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Trivia / Wargroove

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  • Doing It for the Art: Wargroove is a labor of love, and nowhere does that show through more than the Codex. Pages upon pages upon pages of lore, to the point that each the Cosmetically Different Sides get full-length bios for each of their individual units, despite being analogous across factions.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The art gallery is full of this on an artistic level, showcasing the gradual development process of each and every commander (except Nuru) and the ideas that were chucked away. For example, Valder could have ended up wearing an owl skull on his head and Ryota had a number of different leg options, including keeping his natural legs.
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    • The game was initially intended to be even more like Advance Wars by being set in a modern-day setting with Schizo Tech where one of the factions were a viking-themed modern army and another consisted entirely of cyborg animals.
    • The critical conditions for Dragons and Mages respectively were being in favourable winds and the rain. Likely because this makes their critical conditions highly situational (especially for the Mages, as rain is dependent on the map's biome), they were changed to their target being on a road and themselves being on terrain with a defence value of at least 3 respectively.