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  • The Two Toho Monsters Review A Non-Toho Movie (later called Kaiju Kritics, spelled with two k's because "it's funny") are chock full of these.
    • Their review of Valkyrie, which includes a scene that parodies Hogan's Heroes and Tom Cruise speaking gibberish and saying "Katie Holmes" over and over again.
      • "It...appears that you are describing an episode of Hogan's Heroes."
    • Gabara and Monster X's nonsensical rating system. "Something out of something!"
    • During one short, Gabara wants to review The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh while Monster X wants to review a Godzilla movie. The result? Destroyah The Pooh!
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    • Monster X reviewing The Godfather trilogy. "The Godfather. Absolutely Hilarious! The Godfather II. Even funnier! The Godfather III. Not Coppola's best work, but a decent comedy nonetheless."
      • Gabara deciding to Answer The Call because he feels Monster X is making a mockery of....something.
    • "And that time my entire herb garden was decimated by a winter frost. Why did I plant it in September?"
    • Monster X and Gabara trying to out-annoy one another. Long story short, it involves Monster X playing the harmonica and Gabara playing the banjo.
    • The James Bond review and the parody scene they do. "AHH! I'm a pie!"
    • Godzilla and Anguirus trapping Gabara and Monster X in a prison cell by luring them there with bon-bons...Oh, and Skeleturtle is trapped there as well.
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    • "And then there was that time we OD'd on Pixie Stix!"
  • One cartoon parodies Destroy All Monsters. It's downright hilarious, especially when they poke fun at an infamous I Am Not Shazam moment that occurs in the film.
    News Anchor: Baragon in Paris, France.
    Gorosaurus: WHAT!?!
  • Gabara's blind-date with Biollante.
    • "Did I just see Kirby and Meta-Knight fighting outside my window?! Seriously, am I going crazy?"
    • Gabara having to deal with an annoying little kid three-year old giant condor.
    Giant Condor: Hi, mister! What's your name?
    ''Gabara': (Annoyed) Gabara.
    Giant Condor: My name's the Giant Condor.
    Gabara: (Mutters) That's a stupid name.
    Giant Condor: I'm only 3 1/2 years old.
    Gabara: (Sarcastically) How wonderful.
    Giant Condor: My favorite show is Yu-Gi-Oh!.
    Gabara: How terrible.
    Giant Condor: Sometimes I wish I was Yugi so I could fight crime.
    Gabara: That's not what Yugi does.

  • The recent cartoon "Sexy Grandpa" is full of these.
    • "I like my sombreo!"
    • Keizer Ghidorah's cameo. "I didn't order pepperoni!"
    • Kiryu being absolutely unconvincing while being disguised as Godzilla. "Do-de-do". Doing a little rampaging! Might go to the deli later!"
      • "See, my heat ray is no different from before!"
    • Anguirus pointing out how bad Kiryu's disguise is.
      • "I'm, like, 73% cetain that you're not the my greatest friend in the whole wide world, man. Dude, I can totally see one of your mechanical arms."
      • "What disguise? I ain't no doppleganger! Now, give me your jaw."
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    • The line between Godzilla and Kiryu is quite funny as well. "Hey, Dad, whatcha doin'?"
    Kiryu: (Firing beams wildly while completely missing Godzilla) I'm out-classing you!
    Godzilla: "You're not even hitting me."

  • Bagan's nonsensical story in the episode "Squeegee"-
    Bagan: I wanted the prettiest of pretty ponies. But me mother. She no give me the prettiest of pretty ponies. Instead, she gave me the manliest of manly stallions.

    • "No, no, no no no no no! Not him."
      • And Gabara's reaction. "Who? Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me!"
    • "Well, first I dabble in cryptozooology." "CLOSE ENOUGH!"

  • The recent episode "Woo" is filled with several gems including-
    • The Showa-Era Gigan being a complete Trekkie even going so far as to make his own web series.
    • Bagan pointing out that Gigan will never find love, due to Gigan's nerdines, only for the Millennium-Era Gigan to show up and fall in love with him...And she's also a Trekkie.
    • The female Gigan showing the male Gigan some fanart she drew.
    Showa Gigan: Wait, what's Captain Sulu doing with his first mate?

    • "If she wants to shave her hair, let her. That chick from The Eurythmics was hot!"
    • "You have entered the threshold into what I like to call the "Run-Away-And-Never-Look-Back zone"."
  • the toon "Illex" involves a sociopathic [[Video Game/Pokemon Celebi]]. long story short, Monster X and Biollante adopt her.
  • the Toon "Kimchi", focusing on Monster X babysitting Celebi, is also filled with gems including:
    • Celebi's aformentioned sociopathic behaviour.
    • this exchange:
    Gabara: is that Celebi?
    Celebi: is that a PATRONIZING ADULT?
    Gabara: yes, yes it is.
    • Celebi falling asleep as Blankie falls on her.
    • Gabara mentioning sending Monster X' Aunt Bee some "questionable material".
    • Gabara, again, confusing R-rated movies with G-rated movies.
  • The cartoon Eleventy Googolplex Ducks is a rather humorous song about a ridiculous amount of ducks. Especially the "Black Hole Duck".
    "He's stronger so much stronger than almost any other type of duck! He went to Monster Island and fought Godzilla but he still lost because...well, it's Godzilla folks. Duh!"

  • The toon The Heisei Toon is a humorous abridged look at the Heisei era of Godzilla films. But, the icing on the cake of hilarity can be summed up in five words- Godzilla on a pogo stick.

  • Nyan Deutalios. Just Nyan Deutalios.

    People who come from far and wide
    Know me as litte Deutalios
    I can now apparently fly
    And leave a trail of pretty rainbows
    Star shine as I pass by
    At many times "c"
    As I wiggle my toes
    My favorite cartoon of all time
    Is Film/Hoodwinked with the lovely Glenn Close
    Deutalios and the trails of rainbows
    And I'm wiggling my toes
    And the lovely Glenn Close
    And a dose on my nose of a rose from a Lowe's
    And some crows with a hose
    I suppose someone knows
    A show 'bout yo-yo's with some Bose speakers, bros
    And I chose how it goes
    And it sews my new clothes!
    The lovely Glenn Close and I'm wiggling my toes
    And the trails of rainbows and Deutalios

  • The fan mail segment at the end of "How Curly Fries Are Made" has a viewer asking if any Series/Ultraman or Neon Genesis Evangelion characters would ever appear in the series. Cue Godzilla coming into the Kaiju Kritics studio dressed as Jirass (a monster in the origina Ultraman series created from two Godzilla suits with an added frill). The Evangelion part is met with indifference.

  • "Totally Kaiju Toons vs. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019):
    • Godzilla has just finished imprisoning King Ghidorah in ice, when TK-Tan (a human OC who's like a mix between Konata and Trope-Tan) starts thawing him with a hairdryer. She claims it's "something about the environment" (which was the motive of the human villains in the film), before admitting she just thinks Ghidorah is cool.
    • Godzilla decides he'll have to go "LEGENDARY" in order to beat Ghidorah. He's then shown in Flash, being widened.
    Godzilla: Wider. A little bit wider. Too wide!
    • Rodan initially tries to dissuade TK-Tan from thawing Ghidorah, before reasoning that Ghidorah's a cool guy, and later practicing his bow (referencing Rodan's Face–Heel Turn in the film). Godzilla, on his part, accuses him of being a "Toadying Little Lickspittle".
    • The Stinger, which references how Dr. Vivienne Graham was eaten alive by Ghidorah:
    (Ghidorah flies up to Dr. Graham. The shot then cuts to Gillman.)
    Gillman: My girlfriend is in trouble!
    (Gillman teleports to Graham and Ghidorah's location...just in time to see Graham sucker punch Ghidorah away.)
    Gillman: And THAT'S The Shape of Water. A fist. It's fist-shaped.

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