! (Alternatively: "Don't knock it 'till you try it!")

      Catwoman: Have you no self-respect?
      Harley: Says the girl in the kitty suit!
    • Catwoman vs. Nightwing
      Catwoman: Still living in Batman's shadow?
      Nightwing: Still using a litter box?

      Catwoman: Batman's little pup.
      Nightwing: Watch it, I bite!

      Nightwing: Down, kitty!
      Catwoman: Bad boy!
    • Catwoman vs. The Joker:
      Catwoman: You've no chance against me!
      Joker: Do I have a chance with you?

      Catwoman: Watch yourself, gargoyle!
      Joker: Here, kitty kitty!
    • Batman vs. Cyborg
    Regime!Cyborg: This is a criminal act!
    Insurgency!Batman: Talk to my lawyer!

    Batman: I can hurt you.
    Cyborg: For the record? You're scary.
    • The Joker vs. Bane
      Joker: Is it "Bane" or "Bané"?
      Bane: Now you will suffer!

      Bane: Die, payaso!
      Joker: Someone needs a hug.
    • Solomon Grundy vs. himself
      Grundy #1: It's like looking in mirror!
      Grundy #2: Grundy hates mirrors!

      Grundy #1:Grundy think you handsome!
      Grundy #2: So does Grundy!
    • Killer Frost vs. The Joker (sometimes)
      Killer Frost: Does this mean you don't like me?
      Joker: I don't like you!
    • The Joker vs. Regime!Nightwing
      Regime!Nightwing: Let's end this, Joker.
      Joker: Past your bedtime?
    • Aquaman vs. Ares
      Aquaman: You're not invincible!
      Ares: Actually, I am.
    • The Flash vs. Green Arrow
      Green Arrow: I can hit a moving target.
      Flash: This one hits back!

      Green Arrow: Not a hair on my head!
      Flash: I just shaved your head.
    • Harley Quinn vs. Nightwing
      Harley: You fight like my grandma!
      Nightwing: (laughing) You fought your grandma?

      Nightwing: You're kinda hot for a psychotic.
      Harley: Charmed, I'm sure.
    • Nightwing vs. Batgirl
      Nightwing: I'm not even trying.
      Batgirl: Whatever, Nightstick!

      Batgirl: You always this slow?
      Nightwing: Easy, Babs.
    • Green Lantern vs. Sinestro
      Sinestro: Human scum!
      Green Lantern: Evil and racist!
    If you downloaded the John Stewart skin (which has all of Hal's dialogue), it perhaps makes this exchange even funnier.
    • Nightwing vs. Batman
    Nightwing: You wanna order Chinese later?
    Batman: Focus, Dick.

    Batman: Don't make me angry.
    Nightwing: When aren't you angry?
    • The Joker vs. Harley Quinn
      Harley: I thought you loved me!
      Joker: We need to talk.

      Harley: Puddin', how could you?!
      Joker: (pulls out crowbar) Simple really. Like this. (Alternatively: "Stop calling me that!")
    • Killer Frost vs. The Flash
      Killer Frost: I know your weakness.
      Flash: Romantic comedies? (alternatively: Chocolate cake?)

      Flash: You're no Captain Cold.
      Killer Frost: Thank goodness for that. (Alternatively: "I out-rank him.")
    • Harley Quinn vs. Batman
      Harley: You're scary when you're mad!
      Batman: That's the idea.

      Harley: Some hero, hitting a lady!
      Batman: Do I have to say it?

      Harley: Let's dance, Bats!
      Batman: The song is over.

      Batman: Psychopaths like you—
      Harley: Blah, blah, blah!
    • Green Lantern vs. Aquaman
    Aquaman: I'll win any contest of wills!
    Green Arrow: For you, it's a contest of won'ts!
    • Green Arrow vs. Green Lantern
      Green Arrow: Nice target on your chest!
      Green Lantern: Still have to hit it!

      Green Lantern: Don't even need the ring!
      Green Arrow: Can I borrow it?

      Green Arrow: Why are we fighting?
      Green Lantern: You started it.

      Green Lantern: Got no chance, Ollie!
      Green Arrow: Aw, sure you do!
    • Hawkgirl vs. Lex Luthor
      Lex: You look like a chicken.
      Hawkgirl: And you look like an egg.

      Lex: I could use that belt.
      Hawkgirl: Or a breath mint.
    • The Joker vs. Lex Luthor
      Joker: You're not laughing!
      Lex: Your jokes are stale. (Alternatively: "You're not dying.")

      Joker: Is your little jumpsuit okay?
      Lex: Your humor eludes me.

      Lex: Laugh at this!
      Joker: You're the joke, Lexy.
    • Green Arrow vs. Sinestro
      Sinestro: You fight with a toy!
      Green Arrow: You fight with jewelry.

      Sinestro: Annoying little gnat!
      Green Arrow: Grow a real mustache! (alternatively: "Need some ice? Your head's swollen," or "No wonder Hal hates you.")
    • Batgirl vs. The Joker
      Batgirl: I'm gonna send you to Hell!
      Joker: Meh, that's overrated.
    • Batman vs. Catwoman
      Catwoman: Don't you love me?
      Batman: Not right now.
    • Shazam vs. Black Adam
      Black Adam: No hero can best me!
      Shazam: Wow, even your hair is evil!
    • Superman vs. Lobo
      Superman: You make me sick!
      Lobo: That's only 'cause y'know me!
    • Superman vs. The Flash
      Superman: Just as fast as you!
      Flash: Clark, we've settled this.

      Superman: Speed isn't enough!
      Flash: Well, there's also my looks and my charm. (Alternatively, "That's what slow people say!")
    • Batgirl vs. Catwoman. Most likely a Take That! to the much disliked Bruce-Barbara relationship from Batman Beyond.
      Catwoman: I'm not sharing Batman with you!
      Batgirl: What?! Ewww!
    • The Flash vs. Green Lantern
      Green Lantern: Stop right there, Barry.
      Flash: Green light means "go!"
    • Scorpion vs. Batman
      Scorpion: You're no Sub-Zero.
      Batman: I'm Batman.
    • Solomon Grundy vs. Batman
      Batman: Overgrown gorilla!
      Grundy: Me Grundy, not Grodd!
    • Superman vs. Shazam
      Superman: Last chance, Billy.
      Shazam: Don't call me Billy!
    • Raven vs. Cyborg
      Raven: I'm in no mood, Victor.
      Cyborg: Too much Trigon for breakfast?
    • Green Arrow vs. Superman
    • Green Arrow vs. Hawkgirl (via stock battle quotes)
      Green Arrow: How 'bout an arrow up your ass?
      Hawkgirl: Is that all?
    • Deathstroke vs. Green Arrow (via stock battle quotes)
    • Ares vs. Harley Quinn (via stock battle quotes)
      Ares: I thrive on conflict.
      Harley Quinn: Here ya go, sweetie!
  • The Joker has a number of mid-battle funnies, like:
    • His Silly Walk when charging during the Clash.
    • One of his "hurt" sounds (specifically, the one used whenever he gets shocked) sounds more like the waggling of one's cheeks than anything painful.
    • His back-dash is a silly little twirl.
  • The Joker's fight intro.
    Joker: (as a dead cop, fake Irish accent) Watch out, Joker! This one looks kinda tough! (tosses the cop away) Really? I think you underestimate me!
  • In Lobo's DLC reveal trailer, his super consists of him whipping his opponent with his hook and chain before hitting them with his bike into the air, shooting them, then burns them up with fire coming from the bike all while giving the (censored) finger.
  • Scorpion's intro - he's just about to finish Sub-Zero, only to be teleported to the Injustice universe. Needless to say, he's not happy about it.
  • Intro & Victory Swaps. Especially funny ones include Black Adam as Lobo (Complete with nonexistant Bike), Lex Luthor's Doomsday suit, and Scorpion as Clark Kent?
    • The weird animation errors. Like the face Green Lantern makes around the 7:30 mark, or how Lobo-As-Grundy's head has randomly swollen to twice its normal size?
  • Catwoman's screams when she's hit actually sound like a cat's.


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