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  • The entirety of the Comic Con 2011 Cinematic Trailer. Final Fight in full force!
    • Hugo runs in and levels Marduk with a lariatooooo that'd make Kenta Kobashi proud.
    • King hits the Giant Swing...ON. FREAKING. HUGO! Even Poison can't believe it!
      • The flavor-text makes it even better: "You're on the HU-GO-ROUND!!!"
      • Really now, King is just a walking CMOA: pinning Haggar and wrecking both Hugo and Poison quickly.
    • Cody and Guy pulling an Unflinching Walk at the trailer's end.
      • Even better, Cody snarks that they must've missed all the fun.
  • In an example of a musical moment, the latest trailer from TGS dishes out a remix of various Street Fighter and Tekken tracks (The Volcanic Rim theme from Street Fighter IV and Tekken Tag Tournament's opening theme are the most noticeable from the start).
  • Asuka fighting off both Cammy and Chun-Li in the first part of the Asia Game Show Cinematic. By herself, no less!
  • A villianous example: M.Bison and Juri wrecking everything in sight in the 1/16/2012 cinematic trailer at the Mishima Zaibatsu. Note that up until this point, the Tekken cast has been literally walking all over the Street Fighter cast. The moment is slowly diminished when Juri's cruelty towards Xiaoyu results in Jin activating his Devil Gene and nearly killing Juri, though Bison still knocks him through a window with a Psycho Crusher. Also, take note that this is the first time where the Street Fighter side has been shown to generally be the winning team this time around.
    • The four words everyone who ever played with The Dark Side wanted to hear...
    Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou...note 
  • Many consider Mad Gear Hideout to be one as a stage example. Not only is it well-made, it's a tremendous love letter to Final Fight fans. And that's not even considering the fantastic remixes of music from the series...
  • The opening moments of the Episode 6 cinematic trailer. Akuma faces nothing less than Ogre, the God of Fighting itself, in the middle of the Antarctic for the Pandora. His response to its arrival? "You are a pathetic whelp!"
  • Both the Akuma vs. Ogre rival cutscenes are incredibly badass:
    • Akuma sees Ogre appear, and says "You pitiful creature... prove to me your worth!" In response, Ogre roars at him so loudly that it creates a wind, and Akuma, unflinching, enters a fighting stance.
    • Ogre manages to crush a shot from Akuma, and notes that "this planet does have some strong warriors, after all." He then tells Akuma to "tempt your fate at my hands," and the latter is seen giving Ogre an aggressive glare from a distance.
  • Speaking of Akuma, his ending has him face to face with a Pandora version of Oni, his ultimate form from Street Fighter IV. He dismisses it as a shadow, just before he manages to fight it.
  • King and Marduk's ending has them confronted by an apparition of Armor King, shortly before they destroy Pandora once and for all.
  • Sagat and Dhalsim reject gaining the power of Pandora, instead saving two young children near the scene (The two kids from their hometowns that Pandora had absorved into itself to lure them towards it in the first place).
    Sagat: ''"The power of the Gods? A King has no need"''.
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  • In Kazuya and Nina's ending, Nina reveals that someone else wants Pandora more than Kazuya. Having sensed this betrayal, Kazuya orders a small hidden squadron of G Corp soldiers to open fire. Seconds later, Nina is nowhere to be seen, and the soldiers are left beaten.
  • Similar to Sagat and Dhalsim above, Poison and Hugo decide to leave the Pandora behind, deciding that it would be better to find other ways of getting famous fast, and judging by the newspaper article that follows, they succeed.