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  • Development Hell: Since TxSF's announcement (the one that Namco was supposed to develop), there's been virtually no news on its status, while Namco went on to make a second Tag Tournament and Tekken 7. There was hope that Akuma's inclusion in T7: Fated Retribution might be a stepping stone for this side of the crossover to happen, but nothing came of it, with Harada stating the project has been shelved for the time being.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Bob Saget" for the team-up of Bob from Tekken and Sagat from Street Fighter.
    • Bob Loblaw for Bob and Law, which kind of extends to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as well.
    • "Blonde-Li" for Nina, thanks to Capcom's love for epic-sized thighs being transferred from Chun-Li over to her.
    • Pandora, the game's powerup mechanic, has been jokingly referred to as Xross Factor in some circles.
    • "Dr. Wily" for Heihachi as the game's rendition of him has a striking visual similarity to the classic villain. This gets driven home when he's Mega Man's opponent in the Guest Fighter trailer.
    • Lili and Poison are referred to by some as "Team Lady and the Tramp."
    • Elena and Dudley are "That Ass and that Class".
    • "Team GB (Great Britain)" for any combination of Cammy, Dudley and Steve.
    • Beer Belly Mega Man, for Bad Boxart Mega Man (BBM/BBAMM).
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    • Pac-Bonne for Pac-Man's incarnation in this game. The robot is also fan-called Mokujinbot.
    • Toro is known as Sony Cat for the few westerners that knew him prior to this game.
    • Seth Green for Ogre, whose design in this game looks like...a green Seth.
    • Maximum Raven for Raven's Doppelganger super, which looks similar to Wesker's Phantom Dance and Lost in Nightmares.
      • Dark Wesker / Black Wesker, for Raven himself, because he has the same voice actor as Wesker.
    • Team Korea for Juri/Hwoarang.
    • At the time when Mega Man had the flying glitch, the action itself was referred to as "I have to go now. My planet needs me."
      • Time Gem and ZA WARUDO for Rolento's Game-Breaking Bug, now patched, which caused the system to completely freeze when his Stinger knife collided with another projectile.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": This is the first time westerners will legitimately be able to play as Toro and Kuro in a game; some may only have seen them in cameos for Sony exclusive (Japanese) games and products.
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  • Old Shame: Quite obviously seen as an embarrassment on Capcom's end due to fan reception. They eventually decided to make the most of it by reusing and porting Rolento, Hugo, Poison, Elena, and six of the game's stages over to Ultra Street Fighter IV.
  • The Original Darrin: Yumi Touma returns to voice Xiaoyu after being darrin'd by Maaya Sakamoto in Blood Vengeance.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • Science Marches On: The Jurassic-Era Research Facility (aka Dino Crisis stage). Dino Crisis was created essentially to cash in on Jurassic Park, and the dinosaur models are closely related. However, since both that game and film have been released, new evidence has revealed that a Tyrannosaurus Rex probably looked nothing like it was portrayed back then. However, it would be hard to reflect that in this game, as it's a throwback.
  • Stillborn Franchise: While neither Street Fighter or Tekken are dead by any stretch of the imagination, this crossover between them never got off the ground after SFxT's original release due to a combination of being Overshadowed by Controversy over the on-disc DLC, the overall lukewarm reception, and the disappointing sales. The intended sequel Tekken X Street Fighter has halted development and it is uncertain when it'll resume.
  • Talking to Himself
  • Trolling Creator:
    • If the constant inclusion of Seth in SSFIV didn't make Yoshinori Ono one already, then the methods he used to include Toro and Kuro makes him one.
    • Namco Bandai producer Katsuhiro Harada once claimed the game wouldn't come out until 2018.
    • Harada also made a popularity poll for both Tekken and Street Fighter characters, stating beforehand that it won't influence the developer team's choices, it is just for "research"... and yet some fans voted like crazy in hope it would get their favorite character in; knowing the MvC3 polls' hype and consequent fiasco, Harada knew what was coming for this poll.
  • Troubled Production: The game had budget problems right off the bat. In addition to the licensing fee Capcom had to pay Namco to use their characters, the decision was made to hire Polygon Pictures to produce expensive CGI trailers to promote the game, complete with licensed songs from bands like Rise Against. These additional expenses led to the unpopular Gem System being implemented as a way to recoup costs, as well as the execs setting wildly unrealistic sales forecasts for the game.
  • Vaporware: Tekken X Street Fighter was announced as a followup along with this game. The game was only 30% complete when development was brought to a halt.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The absolute first initial press release that these games were being made indicated that they might have been called "Capcom vs. Namco". It was later revealed that this was not the actual title, but rather what we have now.
    • Dan and Anna were considered, but ultimately did not make the cut. In fact, Dan was killed by Kazuya in the Comic Con 2010 trailer to drive this point home.
    • Master Chief and Marcus Fenix were considered for exclusive characters for the 360 version. However, bad timing meant it was rendered impossible, and the 360 received no one.
    • According to this, Classic Mega Man was considered for the game, but Keiji Inafune himself axed the idea, saying that "it wasn't interesting enough" and challenging Ono to come up with something original. Ono suggested using Bad Box Art Mega Man instead, and making him obese as a joke at how 25 years had passed since that iteration of the character had appeared. Inafune loved the idea, but Mega Man fans, on the other hand, were outraged.
    • Nathan Drake was considered as a guest fighter for the PS3 version, but the dev team settled on Cole due to his abilities.
    • Originally, the PS3 exclusive characters were going to be region exclusive. Cole for the American version and Toro & Kuro for the Japanese version. It finally was changed so any region could enjoy all 3 bonus characters.
    • Originally, Mega Man and Pac-Man were going to be in the Xbox 360 version of the game as well instead of being PS3 exclusive, however, Microsoft did not want those characters on their system and instead wanted the game to be Exactly What It Says on the Tin, no bonus characters.
    • Bad Box Art Mega Man's concept art shows he (and this version of Roll) had numerous different interpretations including Classic Mega Man as a muscle bound hero or even skinny teenage hoodie Mega Man.
    • Originally, there were plans for a companion game to Street Fighter X Tekken, simply titled Tekken X Street Fighter. It would have been a 3D fighting game produced by Namco that would use the Tekken 7 engine. Unfortunately, the game wound up on hiatus after the low sales and mixed reception of Street Fighter X Tekken and has since halted development on June 20, 2021, with the game only being 30% completed.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Street Fighter X Tekken Wiki.

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