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Titus's gene-seed is not Ultramarine in origin, but Grey Knight
This would explain his resistance to Warp taint. Plus, it could easily place Titus in a position to be adopted by the Inquisition as one of theirs.
  • Grey Knight immunity does not come from their gene-seed, it comes from them completing the 666 Rites of the Emperor [666 cased of brainwashing] and their entire armour being blessed.
    • But the original gene seeds seems to have come from the Emperor's DNA. It could easily give some resistance on its own.

Khorne is responsible for Captain Titus' resistance.
  • Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, so long as it flows, think of how much Ork, human and daemon blood is spilled by this one Marine if he is not stopped.
  • The ability to regain health through enemies' death is often demonstrated by Titus, who ends up covered in their blood as a result.
    • The Bullet Time that allows him to kill much faster is called Fury mode.
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  • The Big Bad is a Sorcerous Overlord, whose cowardly (and/or sensible) tactics of staying at a distance and holding enemies down with witchcraft is anathema to Khorne's nature.
  • Resistance to magic is a well known trait of Khorne's chosen such as Bloodthirsters and Kharn the Betrayer.
As Khorne's (unknowing) Champion, Captain Titus is therefore granted: resistance to Warp power, the ability to keep on fighting by killing foes in the bloodiest way possible, and is consistently tested for worthiness by Khorne's Bloodletters.
  • Given that Khorne has a history of empowering the enemies of his servants when he thinks it will lead to greater bloodshed (the Fire Warrior novel, for instance), this theory has a great deal of weight.

Captain Titus is a blank.
That's why he was able to handle the warp device without being injured/killed. It wasn't because he had been corrupted been corrupted by the ruinous powers, but because his being a blank makes him innately immune to the warp.
  • They would be able to tell, namely the fact that any of the pyskers the Chapter has would freak out the second they see him.
    • As far as I am aware the Ultramarines don't have that many psykers, the only ones would be Librarians and they're pretty high in rank. Much higher than Titus could be reasonably expected to have met in person. The only Chapter thus far confirmed to have a large number would be the Blood Ravens.
    • He's the captain of 2nd Company. He should have a librarian permanently attached to his command, never mind the fact that they're all psychically screened before entering the chapter.
    • Also they still need Astropaths and Navigators for there ships.
    • He's a very weak blank? I mean most blanks are an anti-magic field. His ability, assuming he is one, appears to only affect himself and only reduces the effect of psyker abilities.
    • Blanks can't think creatively.
    • Is there any actual evidence for this? I don't recall it being canon at all.
    • Jurgen
    • To clarify, Jurgen would fit as a milder version of an Extreme Doormat. He's completely obedient, oftentimes oblivious to the big picture (instead focusing on the task of 'keep the Commissar functional'. He can anticipate things, like Ciaphas forgetting his snow goggles, but I'm fairly certain that there has been few if any instances of Jurgen being genuinely creative. Initiative, yes, but creativity? Don't think so.
    • However Jurgen is only one Blank and neither the Eisenhorn series or Dark Heresy suggest that Blanks are any more or less creative/intelligent than a normal human.
    • The best evidence against him being a blank is the simple fact that people are not repulsed to his mere presence- a core feature of the souless in 40000k
    • At least according to the Lexicanum wiki, there's a scale of "negative" psychic strength as well as positive, meaning you can be innately resistant to the Warp without being outright Blank or touched by Khorne. Given how rare it probably is, along with the relatively small number of Space Marines in general, Titus could be one of the first to both have this resistance and directly face warpcraft in such a way as to discover it.

God Emperor, an Eldar god, a C'tan, Khorne, Tzeentch or one of his daemons is responsible for Titus's immunity.

Captain Titus is a Living Saint
The GE is funneling psychic/holy power through him.

Lieutenant Mira goes on to become one of the Imperium's Lady Generals.
Canonically there's been only one Lady General in M41.x00 — Lady Jenit Sulla.
  • Still, given what she accomplished, once she's done being interviewed by Thrax, her star is likely to rise quite high - assuming she doesn't catch a lasbolt on some campaign before it reaches its peak. That kind of thing probably happens to prospective military geniuses in the Imperium on a depressingly regular basis.

The Ork attack was Staged by Chaos
The Ork invasion was caused by Chaos in order to force Drogan to use the Psychic Scourge. In addition, the device was not sabotaged but was working perfectly. Nehmeroth simply allowed Drogan to think it was viable by manipulating the warp to kill the test subjects the Scourge was tested on.

The sequel will have you meet up with the Blood Ravens from Dawn of War.
Inquisitor Thrax sends Titus, who is resistant to Chaos and the Warp, to the Eye of Terror, which is the biggest Chaos hotspot there is. While there, he runs into the Force Commander, who is on his 100-year Penitent Crusade. Together, they fight the forces of Chaos!

The sequel will have Captain Titus as a Deathwatch Space Marine.
Quick bit of fluff: The Deathwatch are Space Marines hand-picked as the combat arm of the Ordo Xenos, an Inquisitional department. They operate in smaller teams with specialist wargear and sometimes xeno-adapted technology. They are literally Space Marine black ops. In short, Deathwatch are basically the equivalent of Force Recon Marines or Navy SEALs to the 'normal' Space Marines. They are badass without a doubt.

At the end of the game Titus was taken away by an Inquisitor, flanked by a pair of Black Templars, who are canonically known to source their Marines into the Deathwatch. Also note that Titus was not disarmed when he was arrested, meaning that rather than arrest, this was instead a recruitment for the Captain, who had just ripped his way through an Ork WAAAAGH! and hails from a Chapter which specialized against fighting Tyranid, another alien species. Therefore, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is actually prologue to the real meat of the story, which is Captain Titus serving as a Deathwatch Marine, possibly leading a Badass Crew, letting the story expand out to include the more flavorful Space Marine Chapters such as the Space Wolves or the Dark Angels (knowing the feud between the two Chapters, having both in his team will be... interesting to say the least). Gameplay will possibly take place in a Hive World, since we've already seen what a Forge World is like, and the tight, cramped quarters of most habitation areas are perfect for the close combat gameplay style, especially when combined with the known architecture of the more iconic Imperial Hive Worlds; high spires, perfect for Assault Pack combat, long boulevards for a Devastator to really unload his ammo and perhaps the highways for a vehicular section.


Dream Team for the Deathwatch game:

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor as 'Team Leader/Mission Control', with Captain Titus as the 'Sergeant/Combat Leader' anda Blood Raven (possibly a Librarian) as his Lancer, a Black Templar Chaplain as their 'Cleric' and (unusually for the hot-headed Knight Templar chapter) The Spock, a Space Wolf (Apocethary) and Dark Angel (Techmarine) as the Red Oni, Blue Oni Those Two Guys. Expect lots of banter. Having a Salamander as The Big Guy (Salamanders are known for heavy weapons specialists) and aWhite Scar as the Crazy Awesome Death from Above delivery service with his Assault Pack or Bike (if he gets a SM Trike, we have the wheels for the vehiclular section) will round off the team.

  • Makes sense, sequel wise and story. They've already done chaos and Orks and it would be dull to fight them again in a sequel. They could throw a new race into the mix, with Titus taken away by the Inquisition to join the Deathwatch

  • Tau Empire would be great for variety and gameplay reasons; their shooty army list means that its actually reasonable that a Space Marine captain would be able to rip his way through their troops, since its entirely possible for it to happen on the tabletop game. For actual combat, the fact that the Tau Empire employs auxiliaries means that we can have a huge variety of enemies. the Fire Warriors as a Shoota Boy analogue, while Kroot (primary close quarters enemies), Vespid and Gue'Vesa (traitor humans) make up the close-combat troops. If you add in other races used by the Tau into the mix, then you can have a massive variety of enemies to slaughter your way through.

  • Tyranids would have similar variety, with their mutations and all that meaning that there is no reason why they can't simply say 'this is a new mutation based off species X'. They're also zerg-styled in their gameplay, but aren't humanoid making the animation of these guys awkward, especially for the grappling style executions. Seeing Titus literally dismantle a Genestealer would be awesome, though, as would having a 'rearguard' mission involving a devastator on a flatbed truck analogue, crates of ammunition and us finding out that Titus is a horrible driver on the same level as Commander Shepard ("You know, when I was a novice I aspired to be a Land Speeder pilot, but apparently... I wasn't good at it.")

  • Space Wolves don't have Apothecaries. They have Wolf Priests instead, which are a more Badass version of a Chaplain that can ALSO heal. They'd be more likely to send a Lone Wolf of a Wolf Guard Battle Leader.
    • They wouldn't send a Lone Wolf as a Lone Wolf's entire job is to run ahead of the Space Wolves and kill the biggest thing on the battlefield or die trying. They'd be more likely to send a Wolf Guard (Veteran equivalent), Wolf Priest as Wolf Priests are their Chaplain and Apothecary equivalents or even a Long Fang (Heavy Weapons specialist and among the oldest Space Wolves).

  • All that's assuming there actually is a sequel. Did the game sell well enough to warrant Sega, who bought Relic after THQ went under, investing in one?
    • If I'm recalling correctly, Space Marine sold only marginally less than Gears of War 3.

Inquisitor Thrax is a Daemon
in this piece of fluff from "Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness," way back from the early days of Warhammer 40,000 in 1988, an Inquisitor named Thrax was investigating heresy within a Space Marine chapter when he became possessed by the demon living inside the Chapter Master's desk. Is this the same Inquisitor Thrax? Did that bit of fluff occur before this game? Is that even still canon? The world may never know. Or we'll find out in the sequel when he shows up as a boss. Only time will tell.
  • Nope. THE FULL PAGE of that piece of fluff shows that he didn't get possessed, just killed and eaten. Still, looks like Thrax may be doomed, but even then it would probably be after this game/any sequels he's relevant in
    • The person getting eaten in the image is the scribe. The fluff heavily implies Thrax was possessed by a daemon.

Sidonus isn't dead

They called the medic, and he was only stabbed through the chest. He's going to be a Dreadnought.

  • They called the Apothecary to harvest his geneseed, for the creation of future Ultramarines. Dreadnought isn't impossible, though.
    • Both geneseeds would have been removed by ten years after their implanting, wouldn't they?
      • One geneseed is removed after a decade or two [the one in the neck, I think] and the other comes out once the marine is dead.
      • It depends a bit on the chapter and need. One progenoid gland can be removed after 5 years and the other after 10 years. However most chapters don't remove them prior to the marine's death unless they are really short of geneseed for making new marines. This is partly tradition but it also serves as a very practical form of redundancy. The geneseed storage chamber is the most heavily protected area in a chapter's fortress monastery but it's not invulnerable. Therefore most chapters opt to leave the progenoid glands inside the living battle brothers as a way of ensuring that if something does happen to the main storage they still have plenty of geneseed available.

Leadros will be a protagonist in a future sequel

Titus' words will have gotten through to him, and he'll be driven by his shame to atone for his sins against Titus and the Ultramarines. He will be a seargent of his own squad both fighting the Imperium's enemies and trying to locate Titus, so he can rescue him from whatever fate Leandros got him into.

  • Most people hate Leandros. Glad some people still thinks he's good enough to atone. The optimism feels warm!

    • I wonder why that is - fans of the fluff should be able to note that this is a universe where - if he is correct and Titus HAS been touched by The Warp (and this is by far the most likely explanation) - it doesn't mean he might be a traitor, it means he's a sleeper agent that may very well turn into/serve as a portal for a bloodthirster-equivalent daemon at any time. Titus could be accused of incompetence and recklessness for not reporting it himself (Then again, he might very well have intended to do just that - but never got the opportunity).
    • I would prefer if that Space Marine 3 would reveal that the Ultramarines had infiltrated by the Alpha Legion, who had been manipulating the Ultramarines into their current inflexible devotion to the letter of the Codex Astartes characterization. The cabal of these Infiltrators, knowing free thinking marines such as Titus would be a threat to their plans so they manipulate events to make those who deviate from the path of strict adherence, as potential traitors, making them examples against free thought. Bonus points if the leader of this Alpha Legion cabal is named Mattathias Warden

Titus is the descendant of the God of War

  • Impossible, Khorne doesn't procreate.

Titus was recruited shortly before or after the defense of Macragge, which accounts for his attitude towards the Codex Astartes
Titus has two service studs on his forehead, representing two centuries of service. The game is set in the late 900s M41, meaning he was recruited some time in the 700s. The Macragge disaster, where the Ultramarines First Company was wiped out by Tyranids, occurred in 745-746. Titus would either have been a young Marine in service at the time or later taught by Marines who remembered the grand inadequacy of the Codex Astartes in the crisis.

After the cleansing of Macragge came the Conclave of Hera, where the Chapter debated an addition to the Codex, allowing for the formation of a unit of Tyrannic War Veterans. Even the thought of holding the Conclave must have had profound effects on the young Titus.

Oh, and the Damocles Gulf Crusade earlier in the 740s, where previously-unknown Tau tactics gave the Ultramarines a great deal of trouble.

Thrax is in a lot of trouble.

He's taken a decorated hero of the Ultramarines into custody right after he saved a whole planet. Marneus Calgar is going to come down on him like a ton of bricks. Even for an Inqusitor that is attention you don't survive. And as if that wasn't bad enough the Adeptus Mechanicus will be after him to denying them access to a Forge World. This guy is done.

  • He is an Inqusitor, they can arrest anyone they suspect of heresy. Frankly if he hadn't taken him into custody once the charge was levelled he'd be in even more trouble.
    • In theory. In practice, Inquisitors have to tread very carefully around space marines because most Chapters tend to be very, very protective of Astartes Sovereignty. First Founding Chapters, and those with a history of resisting authority (Like the Space Wolves) or close ties to their successor Chapters (like the Dark Angels and the Ultramarines) are virtually untouchable as a collective. While it's unlikely the Ultramarines can simply demand Titus's release, Titus's status does ensure he's going to get a fair examination.
  • That Leandros was the one making the accusations probably did a lot in Thrax's defence. Thrax was just executing the duty of his office - it was Leandros that accused Titus of being a heretic. If anything the Chapter's wrath will fall on Leandros, for reporting him to the Inquisition rather than an Ultramarines Chaplain (as the Codex Astartes says you should, ironically enough).
  • Also, his shutting down of the Forge World is necessary, at least in the short term, not only did they have (At a minimum - this is just an estimate of what Titus faced personally) a regiment of Chaos Raiders backed by a company each of Bloodletters and Chaos Space Marines that he will want to make sure are dealt with before people go back to work, their presence is the result of Inquisitor Dorden using what turned out to be a very dangerous Warp Artifact to power a Titan product facility - and were only gotten rid of because Titus used said artifact to directly power a Titan. Titans have been corrupted by Chaos before. Letting production resume before ensuring that Invictus and the facility it was built in aren't isn't just foolhardy, it's insanely dangerous. The longer he holds the planet in quarantine, the more likely the Cogboys will try to apply pressure against him, but in the near term the Inquisition will back him up so that he can make the necessary inquiries.

Before falling to chaos, Nemeroth was an Ultramarine, or one of their successors.
While it might simply be his attempts to turn Titus and a First Founding chapter to Chaos, Nemeroth doesn't seem too opposed to the idea of Chaos Ultramarines running around lead by their own captain. It isn't conclusive, but the war-scars of fighting against their loyalist cousins during the Heresy is in living memory of most Chaos Space Marines. That and Nemeroth repeatedly calls Titus "brother". While not a hard and fast rule, many Space Marines will call marines descended from other legions "cousin" and their own chapter and legion "brother".
  • Also, take note of the front horns of Nemeroth's armor. Notice the shape they make?

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