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    Main Campaign 
  • Mercia drops her crown after running off to intercept the Felheim forces, so a royal guard picks it up and chases her to give it back. And in the post-mission cutscene, he's still running after her, having followed her all the way to the border of the kingdom.
    Royal Guard: Your majesty! Wait!
    • Graduates to Brick Joke when, four acts later and on the opposite side of the continent, the guard's still chasing her with the crown, with his armor significantly worse for wear.
    Royal Guard: Huff, huff... Have you— Huff, huff... Have you seen the queen of Cherrystone?
    Royal Guard: Queeeen Merciaaaaa!
  • Ragna makes yet another appearance in front of Mercia, but this time with backup, in style.
  • Ragna's Villain Episode has her catch wind of a mysterious Cherrystone commander named "Caesar", and she immediately resolves to hunt him down. After ransacking a fortified encampment, the celebrating Ragna is confronted by Sigrid who reveals the truth: Ragna had wasted hours matching wits with a dog. Ragna is so humiliated by this that she simply collapses to the ground without another word.
    Sigrid: Idiot.
  • Ragna's appearance in chapter 5 ends with her standing on top of her heavily damaged flagship, demanding a rematch while stomping the ground heavily. Eventually, the flagship sinks from the abuse and consigns Ragna to the ocean floor. Sigrid tells her vampire guards not to rescue her and let her walk home.
  • The bandits in general are a riot, what with their internal discussions on socio-economics before Caesar inevitably shows up to thwart them. Their general reactions to said thwarting only adds to the hilarity.
    Bandit: He destroyed our giant!... BAD DOG!
    Caesar: *happy barking*
  • Nuru is less than impressed upon seeing Requiem for the first time.
    Elodie: The weapon I bear is Requiem.
    Nuru: ...It's a cello.
    Elodie: It is a bringer of ruin.
  • In the final confrontation, Elodie effortlessly subdues the protagonists with Mind-Control Music, leaving them powerless to defend themselves from what will almost certainly be a Curb-Stomp Battle... Only for Ragna to charge in from nowhere, still dripping with seawater from her previous defeat, and belt out an indignant rant about wanting to find Sigrid and kick her ass for leaving her to drown. Ragna's screeching ends up breaking the trance everybody is under, allowing them to square up and fight Elodie properly.
    • How is Ragna convinced to join in on the battle? Valder simply tells her that Sigrid has already been beaten and that now they're fighting Elodie, without any context as to why or how or even who Elodie is.
      Valder: Sigrid betrayed us. Mercia killed her. That wraith is our enemy now.
      Ragna: **beat** ...Oh. Okay. LET'S CRUSH HER!
  • Possibly unintentional but in Ryota's revenge battle against Sedge, he will call Sedge a monster when the first of Ryota's units fall. This includes wagons and balloons. Seeing Ryota upset over the fall of these units and Sedge gloat over the destruction of some mode of transport is hilarious.

    Double Trouble Campaign 
  • Wulfar come to blows with the true nemesis of the outlaws... Caesar.
    Wulfar: He's the epitome of aristocratic tyranny! He's a gilded, dallyin' prince armed with the biting maw of an elite and distant peerage, beholden to no-one, feastin' upon the bones of those crushed beneath the yoke of serfdom!

    Arcade Mode 
  • Koji, upon finding the ancient weapon at the end of his arcade run, declares that he knows what to do with it. Cut to him up in the clouds, perched on a Humongous Mecha version of Tenko as they step across the screen, with a familiar purple glow at the center of the mech's chest.
    • This moment is actually given some comical foreshadowing in Nuru's Arcade run, when Nuru incredulously asks why Koji is involved in the hunt for Requiem:
      Nuru: Wait, what would you want with an ancient superweapon?
      Koji: I was thinking I could build a giant super-puppet with it.
      Nuru: That... sounds pretty awesome, actually.
  • Caesar's arcade run is generally hilarious because all the commanders end up being defeated by a dog in a nice uniform. Ryota's quote when being defeated really sells it, however:
    Ryota: Great. Now how am I supposed to explain this to the empress? "I'm sorry your highness. I tried my best, but the dog was the better tactician."
    • Princess Elodie's response to being confronted by Caesar in the first place is also pretty humorous. She's at first understandably taken aback at a dog being out to find Requiem... then she redoubles her resolve to stand up against any who come to claim it... no matter how shaggy.
    • The ending of his arcade mode has Caesar holding a conversation with an Enemy Within conjured by Requiem and defeating it, thus destroying the weapon for good, through sheer force of will. The entire conversation is held entirely in Dog.
    • His appearance in Valder's arcade mode also ends on a doozy:
    Caesar: *whines*
    Valder: There's no sense in whining about your loss. ...Why am I talking to a dog about sense? Why am I talking to a dog at all?
  • During Ragna's ending, after she uses Requiem to conquer the continent, she is confronted by the defeated Mercia:
    Mercia: All this devastation... Was this what you wanted, Ragna?
    Ragna: Uh... Pretty much, yeah.
  • Valder's ending has him draining Requiem in a dramatic fashion, super-powering his own Artifact of Doom... Que the undead rising from the grave all across Aurania and doing... Absolutely nothing they weren't doing while alive. The final scene has a pair of peasants happily chatting in Cherrystone's capital, one of them being undead and the living one commenting that the undead are really nice once you get to know them.
    • When the scene cuts to show the rising dead of the Gloomwoods, we simply see a skeleton running away from a quagmutt hungering for its bones.
  • In Greenfinger's ending, the elder banishes Requiem, but not before briefly blacking out due to the surge of magical energy. When he comes to his senses, he discovers to his dismay that his Green Thumb powers were overloaded by the relic; the entire continent of Aurania is covered in a thick, endless forest that sprang up within seconds. While the other races are frightened by the sudden terraforming and Zawan himself is ashamed, the florans of Zawan's tribe are absolutely delighted.
    Slasher 1: North is sssame as south! East and wessst, too!
    Slasher 2: YAAAY! FOREST PLANET!

  • The Swordsmen of Cherrystone also have other important duties that require their attention:
    When not in battle, the Swordsman can be observed engaged in such activities as rescuing cats stuck in trees and hosting bingo tournaments for the Cherrystone mages.
  • Similarly, Caesar's entry states that the primary job of Horatio and Beatrice is petting and praising Ceasar whenever he wants it. Actually defending him is an ancillary responsibility.
  • Dreadswords apparently also partake in surprisingly innocent activities when they aren’t in battle, including painting, fishing, or whittling.
  • Most of the units in the Felheim legion are prefixed with "Dread", i.e. Dreadsword, Dreadspear, and Dreadhound. Then you have their Ballista, which has the note:
  • The entry for Ugly Cute Quagmutts takes time out to insist they're no less capable of being Good Boys than conventional dogs, despite being hairless and unwilling to play fetch.
  • Swoopers (the Floran 'Sky Rider' unit) are apprentice shamans who eat magical flowers in order to gain their powers. The codex notes that Swoopers "are strangely serene in comparison to other Floran, perhaps as a side effect of consuming these flowers."
  • The entry for the Outlaws:
    There are Outlaws everywhere. Really. Just, all over the place. Why are there so many? is it due to geopolitical issues? There must be some kind of socio-economic cause, surely. Maybe there's some sort of global anarchic political movement going on? ...I don't know, I really don't. All I can say is that they're literally a law unto themselves.
  • The "Treebuchet" is formed from living wood hewn from the immense tree at the heart of the Gloomwoods, and is held in great respect by its floran crew, to the point where the siege weapon technically outranks them.
  • Heavensong's trebuchet design is noted for its history of firing Abnormal Ammo at the behest of its commanders, including caltrops, flaming pitch, "and on one unusual occasion, cabbages."
  • The floran Balloon unit, the Floaty Thing, is propelled by a type of flower that expels startling jets of hydrogen gas when threatened by predators. The floran pilot's primary job is to regularly prod the flower with a sharp stick.
  • As another callback to Starbound, Floran ships are described as ramshackle, poorly-built contraptions mostly reclaimed from the shipwrecks of other empires, and by all reckoning they shouldn't be able to float, let alone ply the seas. And yet, they do.
    It's unclear if the wheel at the front of the vessel is actually attached to anything, but turning it seems to make the captain happy.
  • Heavensong's units wear a variety of ornate masks that hold flowery, symbolic meanings, which are usually described at the end of each unit's codex entry. Until you reach the Ryuu:
    The soldiers who pilot the Ryuu wear the 'mask of the dragon', as a mark of... well, riding a giant dragon.
  • Felheim's wagons are small, but are capable of transporting a deceptively large number of skeletal troops with a simple-but-ingenious method - disassembling them all to optimize cargo space, and then reassembling them on-site.
    In an effort to avoid bone-ownership disputes, most have taken to engraving small emblems on their skeletons that serve as name tags, and some even include reassembly instructions.
  • The entry on the Sneaker, the Floran Thief unit, describes their recruitment process - A floran found to be stealthy enough for the job is presented a polished coin, and asked "On a scale of one to ten, how badly do you want this very shiny object?" If the floran answers ten or higher, they qualify to be a Sneaker.

  • When a unit captures a building, the action screen shows them running through the open door to occupy it. When Koji does it, however, his giant-sized mecha can't fit through the doorway; instead Tenko collides with the overhang and falls over, losing its head from the impact. Koji is then forced to dismount and enter the building on foot.
  • In the cutscene editor, most of the commanders have a gag line or two among their Voice Grunting:
    Sedge: Sedge doessn't teleport! Sedge isss just very, very ssneaky!
    Greenfinger: You should make like a tree, and leaf.
    Ragna: It's not like I like you or anything!
    Valder: Nothing personal, kid.
    Dark Mercia: Don't call me a Palette Swap.
  • One of your rewards whenever you beat arcade mode is that you get the theme of the character you played added to the jukebox. When you move the cursor down to a character's theme that's been unlocked, you can see them dancing. Ragna easily has the best one; she's headbanging to her theme.

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