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The Kingdom of Cacophony was The Empire.
The Great Dissonance was a cataclysmic war that eradicated two ancient nations 4000 years before the beginning of Wargroove's story... but since the age is Shrouded in Myth, we learn nearly nothing about the participants, why the war between them started, or who the aggressor was. However, there are some implications. In a codex entry unlocked near the end of the game, we learn about "cacophonic magic", the wizardry practiced by the Kingdom of Cacophony. Very little is known about it, except that its very powerful and has a habit of corrupting its users. Furthermore, only two examples of cacophonic magic are encountered in the story; both of which are sapient Artifacts Of Doom that tempt their wielders and lead them down the path of becoming despotic conquerors. Given this, its entirely possible that Cacophony was actually a villainous empire, and that the creation of Requiem was their last-ditch effort to crush Silmor once and for all, only to be all but wiped out themselves when they realized they couldn't control it.
  • Likely jossed. The codex entry "Requiem and the Great Dissonance" (unlocked by defeating the True Final Boss) ultimately portrays the conflict as being more morally grey than nefarious - While the specifics of the war still aren't given, Cacophony's decision to create Requiem is framed as an exhausted nation trying to force a ceasefire via a superweapon that could destroy both sides, only to drastically underestimate what their new weapon was capable of. After Requiem's rampage, mages from both Silmor and Cacophony banded together to construct its prison and install Princess Elodie, their leader, as its guardian.

Sigrid isent dead
we never see a body, she is defeated and then disperses into bats, which in most vampire media where they can do that its entirely voluntary and usually done for added mobility or to escape danger not on death, its entirely possible she will simply reform somewhere safe to lick her wounds and continue plotting

Requiem is made of crystal erchius.
In the shared universe of Starbound and Wargroove, interstellar travel is made possible thanks to a mysterious substance known as erchius, mined at great risk from moons throughout the galaxy. However, erchius spawns malevolent supernatural phenomena when present in vast quantities, and is heavily implied to originate from the Ruin — an Eldritch Abomination that seeks to destroy all life in the cosmos. Requiem noticeably shares the luminescent purple coloration of erchius, and like the Ruin is singlemindedly omnicidal. Its possible that the weapon was crafted using erchius that fell from space in a meteor, perhaps from the Wargroove world's own moon.

The entire game is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game in the Starbound Universe., being played by Nuru and some others.
It would explain why there are Late Medieval/Early Renaissance humans on a planet somewhere with no concept of space travel, as well as the appearance of magic. Contributing to this theory is the fact that there are structures in Starbound in which a board game featuring a castle can be found on a table, along with the faction banners from Wargroove. The RPG part is implied by a specific character from Starbound, that is, Nuru, showing up. Further, there are various maps in the campaign editor, perhaps other module-books for the game, in-universe.

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