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  • Brennus: The aptly named Desolation-In-Light, daughter of Lady Light, the world's first superhero, and The Dark, the world's first supervillain. An incredibly beautiful golden skinned young woman, and a seemingly mindless Person of Mass Destruction, who appears at random times in populated cities, and completely destroys them for no apparent reason. She reguarly switch between an infinite number of superpowers, but one of her permanent ones is rays of light coming out of her hair and nails that disintegrates anything it touches: if it touches you, you either sever whatever body part got infected, or wait until it disintegrates you completely.
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  • In the Whateley Universe, Golden Girl fits this trope. She's another student at the Super Hero School Whateley Academy. She is strikingly lovely, and when she uses her powers (golden energy blasts, golden force fields, super-strength, flight), she's covered in a golden glow. She actively hates Phase (one of the main characters and good guys) and tries to hurt her every time they spar in aikido.
  • In Kyell Gold's webnovel Camouflage, Archbishop Argile is a chilling example. A powerful stag with a white pelt, he is the head of operations of the Catholic Church in the french town of Tigue, and considered a holy man for his fur colour. He's also a sociopathic monster provoking zealous persecution of gay men, intimidating his underlings and raping the convicts. Danilo, a white tiger, starts off as an asshole, but eventually he comes to do his colour justice.
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  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions Sailor Good had light-based powers, but was evil... it was just her last name that was Good.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
    • The main character's turn towards genuine evil is marked by the song "Brand New Day":
    "It's a brand new day
    And the sun is high
    All the birds are singing
    That you're gonna die!"
    • Dr. Horrible, the supervillain, wears white (at least at first), and Captain Hammer, the Designated Hero, wears black.
  • Madness Combat gives us Jesus "The Savior", who wears a white Badass Longcoat and styles himself after a certain 2000-year old messiah.
  • In The Salvation War, the angels OF Heaven are portrayed as the masters of light. This being The Salvation War, the angels are very much not on the side of good. Michael, who is plotting Yahweh's downfall, is a heroin dealer and hooks a young angel on it.
    • And just to put the cap on it, the archangel Uriel is eventually killed by a laser beam. In other words, by pure light.
  • The famous ''Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies'' YouTube pop saga by Jittery Dragon somewhat invokes this trope at its fifth alternative ending, with Pterano, by touching the coldfire stone, becoming an angel; cue the ominous orange light surrounding him, actually a mixture of edited footage from Land Before Time X with footage from Neon Genesis Evangelion. This became a running gag within the series, having him reappearing in the second part of The land before everyone froze to death, stating that he is the cause of the climate change as he came on the Great Valley.
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  • WALLE Forum Roleplay: There's a group called White Enterprises. It's not white at all.
  • Morning Star, Mammon in We Are Our Avatars
  • In this short, light begins as good, but soon enough gets berserk.
  • Most of the villains in Red vs. Blue have much lighter armor than the "heroes"
    • Meta and Wyoming both have white armor.
    • Agent South, while not evil, is certainly not a good or nice character, especially not compared to her brother Agent North, who wears similarly-colored, but darker, armor.
    • Carolina has bright blue armor, and is at best scarily effective, at worst vindictive and crazy.
    • Wash, when he's not being Dark Is Not Evil,. He even has yellow trim, one of the happier colors of the electromagnetic spectrum.
      • Most of these are exacerbated by the fact that they fight Tex at one point or another, who wears the darkest armor in the series.
    • Freelancer mooks wear white armor, as do some of the UNSC/separatist troopers - who admittedly might not be evil, but they're shooting at our favorite characters, so we're rooting for them to get heavily owned.
    • AI are literal examples, as they interact as holograms (light projected from powered armor) and a surprising number of them are antagonists.
  • The plot for Off Switch has the hero fighting to save his world (which is composed of shadows) from the invading light demons.
  • SCP-1591, the "Fallen Star." Its light can disintegrate all matter.
  • In the Creepypasta "Thanks", the protagonist's nightlight allows a monster to find them. The monster mockingly thanks them, claiming it couldn't find them in the dark.
  • Worm has Purity, a parahuman with the power to project incredibly powerful hard light attacks and who can level city blocks with light. She also happens to be a Neo-Nazi.
  • In Phaeton Light is the most destructive and corrupting of all elements, people with light based abilities tend to go mad really fast
  • Night Vale's neighboring town and rival, Desert Bluffs, is made out to be a happy place, much more upbeat than the defeatist and Orwellian Night Vale. Its radio announcer Kevin constantly rambles about how nice it is to live there, and even its cover art is bright yellow with a big sun prominently featured, in contrast to Night Vale's dark purple and ever-watching eye...and then Cecil describes the blood on the walls...
    • Specifically, Desert Bluffs has been taken over by a company called 'StrexCorp', which seems to be more of a malevolent, multidimensional force taking the form of a giant company. In another plane of existence, it's form is a bright light, and is described thusly;
    The light is alive. And malicious. And vast. And encroaching. It buzzes and shines and everything about it hurts those that are close to it, and destroys those who are within it.
  • In Carmilla the Series, the light is an demon demi-god. Turns out the light is more like the lure of an angular fish for the demi-god.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, many clerics of Cardia, the God of Order, are more than willing to torture and enslave half-demons who they see as abominations and kill any Chaos worshipper they get their hands on as a means of delivering justice. Artemicia, despite being the Goddess of Healing, has tried to kill her demigod son Leon on several occasions, and her clergy has also committed atrocities, organizing ethnic cleansings and forcing warrior tribes of the desert to accept their religion in place of the Old Ways.
  • The Whites in Lucky Day Forever. In comparison to the Proles, their city is brightly lit even at night. Their city is also quite clean by forcing the Proles into servitude. They often select a Prole to convert into a White through a lottery. In reality, the "lucky" Proles are used as parts for the Whites.
  • RWBY:
    • The Schnee family is entirely white themed. Their surname means 'snow' and those born into the family have names that evoke whiteness. The founder of the Schnee Dust Company was a good man who used his wealth to lift the people of Mantle out of poverty. However, the current head of the family is Jacques Schnee, who married into the family and took on the family's name and symbols when he took over the business from his philanthropic father-in-law. Under his leadership, the SDC is no longer the beacon of quality and philanthropy that it once was; as a stately, white-haired, white-suited man, he looks the part and is an expert at engaging in good PR, but is a greedy businessman who not only maximises profit by cutting corners on quality, suppressing wages and workers rights, but who also terrorises his own family and seeks to control every aspect of their lives as well.
    • The God of Light is a being of creation, responsible for creating all living beings including the humans. People would always worship him over his brother - God of Darkness - and considered him to be a benevolent deity. That said, God of Light sees humanity as merely an experiment. After humans rebel against the gods, God of Light lets his brother destroy humanity and departs from Remnant, leaving the leader of the rebellion immortal on an empty world as a punishment for defying her gods. He eventually brings humanity back, but proclaims that if humans do not unite until the Judgement Day, their world will be pernamently destroyed.
  • Void Domain: The Elysian Nuns are a Creature-Hunter Organization who use blinding white holy fire and lightning. They're also Knight Templars afflicted with Black-and-White Insanity, who have no qualms about murdering children whom they perceive to be abetting the Enemy. It's ultimately revealed that their magic is drawn from the Sentient Cosmic Force of Death itself.


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