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  • What's Team Chaotix's solution to a technical problem? Smash the computer! Believe it or not, it works every time.
    • On the subject of ARK computers, Vector's infamous line in Cosmic Fall:
    Vector: Find the computer room!
  • If you go the Dark path in the first level, you'll hear Black Doom giving basic gameplay tutorials.
  • When you've run out of lives against it, or for very rare instances, the Egg Dealer will sometimes hurt itself during its opening attack.
    "Behold, my latest and GREATEST creation!... N-no, wait! ABORT LAAAAUNCH!!! "
    • On the subject of Egg Dealer, try initiating Shadow Fever. It completely fills up your red meter which allows you to unleash explosions on the machine itself. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Eggman saying "What?" on two occasions. In the "Black Comet" Hero ending, before the boss fight, he sounds completely dumbfounded as to why Shadow wouldn't want to give him the Chaos Emeralds. In the "Cosmic Fall" Dark ending, before the boss fight, Eggman sounds rather disproportionately aggravated, as though he resents having his little monologue interrupted.
  • Sonic's interactions with the serious and moody Shadow deserves some mention. Here are some particular scenes:
    • In the scene before the Lethal Highway Black Bull boss battle, Sonic jumps with excitement about fighting against Black Bull while Shadow just glances at Sonic in an annoyed manner and then turns to the Black Bull.
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    • There's also the scene where the two meet each other again, and Shadow shows that he isn't very happy about it:
    Sonic: What's up, Shadow?
    Shadow: Not you again.
    Sonic: Nice to see you too.
  • Playing as Maria is possible in the levels The Doom and Lost Impact. What makes this even funnier is that she can break down walls, robots, and other things.. just by slapping them. Sadly, Xbox players miss out in the hilarity.
  • In Westopolis, you can pick up a signpost and brain people with it.
  • In The ARK levels, sometimes a GUN soldier will shout out, "Mr. Yuji Naka is alright!"
  • In the Last Story, Black Doom poisons Sonic and friends with a paralyzing nerve gas. Unfortunately, Sonic and Amy react more like they've smelled something really bad.
  • Although he is meant to be taken as a serious villain, Black Doom's ridiculously deep voice and stereotypically evil personality combined just makes him laughable.
  • This gem from the Egg Breaker fight in Mad Matrix:
    Espio: (said while you are fighting Eggman after destroying one of his robots) Stop! We can't let Eggman know we're here!
    • After you clear the normal mission for Mad Matrix, Shadow will say this line, which is a fitting reaction from anyone who had difficulty in clearing either the Hero or Dark mission of the stage.
    Shadow: Hm... What a waste of my time.
  • And of course, this line. The emphasis on 'Damn' just makes the whole line seem insanely silly.
    Shadow: Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?!
    • What's even better is that the subtitles are rendered thus: "Where's that damn FOURTH Chaos Emerald?" due to the game's weird thing about allcapsing numbers related to the Chaos Emeralds.
    • In fact, the blatant overuse of 'hell' and 'damn' in a clear attempt to make the game seem Darker and Edgier makes the entire thing utterly hilarious.
    • Fun fact: Jason Griffith actually explains here (around 26:34) that 4Kids weren't actually sure if they'd be allowed to use stronger language like this in a Sonic game — so alternative takes were recorded with more child-friendly dialog; for example, "darn" instead of "damn". So this means that somewhere out there, there is surely an alternate recording of Shadow exclaiming: "Where's that DARN fourth Chaos Emerald?!" You decide which is funnier.
    • Also, when you complete the normal mission for Prison Island, Shadow will exclaim, "I found it! The fourth Emerald!" Since the above quote became a meme, it makes it sound as though he had a hard time finding it.
  • When Shadow decides that he's going to smash open a box and just grab the Chaos Emerald powering it, first you're like "Shadow, you're a dick." Then the alarm starts blaring and the Oh, Crap! look on his face is priceless. It's like "Oh yeah, I forgot about that part..." Then he has a flashback which takes him to one of the harder levels in the game, which serves him right.
    • Not to mention how amused Shadow sounds when he discovers the emerald.
    Shadow: A Chaos Emerald? You've got to be kidding me, guys! This is like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me.
    • It gets even funnier when you realize that the Chaos Emerald is likely powering the shuttle that Shadow is on. You know, the same shuttle heading to the Black Comet. And this can be on the path to the Pure Hero Ending.
    • So maybe while Shadow's having his flashback, Sonic and Tails are going through the same crap as the last time they went to the ARK.
  • After the Death Ruins level, the following cutscene is pretty hilarious. Shadow mocks Black Doom, who says that Shadow must rest for "tomorrow's ritual"...right before summoning a ridiculously big Black Bull for the hedgehog to fight.
  • Knuckles chasing Eggman at the end after the latter tries to steal the Chaos Emeralds!
    Eggman: How about giving me those Chaos Emeralds now? (Runs off)
    Knuckles: Hey! Get back here, you creep! (chases him)
  • The president has a picture of Sonic and Shadow on his desk. Not his wife. Not his kids. Sonic and Shadow. Narm doesn't even begin to describe how awkwardly funny this is.
  • After clearing the Dark Mission for Final Haunt, when Sonic asks Shadow why is he siding with the Black Arms, Shadow replies by saying he's siding with anyone who's against him. What makes it funny is that it gives the impression that Shadow's reason for turning on Sonic wasn't out of his desire to join Black Doom, but because he just wants to fight him out of pettiness.
    • In the Pure Hero - Dark ending, there's Shadow's speech about being the strongest hedgehog in the world after beating Sonic and Diablon and ends his speech by arrogantly laughing.
  • Eggman's famous line during the Egg Breaker fight that he will not stop saying.
    Eggman: You know what they say, the more, the merrier!
  • The Japan-exclusive "Tripod Baby" music video released to promote the game features Shadow dancing.

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