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It Has Dragons is a webcomic on ComicFury. It's set on the world of Elody. The planet is described as an eternal landscape of high peaks, deep canyons and floating islands no human or animal can reach. It's said that there were once flying creatures and their riders, roaming through the sky, although the legends are never true. Or are they?

The comic went on hiatus in November 2013 with the author citing a radical change in personal circumstances. While they said they would return to the project in the future, no further updates have occurred.

It Has Dragons provides Examples of:

  • BlatantLies: in the title, as the author states, there are no dragons. It's intended as a joke.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: the starting page has a blue background, but the first page prominently features a girl with firey-orange hair.
  • Steampunk: the world of Elody has achieved steam age technology although it appears to be fantasy, it's an alien world

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