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The world’s most respected multiformat videogame magazine
Edge, describing itself with characteristic modesty.

Edge is a UK-based multiformat "videogame culture" magazine from Future Publishing (who also publish the official UK magazines for Xbox 360, PlayStation, and Nintendo).

Part of the magazine's image is that of positioning itself as a more "sophisticated" alternative to other gaming publications, and it notably aims for an older and more educated demographic than many of its rivals. To that end, it has regular features on game development tools (e.g. Codeshop) and has a section dedicated to recruitment ads from game companies. It also publishes an annual "Get into Games" supplement, for those wishing to join the industry.


It is also well known for its strict scoring policy: an "Edge 10" is highly sought after, with Super Mario 64 being the first game to receive this honor. As with Famitsunote , a perfect score from Edge is no longer quite the blue-moon occurrence it once was, with more than a third of the magazine's 10-scoring reviews given within six years (nine perfect-scoring reviews between 2007 and 2012, with 2012 being the only year in which a perfect-scoring game was not released); nevertheless, a high score from Edge is still quite the bragging right for a game as an 8.8 is common with these guys. It is also famous for not having bylines on any of its articles (except those written by columnists).


Its official website is

As of 2021, the complete list of every game to receive an Edge 10 since its debut in 1993 is as follows:

Edge has also retroactively awarded perfect scores to the games Elite, Super Mario Bros. and Exile, all of which were released before the magazine's inception; similarly, during the magazine's 20th anniversary, GoldenEye (1997), Advance Wars, Resident Evil 4, Drop 7, Red Dead Redemption, Super Street Fighter IV and Dark Souls were "retrospectively adjusted" to ten-out-of-ten with a follow-up rationale.