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  • In the Comic-Con 2011 trailer, what does Marduk, the epitome of the Scary Black Man trope who's literally as big as a bear (he stands at equal size and height to Kuma, an actual bear and Jack-6), say to a gigantic, angry Hugo barrelling down on him? "That's big..." Then Hugo decks him in one shot with a clothesline.
    • What makes it funnier is that King simply carries on like nothing happened and acts like facing an 8-foot tall German wrestler that just barged in and clotheslined your friend is just another typical day for him.
    • Just Marduk meeting Poison. He's got the goofiest look on his face and he doesn't know about Poison's Viewer Gender Confusion.
    • The funniest thing out of all of this is that King literally pulled off a Squash Match victory against arguably the biggest fighter on the Street Fighter side and his manager. Come on, save for two cheap shots on Marduk, Hugo and Poison never got any offense on King, who proceeds to utterly wreck them. Crosses over with Moment of Awesome.
  • Some characters make not-so-subtle references to Poison's Viewer Gender Confusion. Ryu once even got away with a dick joke, though understandably, that one had to go (it was a very Out of Character moment, anyway); it remains to be seen if any other characters have had their lines changed.
    • Kuma knows Poison's "secret" by scent. And concludes that Humans Are Weird.
  • Kuma II's super move? Farting on the opponents face.
  • Bob vs. Rufus trailer. THE WHOLE THING.
  • When one activates Pandora, one starts to glow purple, get red eyes, etc. while sacrificing their partner. If Heihachi activates Pandora, he freaking kicks his teammate out of the battle and his skin turns red (like how a cartoon character would show that they're pissed off). This just shows that Heihachi doesn't even need the power of Pandora to go all Superpowered Evil Side on his enemies (and somewhat incompetent partner) and kick their ass. He just needs to be pissed off. So in general, Pissed-off Heihachi = Pandora Anyone Else. The funny part is how downright hilarious Heihachi looks when he's in Pandora compared to the Nightmare Fuel-esque Pandora forms of other characters.
  • Heihachi's in-game character model has caused some laughs due to his resemblance (as a result of the art) to Dr. Wily.
  • The latest cinematic trailer climaxes with Chun Li, Cammy, Asuka and Lili all about to go head to head...and then Lili jumps on Asuka's head and gets onboard the departing Shadaloo Ship, leaving her teammate and the other two behind. Her laugh at the end just completes it.
    • Cammy punching Lili in the boobs is another moment. Made even funnier by the fact the camera's brief focus on Cammy's boobs and Lili having an expression of jealousy afterwards.
    • Wait, Lili thinks her assets are inadequate? That's silly!
  • Guile's face in this picture. Don't mess with Asuka!
  • Paul's official artwork. Made more hilarious when you recall that there is a film about an alien that is also called Paul.
  • Bad Boxart Mega Man. You gotta admit, his induction is hilarious. One can't help but feel Capcom was going for a Literal Genie vibe when he was included.
  • Some of the special Team Intros fall under this; notable ones include Rufus/Zangief at 16:00 and Guile/Abel at 6:11.
    • Juri/Bison's intro also qualifies. Juri acts like she's flirting with Bison note  over killing their opponents, and he just shrugs her behavior off like it's another Tuesday for him. And Bison's taunt IS "For me, it was a Tuesday."
    • To twist the knife further, in the US, the game literally came out on a Tuesday.
  • The special story promo narrated by Dan Hibiki. From the Lampshade Hanging to Dan just plain overacting, it is just hilarious.
  • (I taste terrible. Eat some chicken instead.)
  • In Heihachi and Kuma's ending, Heihachi decides to pop open Pandora, all while Kuma is doing his best to tell Heihachi to leave it alone. Seconds later, when Heihachi ends up releasing the energy of the box, Kuma turns into a bear cub, as Heihachi (who's hair is partially black, ala Tekken 2) complains on how screwed he is.
  • In Abel and Guile's ending, a flying saucer appears, dropping several Kuma-esque aliens into the box. Seeing and hearing Abel's reaction as well as Guile's "the hell is wrong with him, Screw This, I'm Outta Here" attitude when the aliens drop.
  • In Paul and Law's ending, the two are trapped by the cube. The two wake up moments later finding themselves leaving the Earth's orbit.
    • The text-only epilogue states that Paul and Law were "kicked back to Earth" after the box was picked up by some Aliens - as a Call-Back to Paul's "Bring it on, ya aliens!" ending in Tekken 5, Paul challenges said aliens to a fight... and proceeds to lose.
  • In Yoshimitsu and Raven's ending, Yoshi turns on Raven (due to the latter not showing proper manners in the former's eyes), and attacks him to open the cube. Raven ends up teleporting on top of the box and promptly falling into it. Yoshi grabs the box and leaves, all while Raven is demanding to be let go.
  • In Steve and Hwoarang's ending, the two start arguing about their strengths, and bragging about how they can take on any comer, with Hwoarang specifically saying "I can take a hundred of 'em without breaking a sweat.". Cue a small army of Akumas and Shun Goku Satsus.
    Steve: Oh hell...
    Poison: HELLO?! Are you listening?! Earth to Perv!!!
  • The Rolento/Ibuki team up is pretty hilarious, with Rolento being The Comically Serious, calling Ibuki "priviate" during the arcade mode, while Ibuki is exasperated about the whole arrangement.
  • Cole winning against Heihachi:
    Cole: Stay out of this, gramps. Go eat some oatmeal or something.
    • We also have these gems against other characters:
    (vs. Mega Man): You look like your closet threw up on you.
    (vs. Bob): You're like a walking target. I'd have to try not to hit you.
    (vs. M. Bison): The era of cheap movie villains has long since passed.
  • The Zangief/Rufus ending. In it the two are engulfed in a light from the box. When the light clears, Zangief's muscle and Rufus' body mass has been removed, effectively turning the unlikely team into a pair of much thinner guys with facial hair. Naturally, they cry in anguish at the loss of their perfect bodies.
  • When Law gets sacrificed in order for his partner to enter Pandora Mode, Law simply whines "I'm getting old!"
  • The victory quotes when you win against Toro or Kuro are hilarious and full of Lampshade Hanging. In particular:
    Cole: A talking cat? Huh. I must still be hung over.
    Cammy:.......So cute.
    Asuka: A cat! A talking cat! Where the heck's my camera?
  • Pac-Man's ending. He takes a brief look at Pandora's Box, then eats it. Cue giant Pac-Man going on a city rampage, eating trees, as the camera zooms out to a bird's eye view, showing the city as a game screen from Pac-Man.
  • During Guile and Abel's duo intro, Abel steals Guile's line "Mission Start." The look on Guile's face is priceless.
  • These win quotes from Jack-X:
    (vs. Sakura): A human under the age of 18 confirmed to be on the battlefield. Sending report to target's parents and guardians now.
    (vs. Blanka): Target contains an estimated 150,000 volts of electricity... Viable recharging station confirmed. Now recharging batteries.
    (vs. Dudley): I thank you for your invitation. However, I am not able to consume tea.
  • Some characters say the darndest things when they are knocked out...
  • During one of Bryan and Jack-X's cutscenes, Jack-X asks Bryan what he should call him. Bryan tells him anything at all. Jack then picks out a name for him - Jane.
  • In Alisa and Lars' ending, Lars attempts to destroy the Box by punching it. When that fails, Alisa uses her head and tosses it on the box, destroying it in an explosion. Lars' shocked expression to Alisa as she happily claps at her accomplishment is hysterical.
  • Xiaoyu's win quote against Guy shows her never having heard of the art of Bushinryu before. So what does she conclude it to be? A B-Tier Boy Band.
  • Alisa's normal forward throw is, as ever, handing her disembodied head to her opponent and it exploding in their hands. So what happens if the opponent manages to Throw Escape from it? They plop it right back on her neck stump! It doesn't explode but she does look ever so foolish thanks to her famous trick being beaten like that.
  • Dudley's intro. He is just having tea in the garden as usual when Elena appears telling she was summoned there by a tree that Dudley transplanted from Africa, and that the tree is telling them to go to Antartica to investigate Pandora's Box. Dudley doesn't even bat an eyebrow at how ridiculous that seems and just agrees to go with it as long as he can return in time for his title match.
    • During the confrontation with Christine and Lei, Dudley and Lei are both thinking the same thing when Elena introduces herself, "Oh god, why now?!"
  • Some of the alternate costumes are hilarious. Barring Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cole, and the cats, each fighter has a 2nd costume that's based on a character from the opposing franchise and a 3rd costume that has a random theme. However, Kuma's costumes are the most absurd. He's dressed as R. Mika of all people for his 2nd costume and his 3rd is him inside of a teddy bear costume. JACK-X is a close second with his E. Honda costume for his 2nd and resembling a vintage toy robot for his 3rd.
    • And because you can change the colors of the fighters' clothes, costumes, and skin in many different combinations, you can make them look like characters from completely unrelated material. For example, here's an image of Lei in his 3rd costume resembling Buzz Lightyear and here's one of Paul in his 3rd resembling Cap'n Crunch.
  • Balrog's win quote against Guile.
    "Bwa ha ha! The only thing impressive about you is that stupid haircut!"