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    The Comic
"I will not allow you to threaten Earth."

  • Aquaman versus the surface world. If you thought his influence over sea life was lame, his legion of Giant Enemy Crabs would like a word with you.
    • And then when Aquaman summons the Kraken.
      Aquaman: You think only the surface world has weapons of mass destruction?
    • Then, if any more proof of Aquaman's ultimate badassness was required, his ultimatum (given as armies of armored Atlanteans and giant sea creatures invade the world's shores, to Superman's face no less):
      Aquaman: I am not some pathetic self-appointed leader of an insignificant country who can be bullied into submission. Every port. Every ship. Everything that flies over the ocean does so with my blessing. Your world would grind to a halt if I willed it. Every land mass borders the sea. Your entire world is inside mine. Consider this a show of strength. Now get the hell out of my ocean.
    • After that is Superman's response. While it could be considered a Kick the Dog moment for Supes, Aquaman is assaulting countries around the world that had done nothing to Atlantis and because according to him, 70% of the planet belongs to him and the human race exists at his mercy (and going by Flashpoint, this is a TERRIBLE precedent). Doubly so because Superman did it in the same way the normal Superman would have done it by simply relocating his entire kingdom without hurting anybody, except Aquaman's ego.
  • In Issue 16, Superman simply plows through Grundy after cutting off his hand with Heat Vision. Batman blows his head up when he gets up again.
  • Superman's killing the Joker after everything he did in the prequel comic is terrible in the black and white morality of superheroes; but the way he chews out Batman for consciously not dealing permanently with the greatest mass murderer in the planet, but not even managing, with all his money and gadgets, to keep him from escaping months or weeks later from his rehabilitation with impunity over and over again no matter how many atrocities he committed it's EPIC.
  • In the Prequel comics, the US government's response to Superman's activity is to hire the Mirror Master and a squad of soldiers to kidnap Ma and Pa Kent (Superman had revealed his secret identity to the world) to use as leverage. Mirror Master, a supervillain sporting a metric ton of weapons, grabs Ma Kent and starts roughly dragging her out of bed. So what does Pa Kent do? He leaps out of bed, charges the heavily armed and armored supervillain who is pointing a gun at him, and then punches him in the face so hard that he shatters the nightvision goggles Mirror Master was wearing and knocks him down. They needed the rest of the squad just to hold Pa down so that Mirror Master could knock him out.
    • Also Batman's response to it, namely breaking into the White House and spelling it out for the president that he's Bullying a Dragon.
    Batman: The police won't think to look for your body on Saturn!
    • A minor one, but one person manages to successfully get away with calling out Superman on his slow shift to Knight Templar.
    Alfred: Not staying for tea, Master Kent?
    Superman: I'm afraid not, Alfred. And you don't have to call me "Master".
    Alfred: Good. Let's remember that.
  • In issue #20 of the comic, Lex Luthor (Injustice universe, the one who's actually a nice guy) proves to the Justice League that he can be trusted by revealing that he knows the secret identities of every member (this is after Superman had revealed he's Clark Kent to the world, but Lex had been trapped beneath the ruins of Metropolis since the blast).
    Lex: I'm a very intelligent man. Your secret identities are no secret to me. However, I have protected your identities, and I have protected your loved ones without your knowing. You've had to trust me for a long time. You just didn't know it. Now, I'd like to join you.
    • Not to mention Robin telling everyone how stupid they were being for playing right into Batman's hands.
      Robin: I can almost see the strings.
      • And the best part? Batman still had him fooled.
  • Issue 24, a full-scale invasion with thousands dying at the hand of Darkseid's troops. Superman goes straight into the atmosphere, and circles the globe while on fire, killing every last one of them in seconds.
    • Plus Superman and Flash's conversation just before. There's just something epic about how time seemed to stop around them.
  • Superman exposing Batman's secret identity despite being trapped within a crippled space-station.
  • In Issue #31 of the comic, Batman convinces the president to send US warships to threaten North Korea as a distraction, so that he and his supporters can raid the Fortress of Solitude. The fact that Bruce just calls the president in the middle of the night and he immediately agrees to do it shows how much authority Batman has, even though he's been unmasked.
  • Later in the same issue, Catwoman manages to unlock the door to the Fortress of Solitude, seemingly without much effort.
    Catwoman: You say "impenetrable fortress" and I just hear "Christmas morning with presents to unwrap".
  • Issue #32: Superman vs Captain Atom. Ending in a spectacular (though doomed to fail) Taking You with Me.
  • Issue #36: In what is easily the most epic moment of the comics, we see Superman finally meet his physical match in... Alfred Pennyworth. That's right, Alfred brutally beats the living crap out of Superman, courtesy of the pill Bruce brought back to the cave for analyzing, roaring at him all the while for hurting his (Alfred's) family, leaving Superman a bloody pulp on the ground as Alfred picks up Batman and teleports them both to safety, declaring Superman isn't worth saving. Battle Butler doesn't even come close to describing it.
    Alfred: Clark Kent.
    Superman: Alfred...?
    [Alfred headbutts Superman, breaking the Man of Steel's nose, drawing blood and stunning him so bad Alfred is able to push him over.]
    Alfred Pennyworth: I am so disappointed in you. [Begins merciless beatdown.]
    • The first stomp Alfred performs is so powerful it makes the butler's shoe explode.
  • In the Annual #1 Comic Superman gets Lobo off his back by flying him to the sun and explaining that he won't regenerate if he drops him there.
    • Harley herself gets points for stealing a super-pill off Lobo, ripping his head off, and then convincing him to drop the bounty on her and go after Darkseid instead.
    Harley: Ya know what? I've just come out of a pretty abusive relationship. I've had a bit of time. I'm starting to come to terms with a life without my puddin'. And, you know what I've decided? No one gets to lay a hand on me ever again.
    • Also, how Lobo goes after Darkseid. He walks right up to him on Apokolips, grinds his cigar into Darkseid's forehead and tells him he's ready for a challenge.
  • Superman decides to speak with The Flash about his plans for making the world a safer place over a game of chess. While the latter is initially unskilled at the game, continued matches see him making leeway against Superman as he likewise begins to point out the slippery slope of Superman's ideology, ultimately leaving the Man of Steel speechless as he continues to checkmate him.
  • Commissioner Gordon always knew who Batman, Batgirl, and Robin/Nightwing were. He still let them do what they felt they needed to.
  • In the issue 15 of Year 2, Guy Gardner tells to Black Canary, who's just given birth to a child, that they'll bring THEIR OWN PLANET - Mogo in order to stop Superman.
    • And then, Green Lanterns' arrival and Mogo's strike. This guy is essentially a good counterpart to the Death Star!
      Guy Gardner: You think we came all the way out here without a plan? Mogo. A living planet with a will-powered weapon. Why do you think we dragged him across space? How much will do you think something that size has?
  • Harley Quinn's "opening the door" in Year Two 18.
    Harley: Tell her I exploded!
  • Selina countering Damian's attempt at a Breaking Lecture, probably echoing the sentiments of many a fan:
    Selina: Urgh. Shut. Up. You know what? All the other Robins were good for Batman. But you, Damian—your father is so much better off without you. You're just this joyless, entitled, moody, whining little ***. And you hurt Bruce. I'm going to punish you for that.
  • Year Two, #20: First, Cyborg nearly tracks down Oracle in minutes/seconds, which Lex Luthor couldn't have done for a long time!
    • And, Gordon easily defeats Cyborg despite dying from cancer. And why? Because it's his daughter!
  • Ganthet kicking so much ass during the battle of Earth. Even the likes of Superman and Shazam are on the losing end of a Curb-Stomp Battle when they go up against him.
  • Year Two, #23: Black Canary and Oracle showing the world Sinestro Corps!Superman at all his glory.
  • Year Two, #24. Superman wielding a YELLOW RING. Fueled by the fear of everyone on the planet. If he wasn't a Physical God already, he certainly is now. Not only does he No-Sell Ganthet's blasts which stunned him and Shazam previously, he also shrugs off the full force of MOGO, whose power was greater than that of the combined Green Lantern Corps. Then he proceeds to slam BOTH of them into the Sun.
  • Year Three, #1: Tower of Fate, outside of space and time. Never before has someone not invited been able to reach it. J John Constantine pops right up to their doorstep with his daughter in tow as they stand in oblivion. His only complaint is that it's a bit chilly.
  • Year Three, #2 opens with John Constantine calmly doing business with Trigon the Terrible in Hell. The man's a stone-cold badass.
    Constantine: So... I don't suppose you've got a light?
  • Year Three, #4: The Spectre is attacking the home of Jason Blood and has already turned Blood, one of the most powerful warlocks on Earth, to a skeleton. Batman's response is to go out and talk to the Spectre, "one man of vengeance to another." Once again: Batman is standing up to the Avatar of God's judgement.
    Constantine: Bollocks the size of coconuts. Brilliant.
  • Year Three, #7: John Constantine tricks Raven into calling Superman for help so he can trap him with some help from Ragman, exploiting his weakness to magic.
  • Year Three, #9: In a similar vein to the example in Year Two #22, Superman getting a second wind against Constantine, who has been irritatingly self-righteous. The final page of the issue is just a single image of Superman radiating pure unadulterated rage, and it is AWESOME.
  • Year Three, #9: Superman threatens Constantine by using heat vision just a few inches away from his neck. Constantine's response is a Reason you suck speech while giving a smug smile. You can see Superman visibly enraged about it, while understandably not being able to kill Constantine, something even Sinestro agrees with.
  • Year Three # 13 and # 14: We see Superman in a world where it's Batman who kills the Joker. Now what happens when Batman breaks his "one-rule", he turns himself in to the police, reveals his identity, takes responsibility for his actions and doesn't take a lighter sentence even if he could. He breaks his rule but he doesn't compromise himself because he subjects himself to the same standards that he's hunted other criminals. It shows that Superman could have avoided going dark had he taken a similar approach and it also vindicates Batman's entire attitude and philosophy throughout the story.
  • Year Three #16: When angered at Sinestro, though wrongly, Wonder Woman does a Curb-Stomp Battle on him.
  • Year Three #17: Superman's team delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle against Batman's. Sometimes Applied Phlebotinum isn't enough.
  • Year Three #18: Trigon has arrived and kicks Superman's team's asses. Why? Because John persuaded Etrigan to spread rumours in Hell that it was Superman who kidnapped and captured his daughter. Magnificent Bastard you are, Constantine!
    • And then, after it seems that Trigon has won, a person who pretended to be the Spectre arrives and beats him. Who is he? Mr. Mxyzptlk.
  • But, of course, Trigon is not a weakling either! The battle goes on...
  • Year Three #19: The Insurgents come out swinging against the Regime. Catwoman socks Wonder Woman in the jaw, Huntress kicks Sinestro in the face, Batman punches Yellow Lantern, Harley knees Shazam in the chin, and Batwoman elbow-drops Superman himself!
    • And then Swamp Thing shows up and begins squeezing everyone of the Insurgents to death.
  • Year Three, #20: Batwoman rocks! She drops a tree on Sinestro and helps Huntress to knock down Ares!
  • Year Three, #21:
    • How did Nightwing plan to defeat Swamp Thing? To make him battle Poison Ivy!
    • Huntress and Batwoman drop-kick a dazed Superman at the same time.
  • Year Three, #22: Batwoman beats Wonder Woman to a bloody pulp in retaliation for Huntress's death in the previous issue.
  • Year Three, #24: Everything that happened so far in this year was part of Constantine's plans to get rid of Trigon permanently and be able to raise his daughter without any serious threats. He succeeds breaking the trend of heroic characters failing at everything they do in this prequel, and in the proccess he banished Mxyzptlk too, though at the cost of Doctor Fate's banishment and the death of Huntress. Truly a Magnificent Bastard!
  • Year Four, #1: It seems that Ares and Batman joined forces against Superman. And there will be other Olympian gods too...
  • Year Four, #2: Renee Montoya beats the crap out of Cyborg and sends Damian Wayne flying!
  • Year Four, #5: Lex Luthor restores Barbara's back, and she returns as Batgirl, and Amazon army, led by Olympian gods, is preparing to attack Regime!.
  • Year Four, #8: Wonder Woman rips Superman a new one in a duel. Superman didn't receive a beatdown so harsh since the end of year one. In fact, this one was worse, considering she broke his arm.
    • Not as impressive when you realize Superman was holding back the entire time...
  • Hercules proves that he is the strongest Olympian god when he deals a Curb-Stomp Battle to Diana and Superman, and only their combined strength beat them... temporarily.
  • Shazam's Badass Boast, and he overpowers Hercules before Superman reenters Earth and strikes Hercules with enough force to kill him. That's right. Superman KILLED a god.
    • Also Zeus correctly deduces Ares's true plans, and his appearance in battle.
  • Zeus appears on the battlefield, makes Superman and his flunkies surrender, takes Shazam's powers away, threatens Wonder Woman into submission, and plans to recapture Earth. Good for the leader of Olympian gods!
  • Aquaman and his mad sharks show up in the comic. The one on the receiving end? Poseidon of all people
  • Year Four, #19: Harley starts a riot in Tartarus, defeats a Hecatonheire, and steals the Mother Box from Ares, escaping that dreadful place with Barry and Hyppolita!
  • Year Four, #21: Darkseid is behind Ares. After Superman appears to save his friends, he delivers him a good battle. In fact, he battles Superman to a standstill. And that was after Supes abandoned Thou Shalt Not Kill rule.
    • Though Orion states that if the battle continued, the most Darkseid could do is to pull Taking You with Me out.
  • Year Four, #23: Regime along with Insurgency beats Olympian gods. And when Zeus arrives and tries to kill them all along with Superman, Izaya appears and nosells his lightning.
  • Year Four, #24: Izaya manages to convince Zeus to leave the Earth forever peacefully with other Olympian gods. Superman gives Ares to Darkseid, who is the only Big Bad whom he can't defeat.
  • Year Four Annual: Plastic Man successfully breaks into one of the most secure locations on the planet, releasing every superhuman (including Green Lantern Corps members) locked in the Regime's prison at the bottom of the sea, largely for his son. Only Kilowog is killed by Sinestro. In a couple of days he does more damage to the Regime than nearly any other person.
    • We finally know where Regime holds criminals - underwater. And despite everything, it's not a Cardboard Prison.
    • The way Plastic Man is treated leading up to his introduction in the Annual. Sinestro writes him off and clearly doesn't take him seriously. The rest of the League, however? The former heroes that have worked with him? They're deadly serious and Wonder Woman states that Plastic Man is far more dangerous than Sinestro could even comprehend, which proves to be true when he breaks his son out of prison. And all of the prisoners (except Kilowog).
  • Year Five, #6: Batman defeats Bane and Killer Frost by crashing into them with the Batmobile.
  • Year Five, #7 Batman, after being defeated by Superman and notified that Catwoman has benn rescued by Batgirl, escapes with his friends. By using a lead-based smoke bomb, which Superman can't see through.
  • Year Five, #8: Hawkgirl beats up Hawkman during a bloody fight when he tries to force her to leave Earth with him.
  • Year Five #16: Batwoman stomps a half-dozen assault-rifle-wielding mooks, finishing the last one off with an Off Hand Backhand in the form of a handful of Batarangs instead of a punch. Moreover, she mocks the choice of Joker as a symbol, adding that it was he who turned the world into such a mess.
    • And Harley totally agrees with her, stating the Joker was a crazy lunatic, and asking to choose her as a symbol.
  • Year Five, #22: Alfred is paid a visit by Superman, demanding that he reveal Batman's location. Not only does Alfred not do that, he gives Superman a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and states he would not tell Superman even if he knew. Even asks Superman if he's still feeling the "headbutt" that he got the last time around...
  • Year Five, #23: Alfred dies at the hands of Zsasz, but does so, refusing to divulge information on Master Bruce. Nothing scares this badass butler.
  • Year Five, #25: Batman finally "defeats" Regime!Superman in No-Holds-Barred Beatdown way, clutches his neck in grip and , and taunts Damian: "DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL?".
    • Batman then asks Damian, if he is willing to kill him to save Superman. Damian's response? He throws a Batarang at Batman's forehead.
      • Batman then fights the League, holds his own for a while, but ultimately gets his ass kicked... again. Still points for the effort, especially considering he just fought the Man of Steel.
  • Year Five, #27: Barry standing up to Superman and defending his decision to let Batman go so that he could properly bury Alfred.
  • Year Five #30: Batman, Batgirl, and Batwoman deactivate the power to the Hall of Justice and break in while most of the Regime's leaders are away. The issue ends with Batman and Batwoman getting ready to slug it out with Cyborg and Hawkgirl, in order to provide Batgirl with a distraction so she can accomplish their real goal: getting satellite footage of Superman's massacre from issue #16, so they can broadcast it globally.
    • Also from the same issue, Hawkman lasting 30 seconds against Mongul in a fight. This doesn't seem very impressive until you remember that Mongul is a person who can go toe to toe with Superman.
  • Year Five #31: It's Batman VS Cyborg and Batwoman VS Hawkgirl. And how does it go? A complete Curb-Stomp Battle in the Insurgency's favor.
    • Then as they are leaving... Superman shows up. And despite Batman managing to outmatch him last time around, this time Superman takes both him and Batwoman out by breathing.
  • While she's not out of the woods yet, until the last annual comes out, Batwoman has survived the entirety of the Injustice prequel. Keeping in mind that demigods, magicians, lanterns, more powerful heroes than her, or even planets didn't make it, and she has the most field experience in this war as any of the remaining Insurgents besides Batman himself, this is no small feat.
    • Her final fate is left hanging, but since Superman's heat vision tends to leave skeletons behind, it should be a safe bet to consider that she made it.
  • Year 5, #35: Batman hires Deathstroke to get to the S.T.A.R labs in order to get Mother Box (to summon other Earths's Justice League.) When the assassin gets into the fight with Regime troops, he curbstomps him. He's really one of the greatest assassins!
  • Year 5, #40: Superman has just dealt yet another No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Bats, and is demanding that he surrender. In the next room, Batwoman and Batgirl are desperately trying to fix the machine that will send over some much needed assistance. What does Batman do stall for time? He talks... about every atrocity the Regime has committed, every act of murder by Superman, every violation of basic rights. The Regime initially counter his arguments, but he silences them with the mentions of the bodies of the friends Superman has walked over. Batman then demands that Superman at least admit to his evil because Everyone Can See It.
  • Ground Zero, #23: Even though a majority of the events is based on Insurgency Harley Quinn's story, Harley saves Main Universe Superman by punching Doomsday after taking the super pills. Even Superman himself was shocked and surprised that she's on a good side but was pleased that she shows the good side of the Injustice world, even thanking her before moving Doomsday somewhere else.
  • Ground Zero, #24: Injustice Harley settles the score with Joker one last time before he is returned to his universe. Joker gets beaten up so badly, he begs Batman (who happens to arrive to take him back) to return him back to his universe just to get away from her.
    Harley: Hold still. Puddin'.
  • A villainous shoutout to Joker. He won, he completely corrupted Superman. Sure he died brutally. But it's Joker, that's often part of the plan for him.

    The Game 
  • Insurgency Harley Quinn's Heel–Face Turn is one for her. For a lot of her history, the different versions of her have been portrayed as psychologically and emotionally dependent on the Joker, continuously going back to him no matter how badly he treats her. In this version, when he dies she isn't consumed by vengeance; she actually recognizes what a terrible person he was, and manages to rebuild herself as a force for good... or at least a force that's willing to side with Batman. The payoff is clear throughout the entire story: though she for a time has a relapse and joins up with the alternate Joker, she is clearly broken up about doing it. When he finally shows his true colors, she lets go of her compulsion to him completely and moves on - and given her character, that takes a lot. Ground Zero Comics summarize her part of the story in this Timeline only her version of the story.
  • In The Joker's story chapter, he manages to beat the shit out of the GODDAMMN Batman! Batman comes gliding down on top of Joker like he always does, a fierce shadow of the night, and Joker just kicks him right in the gut without missing a beat! Bat's leg being broken at the time doesn't take much away from the moment.
  • After Superman murders Shazam and orders Metropolis and Gotham City wiped out, the Flash finally realizes things have gone too far and it's time to switch sides. He first fights off his own best friend, Hal Jordan, then takes out Solomon Grundy AND Sinestro. That's right, two monstrous villains and two guys with power rings and the Flash is able to beat them all.
  • When Flash races to the Insurgency's HQ, he's stunned to see Green Arrow (dead in his world) there. Arrow fires an arrow at him, Flash catching it and saying Oliver can't beat him...until he realizes the arrow is an explosive.
  • Catwoman's ultimate goal in her Star Labs plotline: break into the Batcave and steal the Batmobile.
  • One of Ares' STAR Labs missions has him going face to face with Superman himself.
  • Green Lantern's clash dialogue with Yellow Lantern.
    Yellow Lantern: I'll teach you fear!
    Green Lantern: I'm a bad student.
  • As a general rule, every time the heroes call out their Regime versions.
    • Of all these moments, Wonder Woman's deserves special mention. She calls out Regime Wonder Woman on how her actions have stained Amazon pride and convinces Regime Wonder Woman's Amazons to join her in battle against the Regime. And they listen to her and follow in battle.
    Wonder Woman: Hold, my sisters! Hold! While I am not of this world, I am Amazon! And I tell you now, this path is folly! We are to unite the world's people! Lessen man's rages! Overcome them! With compassion. And love. (Pointing to Regime Wonder Woman) She has enabled one man to inflict his rage on an entire planet. Let him be consumed by his darkest passions rather than extricate him from despair. Sisters, let us return to the right side of history. Let us enter battle, but as humankind's protector. Not it's destroyer. We are Amazons. We are here to save mankind.
    • Aquaman's Clash line to Regime!Aquaman
    Regime!Aquaman: What would you have me do?
    Aquaman: Yield. It's what you do!
  • If done correctly, the mini-event where Batman has to fend off a barrage by mind controlled Green Arrow. It starts with dodging the projectiles one at a time, and ends with Batman catching two arrows in his hands and kicking a third one!
  • Lex Luthor's chapter. You're playing as Superman's usual archenemy, but in this world, he's actually a heroic businessman and secret bankroller of the Insurgency. And in this world, he's The Cape Superman used to be and proceeds to decimate Regime forces and lay the smackdown on the Joker. Here, Lex is the only Badass Normal to come even close to defeating Superman. And here, Lex is inspiring enough to talk Harley Quinn back to the good side and convince some Regime forces to become heroes; most of the Red Shirt Army fighting with the insurgency have emblazoned Lex's sigil on their armor, and these guys are in the thick of a melee between a fascist army and unkillable warriors!
  • The beginning chapter before the trip to the Regime world. Not just on the Justice League and the Titans together facing up a group of villains altogether and overall winning, these are the moments in the story for you to see the mainstream universe versions that never got brought to the Regime universe: Shazam, Nightwing, Raven and Hawkgirl, doing what they do best: Defending the Earth with all their might (along with the other heroes that eventually get transported). In a sense, this also works for mainstream Flash as well, as the Flash that gets the focus later is the Regime!Flash.
  • All of Superman's chapter:
    • The entire game was leading up to his appearance in the alternate universe, and he does the build up justice, starting with him materializing in the Injustice universe starting with the S-Shield and with Awesome Music. He steamrolls Black Adam, canonically his perfect counter and one of his biggest weaknesses, Sinestro, Regime!Aquaman, and Doomsday all in a row. Everyone on that list is a candidate for the biggest badass in the DC universe, and Superman just rips through them. And then, before he's even had a chance to recover, he takes on Regime!Superman and beats him down as well.
    • How he takes out Sinestro is fantastic. Sinestro created a massive yellow mace to smash Superman over and over into the ground, creating a massive hole. He looks down on it with Regime Hal Jordan, smirking at the easy victory. At which point, Superman taps his shoulder from behind and when Sinestro turns around, Superman just grabs his arm, forces the Yellow Lantern to his knees and removes his ring. Remember: A Power Ring is meant to be almost bonded to its bearer and Superman just slips Sinestro's off. The implications are quite clear: not only Superman is not afraid of Sinestro, but Sinestro, the self proclaimed master of fear, is afraid of Superman!
    • Special mentions goes to freezing Regime!Aquaman's tsunami and throwing it into the horizon, as well as tackling Doomsday all the way to the other side of the planet!
    • To hammer it home: before Superman came, Regime was slowly but surely winning. When Clark came? He instantly turns the tide of battle.
    • A subtle one, but the moment Superman learns what's going on, his first thoughts are minimizing civilian causalities and he even pauses during the final showdown to discuss starting evacuation and rescue efforts while it's still going down. Not only does Superman beat his evil alternate self in their actual fight, he proves himself to be the moral better and everything he's not.
  • Pretty much every single Super Move, though the likes of Superman, Shazam, General Zod, Ares, Doomsday, Lex Luthor, Batgirl, and Green Lantern stand out in particular.
  • Cyborg vs. Regime!Cyborg, or to be more specific, their mutual attempts to hack the other's systems which ends in a draw. Now this is something you'd expect, what with the only differences between them being their appearance and alignment, but what makes this an awesome moment for Cyborg is that Regime!Cyborg had a very healthy head start. And Cyborg still managed to catch up. Equals? Not even close. It gets better. After the hacking challenge, Cyborg puts up his dukes and says "For real. Like men." Then he beats his counterpart down old school. And later? It's revealed he stole Regime!Cyborg's password during the hacking. Even Insurgency!Deathstroke likes Cyborg after that.
    Deathstroke: I think I'm beginning to like you.
  • Insurgency!Deathstroke's sabotage of the Regime's Watchtower, causing it to blow up right in Regime!Superman's face when Arrow and the two Batmen are teleported away from Stryker's Island, even though the very act jeopardized the Insurgency's mission to extract the other Batman from Stryker's by leaving the team with a 90-minute time window, with Cyborg even chewing Slade out for it.
    Insurgency!Deathstroke: First rule of warfare: take out command and control. This satellite's the key to Superman's Regime. […] Superman's my priority, not your Batman.
    • Even better: before he even touched the reactor control panel, he surprised Regime!Flash and Regime!Shazam with a trio of landmines, instantly knocking out the former and dazing the latter enough for Deathstroke to fight his way out. And then, he manages to complete the sabotage just before a recovered Regime!Flash grabs his wrist to stop him!
  • "In 1988, Batgirl's life took a terrible turn in the classic graphic novel, The Killing Joke. In a vile attempt to drive Commissioner Gordon crazy, The Joker paid a surprise visit to Gordon's home, where he shot and paralyzed Barbara in front of her father. Twenty-five years later, it's time… for a little payback." What's even better is that Joker is only barely getting a hit in. Otherwise, he's being thrown around like a chew toy.
  • Aquaman's entire chapter. He first fools Atlantis and Superman's envoys into believing he is their version, only breaking the facade when he reads the appalling conditions of the treaty, which basically amount to complete subjugation to Superman's Regime. He then beats up both envoys, Flash and Shazam (separately in-game, though plot-wise, it was probably simultaneously). When his Regime counterpart arrives, he delivered a What The Hell speech to said counterpart, beats up his royal guards barehanded (only using his trident for defense against two opponents), defeats his counterpart, and is fully prepared to fight even more guards when Ares shows up and paralyzes them. He then makes demands of Ares and beats up him, too! Aquaman admits that he's weakened, though, but it doesn't diminish the feat, especially given all that happened immediately before.
  • Scorpion's ending. After "The Fool in the Red Cape" had been dealt with, Scorpion is approached by Trigon, who mistakes Scorpion for one of his troops and accuses him of desertion. They battle, and Scorpion wins and takes Trigon's throne. That serves to show that, no matter which continuity he's in, Scorpion's a force to be reckoned with.
    • Speaking of Scorpion, while the only unique Clash dialogues he has are with Batman and Superman, those Clashes have some of the best exchanges in the game..
      Batman: I know your moves.
      Scorpion: As if that matters.

      Scorpion: You are no Sub-Zero!
      Batman: I'm Batman.

      Batman: I can stop you.
      Scorpion: You may try.

      Scorpion: You will join me in Hell!
      Superman: I'm not going anywhere.

      Superman: I've been planning for this.
      Scorpion: Plans fail.

      Superman: For truth and justice!
      Scorpion: THERE IS NO JUSTICE!
  • This exchange:
    Regime Aquaman: You are not wanted here!.
    (After his defeat)
    Superman: I may not be wanted, but I'm clearly needed.
  • Batgirl's Clash Dialogue with Batman in the game where she rebuffs his Declaration of Protection:
    Batman: I promised Jim I would protect you.
    Batgirl: You call this protection?
  • The very fact that one of the final Clashes of the game is Batman vs. Batman.
  • In a meta sense, the existence of The Clash. While there are legitimate arguments about the mechanics, stopping to spout off one-liners has always been part of the superhero genre. The Clash implements this in gameplay, one of the things that makes Injustice a superhero fighting game, instead of a fighting game with superheroes.

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